- [UPDATE] Subs2Kitsun Beta & Layout Sharing implemented! - Open Beta - Web-based SRS Learning Platform

Thank you so much! :heart: I will check them out soon!

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  • I answered a review correctly.
  • I saw the back of the that card.
  • Opened the “Propose changes” window to give suggestions.
  • While I was editing the text, the back of the card I was in went back to the front (as if I never answered it). I’m like 99% certain this happened when I clicked “left arrow”, but I can’t replicate it.

In other words, the card isn’t “blocked” from moving while I’m at the “Propose changes” window. I’ll give an update if I notice what’s triggering it :v:

EDIT: Ok, I was able to replicate it by clicking on delete in an empty field as my first action inside the “Propose changes” window. Also, if I write something right after, it will show up in the answer field of the card instead.

Let me know if you have any questions xD


It is implemented for at the moment.

You can take a look at the dictionaries page (from the sidebar). On that page you will be able to search jisho and generate cards easily :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying Kitsun out, let me know if you have any questions!

Ahh, the Review hotkeys have to be blocked while the popup is open. I’ll fix it for the next update :slight_smile:

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So, I deleted 2 misparsed cards from 少女終末旅行’s deck, updated the deck, but the cards are still in the community deck version.

Notice the total number of cards:



(Big thanks to @jprspereira by the way for creating the 少女終末旅行 deck.)

What I thought happened. (Still confused)

So I’m just using kitsun for the first time and there’s something I have a slight problem with. Lessons aren’t pre-downloaded in sessions. This isn’t something that most people would have a problem with, but I have satellite internet, so as a result of my consistent 600 ping, a small delay is created when I click any button or continue.

In Wanikani, I’m use to being able to do many reviews and flip through lessons pretty quickly, so that’s how I noticed. The annoyance is tiny enough that I really don’t care that much, but I thought that I would bring it up here, anyway. See it as just a suggestion to pre-load items within lesson or review sessions.

Edit: Okay I’m a little confused now. I was pretty sure that delay existed, but I just did another session and now it’s gone.


@jprspereira It’s currently kinda like that on purpose. I want to prevent accidental card deletions or deletions through a compromised account. Reasoning: If you delete a card from the community deck, it will also delete it for everyone, including their progress. Once a card is deleted, it can never regain the broken link from reference to community cards either… Imagine someone’s account get’s compromised and someone decides to delete 40 cards, push an update and now everybody’s lost their progress…

For now, if you let me know which cards, I will delete them for you.

@F1ForHelp Hi! Thanks for trying Kitsun out :slight_smile: I hope the delay was a one time thing, but to respond to your feedback:

All cards are actually loaded at the start of a lesson (or review) session, the delay between submitting your answer and getting the next card is because it waits for the server to finish marking the card as done.

With the latest update, I’ve changed Review sessions to do the marking call to the server on the background, allowing you to instantly continue with the next card. Once I’m sure that this new system works well and is bug-free, I will be updating Lessons to work the same way. So that delay should be something of the past very soon! :smiley:

Please let me know if this is what you meant and feel free to provide more feedback if you want. It’s much appreciated! :smile:

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:grin: thanksss


That clears up my thoughts, thanks. I’m used to most of everything online to having delays, so I wasn’t sure what was happening, client/server side of things.

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I am having some trouble with the 少女終末旅行 deck bringing me to an infinite loading page when I try to do new lessons. Reviews for the deck work fine and lessons for other decks work as well. The problem persists across all browsers on mobile and PC. The only fix I’ve been able to work out is to hibernate a card when it happens and it will start working immediately again, however, I don’t think it matters which card I hibernate. If I try to un-hibernate the card, the problem crops up again. Let me know if I can provide any more info.

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Sorry, I was sleeping :sweat_smile: Taking a look right now! Thanks for reporting!

I’m pretty sure I’ve found the problem, but while doing so I also encountered a related problem. Working on the fix as we speak!

It has something to do with @jprspereira deleting those 2 first cards, which then result in some funny errors. Guess no other deck creator has deleted cards from their community decks yet, so that’s why it suddenly became an issue ^^


Do your reviews /o/
Break Kitsun \o\


I believe I’ve fixed the problem, going to deploy a hotfix now :slight_smile:

For anyone wanting the details:

There was a bug with updating decks which use default templates. They’d search for the first match of published templates/layouts referencing the defaults, rather than match the published templates/layouts that were made especially for that published deck.

So what it did was update the templates and layouts of all cards to the wrong (but identical) set, but it doesn’t do that for cards that have been deleted in the original deck. Meaning that the “deleted” cards still referenced the “old” set, which wasn’t present on the deck anymore. Resulting in problems during lessons/reviews.

While writing this I realised that this won’t really make sense for anyone that’s not familiar with the backend but… at least it’s fixed! :laughing:

Massive thanks for reporting @gqad & @F1ForHelp (and sean & jp for tagging :stuck_out_tongue:) and sorry for the inconvenience!


Fix is live, @gqad could you please let me know if everything works fine again? (when you have time to try of course)

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It appears to be fixed! Thank you for getting on it so quickly, I’m always willing to help break more things if you ever need it!

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Found another minor bug. When during the lessons during the learning phase (before it quizes you), if I click on “Propose Changes” and then attempt to navigate left and right in a text box using the left and right arrow keys, it will also cause the lesson itself to progress to the next/previous item as if I were using the arrow keys normally.

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Yep, the hotkeys have to be disabled while the popup is active. It’s on the list for today, so expect it to be fixed tonight :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting! (And thanks for proposing all those changes so far, after tonights update I will be able to accept them :smile: )

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So, I removed the input from my Core 10k deck and everything is working just fine during reviews, except that I don’t get the ranking up nor down… o:


Well, for flip cards you decide whether its right or wrong at the backside, whereas with input cards it checks it after entering (so at the frontside -> backside).

I think it was removed when it changed a while ago :stuck_out_tongue:

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