- [UPDATE] Subs2Kitsun Beta & Layout Sharing implemented! - Open Beta - Web-based SRS Learning Platform

Also, not sure if you are aware, but the “Add card to lessons” button always shows up after the other buttons (demote, delete…). So the action button goes from 3 buttons to 4. Not sure if you want that to happen for the aesthetics? :man_shrugging:


Could we also have a button to activate dragging decks inside folders?

I just completely disorganised this xD


Hahah I had the same issue a few days ago, forgot to add it. I’ll add it now

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That’s why I’m here :grin::v:


I have a random problem one and I’m pretty sure it’s on my workplace end.

My workplace firewall blocks the login page ONLY. IF I if I log in on my laptop from home and let it remember I can acess all features just fine. If I’m not logged in the page never loads. I’m not sure why.

That sounds pretty weird. Do they allow any other login screens (from other websites)? What about the register page?

Perhaps they block anything that has /login in the url, although that would be really weird.

Could you maybe open the console tab (F12 or CTRL+SHIFT+I) click on ‘console’ and do a refresh. Check if any errors (red text) come up.

Curious to see what’s happening there ^^

I don’t work until tomorrow night, but I’ll check in then. I can log into other things (like wanikani, and other generic stuff… Even tumblr which always surprises me) but I can’t use the forums here. I know they block all traffic outside the US (which is annoying when trying to read Japanese from websites). I usually get an error that that’s it is an unauthorized traffic request when that happens and I haven’t seen that with kitsun. I’ll play with it and report back.

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So, I just hibernated both of those cards and the hibernation symbol didn’t show up right away. It was supposed to, right? Of course, the cards were hibernated. I just needed to f5 to see the symbol there… but it would be logical for the symbol to show up right away, right? I believe that’s how it used to work before.


It is supposed to change to hibernation status in real time yeah. I guess something didn’t get converted to the new property yet. I’ll put it on the list for tomorrow ^^

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Super specific function: connect WK API key and allow usets to be able to search for items with only kanji they know.

Idk if I dreamed about this just now or… falls asleep again


It will be also useful to do that inter-decks, as in example when I finish Genki deck see which items of Core 10K I already know.


Although I’d love to make a WK API connection somehow, filtering based on data inside kitsun would be much easier

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WK to Anki to a non-public kitsun deck that can be used for filtering?

The reason I’m telling you this is that I remember that I used to see the Core 10k as an obstacle. Why? Because I would be level 20 and still not know a lot of kanji in there. It was a struggle (so imagine this for even lower levels). I can guarantee you that a lot of people feel that way and that stops them from even starting Core 10k (and therefore Kitsun).

So having extra vocab being unlocked on Kitsun (from Core 10k) as you go on doing Wanikani would be like paradise to them, because not only Core 10k is more acessible now, but you’re also reinforcing what you’re learning on WK with extra vocabulary.

For those still learning kanji, Kitsun wouldn’t be seen as a 2nd plan, but as the right arm of WK.

It’s a double win, but not with twice the work.

PS: This would reinforce the idea that Kitsun is for beginners to start using right away.



Postponing update until tomorrow.

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So, I added Kitsun’s website as an icon in my phone’s home screen and somehow the symbol looks like this:


mhm… Not sure why it isn’t taking the alpha. I’ll put it on the list ^^

The forums are also showing a weird white in my avatar. I guess it isn’t “processing” the transparent part? Compare my avatar here and my avatar there. It’s the same file.

Though I like my avatar there. I look like a true Japanese nationalist :jp:



I’ll check if I can find any setting about transparancy on the forums while at it :stuck_out_tongue:

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My avatar also has a transparent background and it works fine, just fyi. So might be something specific to JP’s setup (as in different file type or forum theme or ???).