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To be honest, I have to go back into the code though because I’m not sure when it started counting and how it even counts. I only have 2k xp so either it resets when I soft resetted or it’s not even working right lol

I assumed it had been counting since the beginning but just never displayed it. Did you plan on doing something with it one day or was it just an extra gamification thing

I think it started counting at least a few months ago. My original plan was for it to be a general milestone indicator of how much effort you put into the website. I was also thinking that I might have an informal monthly race and the top three or something could get a list put up.

The cost was a little prohibitive for that though. I make like 140 off the website so -10 for server cost -15 for keeping floflo up (why?) and then up to 15*5 = 75 for books then the race would add up to 45.

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@Raionus I think there may be a problem with the recent parsing This was from konya sekai kara kono koi ga kietemo

Its parsing stuff in kana as if it used kanji. For example, いる got parsed as 鋳る

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I’m moving houses right now so I’ll need a bit to look into it

Should I align stuff like on the left (test) or right (live)?

Yay or nay?


I like it, it feels easier to differentiate the different meanings.

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Left looks a lot better. Why is the kun-reading in katakana, though?

Because that’s how Japanese dictionary resources write readings and that’s where I’m drawing pitch accent info from

Interesting. I’ve never seen that in any of the Japanese dictionaries I’ve used :thinking:. Do you mean it’s a pitch accent dictionary thing?

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Actually, you’re right. I take that back. It isn’t as common as I thought it was.

Maybe it’s limited to linguistics resources? Here’s an example with mecab (see シ):
And then the entire NHK pitch dictionary that I use lists items in katakana. I feel like I’ve seen it in a lot of other places though…

Edit: okay I’m not insane. Here’s from kotobank.jp

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In mecabs case I was thinking if it has something to do with tokenization to avoid using multiple scripts. But that kotobank is definitely a thing. I have no idea :man_shrugging:. I’m only used to seeing katakana in on-yomi. Jukugo in katakana seems pretty difficult to read :smiley:. Maybe @Leebo has some insight?

I’d guess it’s like a reductionist take on pronouncing something. Like, they’re trying to reduce it to “just sounds” and since hiragana tends to have meaning naturally ascribed to it (in the form of hiragana-only words) they wanted to shy away from it. Ex: 殻 (shell) written as カラ wouldn’t have any chance of being associated with から (from).

Obviously, that’s just conjecture. I don’t know how Japan makes dictionaries.

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Update 2-24-2021 - Gamification, I guess?


  • Fixed search not showing extra characters when there was a pronunciation available
  • Card editor now aligns readings to left and definitions to right. Additional parts of speech are displayed on next line.


  • Cleaned up options icon and shoved stuff in the dropdown menu
  • Added a basic xp counter. Maybe final maybe not. Kind of just wanted it in before I forgot about it.


  • Private policy now includes a link to the wanikani discussion thread

I’m currently setting up an excel spreadsheet with book club manga stuff (ex: yuru camp). Maybe I’ll be able to put that stuff on.

Pretty boring update but I’ve been running back and forth trying to set my new room up. Sat for two hours on a stack of suitcases because I didn’t have a chair lmao. Also 3000% chance I get Covid running to all these stores and touching random stuff.


Working on an actual tutorial. It only took three years

@Vanilla I’ve been looking into your thing, just to update you on that.


Saw the announcement on Floflo and felt called out.
Honestly the only reason I haven’t jumped to Koohi is that being able to see the percentage of known words for the books and order them through that was really useful to me in terms of motivation/progress tracking and as a guide to pick what to read next.
I don’t think that’s on Koohi but do correct me if I missed it somehow.
I see there is a readability score but I don’t know if that’s fixed or if it changes depending on the words I know.

So I’ll just have to deal with it and ask for another transfer :see_no_evil: (sorry)


Same. I’ve exported all my decks to Anki, but I still trash my learned words on floflo to see my percentages rise :smile:. So basically the only (and most important for me) functionalities I’m using the site for is not on Koohi; exporting and word/percentage tracking.

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I keep it up for a reason. What kind of Anki setup are you using btw? Standard flip cards or what?

Good :slight_smile:

I’ve been asked to add the feature so many times that I guess I’ll have to suck it up and deal with it… Expect it in a day or two I guess :confused:

I’ll @ you when I transfer your stuff (probably later today). I’ll have to clear your old stuff out so it’ll take a little more effort than normal


This only a mild annoyance, but is there any hope for settings to be stored server side? I clear my browser data on close for general privacy reasons, and always have to set lightning mode, randomize font, dark mode, etc. when I log in.

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Yeah they are super basic, just import the csv from floflo basically. Only one direction JP->EN. Add an example sentence if the card gets tagged as a leech. I’m really just trying to keep it as a quick suppplementary activity (have long learning steps), so I go through them pretty quickly and just try to read more. Been doing it since last summer, and feel like it’s been very effective for me.