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Hmm, usually this happens if your browser runs out of available memory. Loading in large decks will consume quite some memory, but it is also dependent on other browser tabs being open or your computer having programs open.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the issue, but perhaps there is a clue in the console or through the built-in task/process manager of the browser.

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Thanks for the response! The issue was with a couple decks of all sizes, a few pretty light. I haven’t been in the manager much since to vet it out if performing the same. Will try different browsers next time.

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When will the feature be added which let us copy cards from one deck to another?

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We should be able to add that pretty soon! :smile: I’m afraid I can’t give a specific date, but it’s on the priority list that we are currently working through :slight_smile:


New Features:

  • Manage Cards - You can now duplicate (copy) your personal cards to another deck without moving the original cards. You can do so through the actions dropdown after selecting your cards.

  • Templates (& Layouts) - You can now mark templates as deprecated on the edit template page. This hides them (only visually) from your template dropdowns when creating new cards and such. Deprecated templates can still be viewed and selected if you enabled the “Show Deprecated Templates” option in the global site settings.

  • Deletion popups - Added a confirmation input to the deletion popup. Before deleting a card/template/deck you will now first be asked to type “DELETE” into the input before you can continue.

  • Delete Deck Popup - Changed the message for community decks to clarify that you only delete the deck from your own account and lose all progress on the deck.

  • Reviews / Quick Study - You can now style layouts/cards based on the SRS Level of your reviews. (e.g. for randomizing fonts). You can do so through the .level-x class where x is the level (0-9). So for example:

.level-1 p{
    color: blue;

I could not find this feature, would you have a screen shot or something? Thanks for all the updates!

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There should be a toggle on the add/edit template page:

(In the bottom, just above the text)

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I see, so it seems that one would need the original deck to access the hibernate feature for the template. So for anki uploads that I’ve tested and since deleted long ago, it keeps a residual template behind on the list, is there still a way to hibernate these zombie templates?

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Oh my, I thought you were talking about the other feature :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I read your comment previously but couldn’t reply at that time. Now that I had a chance to reply, I somehow misremembered the feature you were talking about. :sweat_smile: Sorry about that!

I’ll edit the previous comment with the correct feature details :smile:

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Ah, gotcha…I see it now, thanks!

I think it may have been what you mentioned earlier on the update because I didn’t recall seeing the ‘show depreciated template’ in the global setting on the announcement day but both are there now. This is a helpful feature for sure, thx again!

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Made a thread in The Den but might as well share here. Posted quite a few more deck recently so thought I’d just start collecting a list organized by theme and provide some additional info and my personal comments as I work through them myself. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them or in the den thread here


Grammar Deck N5-N1

**About: **
This deck includes grammar entries and sentences on for levels N5-N1. Each card is has a hyperlink to the JLPT Sensei’s website for full description and usage. Please support their web traffic and/or patreon as they made this content possible. Layouts modified from Hine’s awesome 10k template, audio auto-generated via Neicudi kitsun magic.

How to Use this Deck:

Deck templates are seperated by N Level (sentences) or grammar point alone (vocab) which is also tagged by N level. Number tags are aligned with JLPT sensei’s grammar number listed on their website as well as sentence example #

There is also a BunPro hyperlink for grammar info reference (if entry matched to BP’s list) and can be used alongside as a recognition deck to compliment productive entry practice.

Having trouble reading Vocab?

Vocab mining extensions for Kitsun:


Fire Fox

Grammar Deck Den Thread

Skill Level: All

Get it here

Comments: I actively use this deck myself and a response to what I was lacking on other grammar platforms to further my studies; namely I wanted to eliminate reliance on English for the SRS review and wanted a build up concept in order actively understand grammar points base on reading/listening comprehension without any English in the question. I highly recommend using the ‘Vocab Grammar Point N5-N1’ prior to sentence study as this will make the transition much smoother. JLPT Sensei did a great job organizing and explaining their grammar.

Another tip: Jisho Japanese App uses the same grammar order so a great way to get some additional study (plus works great off-line)


This deck includes the so-called ‘N0’ grammar entries from the NihongoSensei, jn1et and blognihongo.

On the NihongoSensei sentence entries, English translations are auto-generated, so if any of you Kitsun :fox_face: grammar-maniacs want to smooth out any translations, feel free to propose them (Chinese entries are from the website).

