Koko 雑誌 - Japanese and French magazine

Hello everyone !

It’s been a while since I last posted here. I just wanted to share a very interesting and new magazine with you all!

Koko is a bilingual magazine in both french and japanese, it has around 130 pages and is published every three months. Each one is about a topic tackled from both french and japanese perspective with interviews and beautiful photos. The first issue of the magazine is about urban art and it seems that the next issue that will be released in october will be about food. :man_cook:

As it is presented in the same way as a bilingual book, I think it can be a very useful and interesting learning ressource if you understand french or if your japanese level is good enough.

Sadly the magazine is for now only distributed in France and in Japan but you can also buy an online version on the website if you live elsewhere.

I am sorry that it won’t be useful for everyone as it is in french but it seems that a lot of people here have some french knowledge so I hope it will interests at least a few people!


I’m a native English speaker, but would like to improve both my French :fr: and Japanese :jp:, so thank you very much for your post!

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This is soo cool because I study both Japanese and French, so this might be very useful for me :hibiscus: Thank you a lot, I’ll check it out for sure.


I’m going to go try to find a place that carries this today! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Instant buy! :flushed:

This is fantastic, I’ll be sure to get me a printed copy. Thanks @alexbig0 :slight_smile:

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