- [UPDATE] Subs2Kitsun Beta & Layout Sharing implemented! - Open Beta - Web-based SRS Learning Platform

Okay, after a bit of a setback, I’m going to deploy the update now.

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New Features:

  • Reviews are now async! This means that you will have 0 delay when going to the next card as the calls will be done in the background. It does mean that if you finish the session earlier than the server calls are done, you will have to wait a bit until it’s done. In those situations it will show you a popup with some information about how many calls are left. Once that’s done it will show you the regular “Session done” popup :slight_smile:

    • I am considering doing the same for lessons, let me know if it works well and whether it helps or not!
  • Reviews/Lessons - You can now directly propose changes to a card of a community deck while in a review or lesson session. You can find the feature under Actions. Clicking on it will open a popup similar to the Quick Edit popup.

  • Dictionary - You can now generate flashcards from Jisho using any template and any layouts you want.

    • Click on “Custom Flashcard” -> Popup opens -> Select Deck, Template, Layouts -> Select which field should have which value -> Edit/Add values where needed -> Done!
    • Your chosen values (Deck, Template, Layouts and matched fields) are saved in a cookie, meaning that if you plan on creating many cards with the same settings, everything will be filled in for you already!
  • Quick Edit popup - Improved styling, fields should now fit better.

  • Dictionary - Added visual indication whether your search is still loading and how many results have been found.

  • Publishing Decks - You can now use html tags inside your public description for the community centre.


  • Regex has been fixed for answers with non-closing parantheses (E.g. blabla, bladiebla), blabla)

By the way, in case someone didn’t notice yet: Kino’s Journey Volume 1 and I want to eat your Pancreas Light Novel decks have been published. I’m publishing more decks tomorrow :blush:

Please let me know if you have issues with doing reviews, since the new async system might cause errors (hopefully it won’t). I think that it should feel tremendously faster for users far away from the Kitsun server.


Suggestion: I was trying to look back at a record of flashcards recently missed and there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that unless it is right after a review. Here on wanikani provided you haven’t done a new review session, if you click review it will show you a screen with the cards reviewed and what you got correct and incorrect.

I’m taking some cards that I miss from one deck and activating them in a different deck (the n5 and n4 cards and activating them in the 10k deck, which has audio and other nice features that are useful when I keep getting things wrong) and there wasn’t a way for me to go back to see exactly what I missed after I clicked off the screen.

I’ve done reviews tonight and everything has gone smoothly from the update.

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What the heck is that face on your 10K, JPR?


I could add a button to go back to the results page (that you see after a lesson/review session). But this screen is cleared whenever you start a new review/lesson session or when you refresh the page (it keeps the info in the session memory so it’s gone after a refresh).

Would this be helpful in this situation? You would still want two tabs open imo, one to activate the cards and the other to check the results screen

What, you don’t like my obv skills of dancing Waltz?



I’ve just added a new default template with non-input layouts.

They are the same as the new default layouts that were added before, but without input fields. So they act as normal “flip” flashcards.

@nandeyanen Sorry, I almost forgot about it! Please let me know if these are sufficient :slight_smile:


That would help, because I click off the review screen and then want to go back and can’t.

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Alright, putting it on the list! ^^

Hi there, you’re doing good stuff with the site. I wanted to check whether something was a bug or was working as intended. In a deck that I created and supply with new cards via the “dictionaries” tab, when I click on “action”->“quick edit” during a lesson session, I am not able to edit any of the information of the card. All that shows up is a window with a drop-down that says “tags”.


That’s definitely a bug! I did change some things to that popup yesterday, so it might be an unintended result of those changes. Did you generate a default flashcard or did you choose the template + layouts yourself?

The only option I’ve tweaked from default in that deck is setting “lesson order method” from random to index. And as far as the card generation, I just use whatever the default is from the dictionaries tab.

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Alright, thanks!

I’ll take a look as soon as I get home, sorry for the inconvenience!

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Not a problem. Just trying to help. :slight_smile:

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Curiosity got the better of me, so I started looking around already :stuck_out_tongue: I found the problem and fixed it :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting!


Bug report: timeline can’t handle my daily reviews?

So basically since the day I started getting fire foxes (not sure if it’s relevant or not), the timeline for my Core 10k has been acting weird. When a period is selected, it counts the total number of reviews for every hour selected except the reviews that are currently available. This does not happen with the Katakana deck however (which I have yet to get fire foxes).



I wonder if this is because I have Arctic Foxes to review? Idk. Purely guessing here.

I’ve refreshed the tab, closed the tab, etc. Nothing changes. This same pattern has been happening on this deck for 2 days (or the day I started getting fire foxes).


Only the selection doesn’t count correctly?

Edit: Fixed it. Live with the next update :slight_smile:

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This is what you were asking, right? :thinking:

Yeah… I can select anything that the number “Total Reviews” will adjust, except for what’s available to do right now. If I also select what’s available, the number that shows up in “Total Reviews” is the last number that was measured.


In this case, it’s measuring the total number of reviews in the next 24h, since I didn’t do any previous selection.

And I just wrote this for no reason XD @neicul


I’m sorry, I appreciate the effort! XP

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Looks pretty cool. The only thing I thought was implemented after reading the post is generating flashcards from dictionaries, but I didn’t find it anywhere. If it’s not yet implemented, I’d love something like all JLPT words be put in deck right from jisho or other dictionaries.

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