Konnichiwa! ✨ An intro (and Questions about why Leveling is so slow? also, how to Unlock more lessons?)

Thank you! :wolf::sparkles:

And RysingDragon beat me to it, but yeah that guide written by @jprspereira is awesome and comprehensive in explaining how to level at an effective pace ^^

For me, and as mentioned in that guide, I use the reorder script to prioritize the new unlocked radicals and kanji so that I can do those lessons first and get them into my review queue, then I split up the vocab lessons over the remainder of the level (i.e. I always make sure to do all my vocab lessons before the next level up). Then I try to do the reviews for those radicals and kanji as soon as they’re available (for max leveling speeds)

As you keep leveling, you’ll find that you get better at learning Japanese, and learning the new kanji and vocab will become easier! But don’t worry about “going fast”, as long as you’re moving forward at a pace comfortable to you, you’re doing incredible progress in my books ^^