Kun'yomi for 銀

…does not exist in WK. Is しろがね a very uncommon reading? There are barely any words at level 10+ I was familiar with before starting here and this is one of them, so I thought it’s used at least every now and then.

I suppose my question could extend to other color+がね words as well.

しろがね is not a jouyou reading for 銀, if it matters. That means Japanese people don’t get taught it in kanji lessons and it might be written with furigana if the kanji was used in novels or something.


Thanks, it didn’t even occur to me that some readings might not be included in the standard taught in schools, especially when a given kanji doesn’t have many readings in the first place.

No problem. If you’re ever curious, you can check a site like this, where the jouyou content is marked in pink.

(Examples including 銀 and random others)


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