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It would be pretty convenient to have the existing tags in a deck appearing in this section. This way, I wouldn’t have to write them nor worry about writing them in the exact way as the tag already being used :slight_smile:


Oh yeah agreed! We already got the tags list available for the advanced search, so getting it into the edit popup should be doable :smile: Thanks for the suggestion (as always :blush:)!


Would it be possible to also do it on the flashcard creation in the dictionary? :thinking:


Hello there. Dunno if it was already discussed but it would be nice if already reviewed decks did not disappear from Home page. Or mb moved down to “Today’s lessons” or smth.

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That sadly wouldn’t be possible because the tags are saved on a card basis, not on the deck. So at that point the data is not available (the edit card popup has the management table on the background, which has all the tags).

Hiya! Yeah I agree, I’ve had the ideas to add more sections there (like favorites/lessons left to do) but haven’t been able to implement those yet.

Thanks both for the suggestions :smile:


I am the author of Item Inspector. One of my users reports they were able to export Wanikani data to anki using Item Inspector. Anyone wants to try if it works with Kitsun? If so I will put a note in the Item Inspector top post. And if it doesn’t work I want to know why. I will fix Item Inspector to make it work.


I just tested an import and it works great. I haven’t explored the Item Inspector much but I can see the utility for sure. It has a lot of features so I’m still learning it

Couple notes, I’m putting this in notepad as a .txt (I have trouble w/ the kanji saving as a csv file in Excel for some reason). Nonetheless, the values come in with quotes and that is how Kitsun reads them (and will require entry for productive input which will drive users crazy for sure). And I see the Leech value will come in with quotes (I have it in the notes section here) while the WK level is unquoted…that may be enough but is there is a possibility to have an attached description to the value?

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Thanks for testing. I am happy that it works with Kitsun. I am currently working to improve the export feature so now is a great time to comment.

There are a few points you said I don’t understand.

What is the problem? Is this something related with Item Inspector?

I recall reading in the Anki documentation that Excel does a poor job at exporting csv so maybe this is the issue. They said Libre Office does great in that regard, and this is a free download if you want to give it a try.

Is there an issue with the lack of quotes for level? Do you want everything quoted?

The current behavior is to quote only columns where the values may include a comma, which would break the csv. Leech value is a real number so a comma may appear as a decimal marker in some locale. This is why it is quoted.

What do you mean by a description? Do you want a new column with a description in? What kind of description?

I am not familiar with Kitsun so you need to explain the details.


No, the pasting comes out the same. So unrelated to Item Inspector, I’ve come across this before in Excel so good to know.

I see, sounds like this is a necessary feature then. The Kitsun flashcard would likely be best as non-input unless users make edits to take out the quotes to function as productive input (which can be done). Personally I’m fine with non-input for these type of cards anyways, I type plenty with WK already.

Something like what you have in the export column that included the description within the value. Using the card above as an example, one could use ‘Leach Value 3.38’, ‘Level 26’ as an attachment just as you wrote. Not sure how Anki handles it, but it helps distinguish the numbers for both import and while reviewing. Not a deal breaker since I know what the values are was able to create a tag based on the level that can filter cards, just makes it more readable.

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 1.01.43 PM

Thanks for making such a tool :+1:, I will actually use this test deck now and add it to my other leech deck :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t understand what you mean. I don’t know what is input and non-input are for you. I still don’t know if you want quotes or not.

  • I can put an option to use a different separator so quotes are no longer necessary. The separator could be a semicolon or a tab or whatever Kitsun would use.
  • I can put an option to have quotes everywhere.
  • Or I can leave things as is because everything works fine.
  • Or I can do something else if I can figure out what is needed.

I don’t know which way I should go. Let me know what will work.

This could be done. I can add a checkbox to include descriptions. Which columns do you want descriptions in? My guess is:

  • No descriptions for meanings and readings.
  • Descriptions everywhere else.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear.


Input- WK style, all answers need to be typed to pass. There is some forgiveness on the eng entry but jp entry needs to be precise just like WK.

Non-input - Anki style, user selects pass or fail manually

If possible, just no quotes. The comma will separate the value upon csv/txt import. I just tested a few manually by deleting the quotes and it worked just fine using input style.

Your list of options is quite extensive and I just tested a few. I’ll share with others so they can see and perhaps weight in but what you mentioned sounds great to me (no meaning/reading, yes everywhere else). I don’t how others are using Item Inspector beyond Anki so hopefully these changes won’t be an issue.

Option Values

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Can Kitsun accept a separator other than the comma? If so it will be much easier to remove quotes. Otherwise I can cook something that will work in the US but not in many of the other places because they use comma for the decimal marker.

This will be easy to do.


Kitsun accepts ; , and tabs (.tsv) as the separator, perhaps also a few others. It tries to auto detect the symbol being used to separate the values.

Thanks for adjusting your script to accommodate Kitsun users by the way! :smile:


Perfect. These ones will do.

You are welcome.


@neicul, have you considered allowing tags to be suggested through the feedback system? It would be better if we could only select already existent tags on that deck to suggest. This would help with people contributing to a better and well-organized tagging system in community decks. It would be useful for me in the baseball deck for sure :grin:


Sounds like a great idea to me!

Existing tags are saved on the individual cards, not on the deck so showing existing tags (of every card in the deck) would be a bit difficult to do sadly :sweat_smile:


Any plans on making so that people with “delay siblings” on get tested on every layout during the quiz?


I think that would make sense yeah since its the learning phase :slight_smile:


just tried the import from a deck, with cards i made with the MIA/Migaku plugin. It doent show the text and it seems like it cant handle html…

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You are replying to a comment from 2+ years ago. Nowadays Kitsun is able to import Anki decks both manually (specifying a deck, layouts and template to use for the cards) and automatically (the deck will be imported from Anki “as is”). I assume you used the automatic import?

All the layouts in Kitsun are made with HTML and CSS so that should not be the issue.

What does the layout html/css look like for your imported deck? Perhaps I can take a look to see what’s going on :slight_smile: