- [UPDATE] Subs2Kitsun Beta & Layout Sharing implemented! - Open Beta - Web-based SRS Learning Platform

Hum… Maybe the problem is in the themes? :thinking:

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Hmm, but when I change mine to ‘Dark’ in the Kitsun forums it still looks okay :thinking:

Woah, @neicul, I just tried out the Kitsun Dark Theme and it’s very attractive! Now I’m conflicted over whether to stick with Grey Amber D:


Wait, so you’re seeing mine as if it was the WK forums? Am I the only one seeing the white? XD

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Oh, no, I meant my avatar. Yours look wrong still :stuck_out_tongue: it must be something specific to your image. Are you sure it’s exactly the same on these forums?

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Very sure. I just reuploaded the same image on both forums and they’re still different.

Oh well, starts waving the Rising Sun Flag

This is the pic Neicudi, in case u wanna do some testing? :man_shrugging:

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I’ll make it my profile pic as well :wink:


Hmm, bizarre.

Sorry for the confusion over whether I meant my or your avatar, btw. When I first saw your images I thought you’d compared two themes on the kitsun forums (rather than comparing here and there), so I was just checking the same for my own avatar.

It’s a super cool pic, by the way. Even though as usual I couldn’t recognise you after the change :stuck_out_tongue:

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U wish u had my eyes :heart_eyes:

Right?! :heart_eyes: thanks! I should have shaved before the shooting session though :crazy_face:

Gomen, I promise I won’t change to a new one for a while D:

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Nah, makes you look rugged :wink:

Hehe, thank you :stuck_out_tongue:


Gonna take it down in about 15-30 minutes :slight_smile:

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New features:

  • Card Status is now being displayed at the ‘All Cards’ (both views), ‘Edit Card’ pages. There are three different statuses:

    • Filtered - Red (the card has no layouts left after filtering, so it is completely disabled)
    • Hibernated - Orange (the card is suspended manually)
    • Queued - Green (the card is manually queued as a priority lesson)
  • The drag toggle is now available inside folders. No more accidental reordering!

  • ‘Hungry for more’ popup default value is now 1 and can not go lower.

  • Current deck name is now displayed on both the ‘All Cards’ and the ‘Add/Edit Card’ pages.

  • Next Review date & time are now displayed on the ‘Edit Card’ page.


  • ‘more information’ button should toggle show & hide again during the lesson quiz

  • Fixed a wrong value in one of the JLPT Decks.

  • Fixed a reactivity bug which made the user unable to select a publishing category

  • Queueing a lessons which is already queued will not increase the lesson pool anymore

  • Hibernating cards after searching should now set the status correctly.

  • Lightning mode caused user synonyms and notes to be skipped while loading the next card. This has been fixed! (90% sure this was the cause of the missing synonyms)

  • newly added fields are now correctly removed from the layout if the field does not exist on the previously saved card.

  • Fixed a styling problem with the avatars on the kitsun forums.

  • Registration complete popup now correctly states that you can log in right away.

  • Active state now stays on the drag toggle button.


Ohhhh :heart_eyes:

2 things:

  • For hibernated items, did you do the year 3000 thing on purpose? :rofl:
  • Check the Actions/Save/Back buttons. Are they supposed to be aligned like that?


That’s a left over from when it worked based on datetimes :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll make it hide the info when the item is hibernated. Good job spotting it! :smiley:





@neicul are you sure that the wrap up feature is working? Because yesterday I did a batch of 300 reviews and after 50, I activated the wrap up, but there were some reviews that were “incompleted” and only showed up at the end of the whole batch of 300 reviews. I’m not sure if this a pattern or not… But I don’t feel like the incomplete reviews are coming to me right after activating this feature… at all :thinking:

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okay so here’s how it works:

As soon as you click the clock, it reshuffles the reviews to be close to eachother. This does mean that any card you did before, is not taken into account. So those can still be at the end. This is because I dont know which ones have or havent been done yet.

It currently works by having an ‘initial reviews’ list of cards (which has the original order from the server) and a fully shuffled list. I want to rewrite it so that it only ever has one list (like it used to have) and it just reshuffles it when needed. I think this would also benefit the performance a lot.


So sibling B gets closer to sibling A, is that it?

It would be awesome if it would reshuffle so that incompleted cards (with siblings left to be reviewed) would show up first. This way, the user could leave the review session without incompleted cards.

Wouldn’t having just 1 list + reshuffle for incompleted cards make the performance improve? Because incompleted cards will usually be way lower than the whole pile of reviews :man_shrugging:

Definitely. I think people will appreciate this :3


I’m kinda confused.

Isn’t this the point of having a wrap-up feature in the first place?

I’m not sure what this

means. Why wouldn’t it be taken into account? :thinking:


Yup, that’s the logic behind it imo. At least, that’s what I’m looking for when I activate it.