Skill Level: Advanced

Get it here

Comment: Organized a differently that the above, these are full entries from a variety of sources and include alot of content on each card. I haven’t dug in on this deck myself but wouldn’t get too overwhelmed as some of the points I’ve seen in lower N levels so not entirely rare. I’d put it as a slow-burner deck given the content per card.


Japanese STT Speech Deck

What is it?

Using FORVO’s useful travel phrases and expression, this deck is intended to be used by a verbal dictation keyboard speech to text (STT). Each card includes two distinctive native audio samples.

Everyday phrases
Receiving care
Getting around
Drinking & dining
Directions & locating

Layouts include:
Reading from Japanese - Read aloud the phrase, dictate verbal entry
Audio Shadow - Listen to the native audio phrase, repeat via dictate verbal entry
Sentence Recall from English - Test your recall to remember the Japanese phrase from English

Den Thread

Skill levels - All
Get it here

Comments: Intended to have an independent feedback loop on pronunciation threshold using STT. So those who or interested in improving pitch accent or shadowing via ear training w/ native samples, this may be the deck for you.

It starts simple but the phrasing do increase in difficulty, all with practical phrases for when in Japan. Even those experienced to conversation would likely find a few new phrases. The banking phrases for instance are something I’ve never practiced before or asking for directions, not usual conversation practice unless role playing but can see how it would be useful abroad.

Japanese Conversation Conveying Feelings 180 Basic Expressions

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Get it here
Comment: A great book series, some basic phrases great for beginners but a few new gems for the intermediate level I’ve found as well, all very practical

210 Additional Super-Miniature Phrases for Immediate Use

Skill Level: All

Get it here
Comment: Part 2 from the 180 deck above. Again some very basic vocab/phrase mixed with intermediate. Much of these are heard often all the time in conversation and media.



Get it here
A work in progress as the WK reading club expands the list

Kiki's Delivery Service

List from WK book club
Get it here

Vocab & Expressions


Get it here

Comment: Good vocab list

日本語会話お決まり表現 180

Level: Intermediate
Here it here


This is a companion deck to the book that teaches " ‘set expressions’ Japanese people often use but are not introduced in textbooks". Nearly all expressions and idioms were generated through Kitsun’s dictionary w/ audio along with a few extra notes on abstract entries.

The book itself includes at least two conversations per entry for reading and listening (CD or upload) along with a layout by category and other extras so recommended to have a better understanding of context (but not necessary). 200 pgs, ~1500 yen

*update 6/24/2020 The deck has been updated with additional sentence examples along with proper chapter tags for book study. The sentences are not from the book but I added as many as I could find from reliable sources.

Comment: A useful deck, these expressions and idioms quite often.

四字熟語 for Kitsun

Skill level: Intermediate-Advanced
Collected by mostly commonly encountered


This deck contains 700+ of the most common yojijukugo words from (recommended deck filter order):

  1. 四字熟語データバンク人気四字熟語[TOP50]
    -50 of the most common
    -Tagged by both writing and speaking frequency ranking

  2. 小学生のうちに覚えたい四字熟語の一覧表:ドリル

  3. Included in HKES : 4 sources only

  4. Community Recommendation

Not intended to be a comprehensive list, just enough for the casual learner. There are thousands of possible words, feel free to recommend additions in the Den thread if common enough.

Den thread

Get it here

Japa Slang

get it here


Content from

Warning: Explicit Content that some may find offensive. Proceed at your own risk!

5 categories tagged in deck:
-Offensive & Dirty
-Internet Slang

Most is kana only, so set to Jp->Meaning and Eng->Jp

Skill Level: Intermediate
Comment: It gets pretty dirty but a fun study to break things up sometimes when studying other material.


Get deck here

Comment: A very practical vocab list, books has good example sentence as well


Kanji Writing Deck

Get it here


This deck contains 2210 kanji cards tagged by N5-N1.

Kanji writing Output: (for phone/tablet app)
Meaning + Reading → Kanji Write (note: only available layout)

There are several handwriting keyboards depending on device. For iphone Chinese Simplified handwriting keyboard works pretty good.

Links to WaniKani and Jisho in cards

Kitsun App here

Kitsun WaniKani Filter here

Kanji Stroke Order Guide here

Level: All

Comment: This deck has been a essential for my studies and fills the gap some of other kanji platforms I’ve tried.

The Lost WK Levels: 61-70

Level: Advanced

Get it here


The Lost WK Levels deck includes the remaining N1 & 常用漢字 367 kanji not included on WaniKani based on wkstats to create levels 61-70. All kanji have custom mnemonics and all cards are seperated by level tag which can be filtered to recreate the WK experience along with optional 466 vocab words. If you want an even more extensive kanji list, I suggestion checking out the Beyond WK kanji deck.

Den Thread

Output practice: Kanji Writing deck here, tag filter ‘Lost Levels’ (then can filter by ‘known’ studied kanji)

Comment: Use it like WK or not, Kitsun is a flexible platform and also marked for the Kanji Writing app to work alongside.

Kanji Reading & Meaning Deck

Get deck here

Level: All


This deck contains 2210 kanji cards tagged by N5-N1.

This is a sister deck to the Kanji Writing Deck that uses writing output via writing keyboard. The reading and meaning deck allows reviews easier for regonition either by typing or flip.

Links to WaniKani and Jisho in cards

Kitsun App here

Kitsun WaniKani Filter here

Kanji Stroke Order Guide here



Get it here

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Comment: Enough Kansai-ben comes up in media to make a worthwhile study even if not local and seems native outside of Kansai region know a good amount themselves. It’s one of those decks I can slow burn…but if you live there, I could see it being essential.


Get it here

Level: Advanced

Comment: Most of these won’t be known unless native to Fukushima region and some even vary depending if which region you live.


WaniKani Known Kanji & Vocab Filter

Get it here


ATTENTION: This is not a Study Deck or intended for reviews!!

This deck contains kanji and vocab tagged by WaniKani level to be used as a filter to add ‘known’ kanji and or vocab to your Kitsun account. Once an item is marked as ‘known’, you can filter decks of your choosing (community or personal) by hibernating ‘known’ vocab/kanji that you already studied on WaniKani. Also adds as ‘known’ within Reader to give percentage of known vocabulary for parsed texts.

**How to Use: **

Open deck → Manage Cards → Deck Filter → Select Level Tag → Add to known words (Actions button). There are number of filter actions that may be used.

City and Prefecture Word List: Japan

Skill level: All

Get it here
Comment: I think this would be useful if traveling or living in a particular area to become familiar with cities in particular prefectures. If you start to recognize the signs while traveling, the deck serve it’s purpose. Not really intended to grind every card but I at least have all the prefectures and major cities and select areas I’d like to know better.



This is a compliment deck to the geography Prefectures of Japan deck (highly recommended) but this one only focuses on the readings and recall. So recommend both for separate study.

Tag: ‘Prefectures’


This is a complete list based on wiki entry List of Cities in Japan. Cities are tagged by both prefecture and as type:

City designated by government ordinance 政令指定都市
Core city 中核市
Special city 特例市
Special ward 特別区

Vocab Mining Extension (Chrome)

Get it here


Thank you for all the lovely effort you’ve been putting into making new decks :pray: :heart:


In case anyone has questions about Kitsun or they wanna give the platform a try, feel free to join the official discord. We’re all active ready and will answer any questions you guys have \o\


Indeed, come join the fun :smile:


I was using the kitsun ios beta app for a few weeks, but this morning it says it expired … :confused: and when trying to reinstall, it says « no more beta tester » :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I cannot use the app anymore ?

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Neic said on his discord that it’s just pending Apple review and should be available again soon.


Thanks a lot !


It just got approved again :tada: so you should be able to update it through TestFlight again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Small mobile apps update (forgot to post the notes :sweat_smile: )


  • Fixed multiple issues with the lesson actions acting strange on mobile. This included actions like hibernating, adding new synonyms/notes and so on, only during the lesson portion of the lesson session (so not the quiz).



  • Reading Tool - Fixed an issue where symbols (like . , [ ] etc) would stick together with vocabulary and parse incorrectly. It should now properly parse your texts again. If your known words % seems off or it still does not parse correctly, please re-save the text (edit → save) and it should work again :slight_smile: