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Done! You should now have 7 days of time on your trial :smiley:


Not sure if you tried to delete the marked card or not but I’ve set it for ‘mark for deletion’ a couple times and still appears in the deck.


Yeah sorry, there’s something I want to double check on the backend for the deletion feature, but I’ll definitely get to it tomorrow! I’ll let you know when it has been deleted :smiley:

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Deleted! Could you confirm whether everything looks fine for you? :slight_smile:

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Looks good to me, card is gone, thx!

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Introducing the first few features focused on Korean!

New features:

  • A Korean auto-conversion input has been added. This input automatically converts your regular (English usually) input into Hangul, in the same way that an IME would (So it also combines characters into a single character like -> when typing a -> k and when you type another a after that) .

You can add it to your own layouts like this: {{type-kr:fieldname}}

  • Added a new default template for Korean. This template includes Korean -> Meanings and Meanings -> Koreanlayouts. These layouts also use the above mentioned conversion input so there is no need to switch IME/Keyboards yourself :slight_smile: Note that I’m not very well versed in Korean, so if anyone has suggestions please let me know!

  • Reviews Timeline - The Styling has been altered a bit.

  • Reviews Timeline - Current Reviews are now displayed differently.


  • Reader - Fixed an issue where the generated furigana would sometimes contain okurigana.

  • Reader - Fixed an issue where the generated furigana would sometimes be the hiragana reading of a katakana word behind a kanji.

  • Reviews - Fixed an issue where n would sometimes be converted to hiragana rather than katakana when using a katakana-only input.

  • iOS - .wav audio files should now play correctly on iOS devices.

  • Mobile - Scrolling down at the frontside of a card during the quiz portion of a lesson session will no longer mark the card as incorrect.

  • Android - Home stat bubbles no longer show lines.


Here’s a small tease of some things the team is currently working on :grin: :


Today I tried to do my reviews on Kitsun as usual, but all that loads is an empty white page. What’s wrong?

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I am also unable to log in. I’ve tried using multiple browsers.


Seems like the server went down while I was asleep. It should be back up now! Been over a year since it last went down like this… I’ll check the logs to see what happened so it can be prevented from now on.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Is that Hollow Knight that I see? Collab when?xD 739459404532809739


hahaha yeah! Love that game :heart_eyes:

Just used it as a placeholder for now :laughing:


Hi! Just wanted to mention that a LipSurf user has made a prototype plugin to use LipSurf with What does this mean?

  • improve your recall by activating a different part of your brain
  • get comfortable speaking Japanese faster
  • use hands-free

If you have feedback, we would love to see it on the LipSurf forum post (in step 2 below) so we don’t hijack this thread. See these two posts on how to get started right away:

  1. Install LipSurf:
    LipSurf - WaniKani Voice Dictation. Review while you eat, do chores, etc

  2. Install the community plugin:
    🎉 New Bunpro and plugins now available! - Official - LipSurf


Does Kitsun have a way to add bulk definitions from a list, preferably using a monolingual dictionary?

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What kind of list are you refering to? If you have a spreadsheet of data then you can import that (.csv/.tsv/.txt). If you are refering to looking up definitions in a dictionary from a list of supplied vocabulary then no…

You could also paste the list into the reading assistance tool and generate cards from it manually by tapping on the words, or use the dictionary feature to manually generate the cards.

I am working on a table view for the reading tool that shows all the unique vocab in a text, which might fit your purpose when it comes out, although it will (probably) not allow for generating a big bulk of cards all at once.

Bulk generation from a dictionary sounds like an interesting idea to explore in the future though, but for now it might be easier to generate the data with another tool/script and import that into Kitsun.


Thanks. I want to be able to take my words and context sentences from a Kindle dump and bulk-lookup the words without doing them individually.

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I hate to ask this, but my trial expired a while back and now I’m considering switching from to Any chance I too could get a reboot on my trial? I want to import some anki decks and play around with the suite of features before I decide. I really only need a couple of days to decide.

My username on Kitsun is the same as my Wanikani username.


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Hey! No worries, I’ve given you a few days to check it out again :slight_smile:

@anon1067447 I’ll add it to the requested features list. Seems handy to have something like that built in :smile:

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Thank you! Playing with it now. Nicely done by the way, the interface is wonderful.

qq… is there a way to do sub2kitsun for just a subs file (like an .srt file)? I am watching a Netflix show (Alice in Borderland) so don’t have an actual video file, and just want to use a subs file to generate cards.


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For that I’d just suggest using the Reader.

There’s no limit to the text you can post in there. It can handle entire books without a problem :slight_smile: