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Just finished with the first few bugfixes thanks to the lovely members of the Kitsun Discord :heart:

I’ll start writing the changelog and general information about all the new features soon :slight_smile:


Oh can’t wait to log in later and check out the new design. Thanks as always @neicul! The site is pretty awesome.


Thank you! It’s gorgeous! I like it it’s not dark anymore at the left side for my light life. I love Kitsun!


My iPad is struggling a bit, the 1500 upcoming reviews on the home screen keep expanding and expanding… two screens now :slight_smile:


Same for me, also on iPad.



The long-awaited redesign is finally live! Bringing many new features, improvements and a complete new look! Here’s some of the largest ones:

Major New Features:

  • Home Page - A new home page has been added where you can see everything important at once. A timeline for all of your decks, your (new) user level, your average accuracy, your study streak and of course the amount of lessons/reviews currently available.

  • Mass Card Management - The cards page has been replaced by a much more performant management page. This new page loads ALL of the cards in the deck at once and tries to cache it in your browser. From here you are able to quickly perform any kind of action you might need to do. E.g. filtering cards by tag and mass hibernating all of them at once. No more having to load cards batch by batch!

  • Cards filtering - Due to the above mentioned table you can now also search for explicit or implicit values. E.g. you can search for the tag “Frequency 1” and it will only show you exact matches, rather than “Frequency 1” AND “Frequency 10”

  • Adding/Editting cards - You can now easily add new cards or edit existing ones without having to leave the table. Simply click the pencil icon and a popup where you can create/edit your card will open.

  • Statistics - Kitsun now tracks your lessons/reviews per day and also how many you answered correct or wrong. This is used for user levels, study streaks and accuracy percentages. In the future I hope to expand on this with a dedicated statistics page :slight_smile:

  • User Levels - You now have a fancy new level! This level is based on the amount of lessons and reviews you’ve done. Each correct review or completed level gives you 10 exp. The max level you can reach is level 50 and will take a tremendous amount of time and effort to reach. Currently only one person has reached max level yet.

  • Community Centre - Now displays the 10 most popular decks per category on the front page. Also has a new category “Newest” where you can check the latest shared decks :slight_smile:

  • Mass Manual Lessons - You can now add multiple cards to the front of your lessons queue at once using the new management table actions.

  • Additional Theme colors have been added!


  • Clicking on the lessons/reviews counters of a deck (on the home/deck pages) will now check whether you actually have lessons or reviews available before redirecting you.

  • Pressing backspace during lessons & reviews (and while setting hotkeys) will not navigate you to the previous page anymore.

  • Show/Flip/Correct/Wrong buttons should now display during Quick study

  • Searching for decks in the community centre will now work better (less strict :slight_smile: )

As for general changes, I don’t even know where to start listing them. It’s a complete redesign built from scratch. I expect a huge amount of bugs to pop up. So please let me know if something goes wrong.

@acm2010 I’ll go check it out right now!

I can’t get it to reproduce on a Iphone. I think it might be using the desktop styling and flexbox isn’t acting nice with iOS. Would it be possible for you to take a screenshot or something?


I can try and help; screenshot below. What it doesn’t show is that it grows over time - about every half second it grows a little bit until it eventually stretches off the page.

Does it from deck pages as well:


A few lesson issues on iPhone, crashed once and couple times the quiz didn’t cover all items. Font color during review is a bit hard to read…just my first impression. Where is the new Den link? I see ‘new’ in the corner to announcements

Awesome design, congrats! Can’t wait to explore more, the features mentioned sound incredibly helpful.


Redesign looks nice! Small visual bug on the manage cards page. If you select the checkbox on the header row, it selects all the checkboxes. However, if you unselect one of the checkboxes, it doesn’t unselect the master checkbox. It’s also somewhat common to partially fill the master checkbox when some of the checkboxes are selected, if you prefer.

By the way, the dark purple theme feels pretty blue to me. I’d personally prefer a more prominent purple for that theme. :slight_smile:


I’ve just deployed a hotfix for the Ipad issue, please let me know if this works, I don’t have a Ipad to test with at the moment :sweat_smile: @acm2010 & @Weem You might have to reload in order to get the change.

Thanks both for reporting!

@seanblue noted, thanks! As for the themes: You’ll be able to pick just the light or the dark theme, and then pick a primary color from a premade selection of colors in an upcoming change. It will also include the darker purple that’s being used for the master rank :smiley:


first of all I really like the new themes.(Maybe because it’s new?) Having everything on one page makes thing more easy. I’m sad we don’t have the foxes anymore but it’s easier to understand by level name. I also like all the stats we can have and of course the level. I also like the stats with the kind of water in it to show the progression. Really nice job.

I also have the endless grow on mobile.


If you reload the page now, do you still have the problem?

Thanks for the compliments! :durtle_love:

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The growing problem is gone! My laptop is currently being repaired, I only have the iPad. Everything looks a bit cramped together (but you are developing an app anyway?)


Do you know what happened that caused the crash? Or perhaps what you were doing at the moment of the crash?

As for the font color, which part are you talking about exactly?

Thanks for the compliments!

My iPad experienced the same maybe. When it loaded the Home, that graph red yellow blue very slowly went up, and that Start Reviewing slowly went down and down and down. In short, it loaded slowly.

Now, it just loaded. Not slowly anymore. But I’m not acm so :woman_shrugging:

Oh, now I saw their reply.

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I have specific styling for tablets/large phones ready to go, but disabled it since it also affected low resolution laptops. I’ll try to find a way to exclude those laptops and re-enable the proper styling.

(As for the sidemenu, it’s like that because you clicked your avatar right? It’s not supposed to open by itself on touch devices (it’s a hover for desktop))

@Oshin Thanks! Great to hear it’s gone now!

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The crash was when I completed a lesson batch and was going to start the quiz. I did a couple of batches but wasn’t able to reproduce it.

Here is an example trying to read the text within the green.

Wrong answers are more noticeable against the red but still a bit tough.


That’s very difficult indeed! I’ll put out a fix tomorrow.

Hmm, let me know if it happens again. Perhaps we can find a pattern.


I wanna know who this bastard is.


What level are you currently at? :eyes: