Kunyomi mnemonic reading option in the individual kanji page(don't know what to call it) / search vocabulary by reading feature (I need to make this title shorter)

When I’m for example doing reviews, and 乗り場 shows up and the reading mnemonic
on the page is: “This word uses the kun’yomi readings, which you’ve learned already.
Also, use 乗る to help you to remember the reading for 乗り.”.
I get that I can look up “乗る” to find a mnemonic to help myself remember the ”の” for “乗”.
It’s remembering the kunyomi reading for “場” which is “ば” that I’m having trouble with.
Usually, for help with remembering a reading I would use the related kanji section and
visit the pages of the individual kanji that make up the kanji I’m learning and read or re-read the mnemonics.
When I use the related kanji section to find a reading mnemonic for the kunyomi reading of “場” it only shows the onyomi reading, I don’t think there is an option for selecting kunyomi reading.
I know most kunyomi reading are shown through vocabulary but,
If you don’t remember which vocabulary introduced the kunyomi reading than you can’t search it for the reading mnemonic. I think there should be a feature that would allow you to go to the kanji page like when you click the related kanji while doing lessons or reviews, and select kunyomi and it would show the kanji that introduced the reading and you can use that kanji’s mnemonic to help with memorizing the reading.


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