Kumirei's Userscripts

Oh wait, it’s updated the forum wide post and topic totals. I think it might just be that Discourse hasn’t updated your data yet

Mind if I ask what you mean by it’s updated it? The only thing that it did update was the days visited. (I just installed this < 1h ago…)

I was thinking that it must have updated that info because it had an estimate for how many topics were created in the last 100 days (25% of which would be 373). However I now realise that Discourse actually reveals a 30 day average stat that I use, so that’s not necessarily the case. I don’t know how often Discourse updates user data, though, so it could still be that. It’s what seems to be the issue with visit streaks not working correctly

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I’d love to have some stats, so I hope it’ll end up working one way or another - I’ll keep it installed and let you know…

Edit: It’s OK now.

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Tell me if it’s not working by tomorrow

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