Kore, sore or are?

Which of the following of これ、それ and あれ would I use if I for example post a picture of my dog on a public forum?

Like in: これは私の犬の写真です。

Would it be kore like in my sentence?

Probably a stupid question ^^

If the picture is in the same post I’d use これ


Thank you :slight_smile:

Just to be silly when I was learning these, I took some pics of my puppy and used these words.

This Dog


That makes sense!

I guess you can put the distance between you and the main object on the photo, into mind too. I was more or less thinking in a silly way since you are (not physically) close to the object on the photo when you are looking at it from a screen. Then again you are more or less close to the picture so probably doesn’t make much sense :slight_smile:

I see what you did with your pictures though, and that will surely be something I will always keep in mind. Thanks for the share :smiley:

I think if it is a picture you are sharing then it is yours/in your possession so これ but if you are talking about a picture I have posted of my pet then YOU would say それ. These two are based on the perspective of the person speaking so あれ probably would not be applicable here.

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I think the fact that it’s a picture is just a constraint of the reality of dealing with the forum. I think the intent is to imagine you are standing there and are approximately that distance to the dog.

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I remember seeing either on this forum, or some article a quick explanation:

これ - This, near the speaker: これは僕のため。
それ - That, near the listener: それはお前のため。
あれ - That, far from both speaker and listener: あれはコウイチさんのため。

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