Koishi - a wanikani watchapp for pebble

I was very excited to try Tokei Tokei watchface on my orginal pebble steel, but for whatever reason, in my particular case, it failed to catch my Wanikani API key.
So, after I contacted the author without any luck in finding a solution, I turned my crying face to my awesome boyfriend, that made some time to learn to program both pebble and wanikani API. He kindly rebuilt from the very beginning a new wacthapp for his stubborn whining girlfriend aaand for anyone who can find it useful.

We call it Koishi in a poor attempt of free “pebble” translation, and as a proof of zero creativity.  Unfortunately, I can’t direct link the pebble store
, so you have to go there and search for “koishi”.

At the moment, the app connects to wanikani and let you choose between your critical items or your recent unlocks to show. Kanjis, pronunciation and meaning all at once, refreshing each clock minute.

Also we include one configuration option to bring to screen the pronunciation and the meaning  only when you push the bottom right button, along with some minor configuration for the background color; only black and white for the moment because I have the old pebble (blue, pink and purple backgrounds will be awesome for upcoming updates!)

Another thing I would love, is the possibility to choose the arrangement of items on screen, i.e shows only the hour and the meaning, and then when you push the button, the sounds and kanji writing, something like already Kaniwani do . Of course we are open to ideas, and we try to improve it as far as we can.

Sooo, I hope all of you that have a pebble find this little app as useful and awesome as me, and it will help you with your kanjis.
You can show  your grateful to my great SO at twitter.com/_conejo


I have the original pebble, how do I get it to display Japanese characters? All I’m getting are squares.