- [UPDATE] Subs2Kitsun Beta & Layout Sharing implemented! - Open Beta - Web-based SRS Learning Platform

Thanks, I’ll try to fix it! Although I don’t have an Iphone myself so it might become a bit trial and error :stuck_out_tongue:

@neicul, good news: I had this problem with android as well… until suddenly I didn’t have it anymore. Doing reviews on the phone is way better than doing WK reviews through the android app btw :ok_hand::ok_hand:


It’s been fixed on android for a long time now, right?

I agree with this. I don’t have to rely on scripts (to make it work if it could work on mobile, firefox + violentmonkey + etc etc, if it’s not WaniKani app for Android) if it’s kitsun. Happy time with kitsun on mobile! No need to rely on computer just for scripts! “Many scripts” are already there by default!


Thanks both haha ^^

But still much to improve so I’m very grateful that people like @fuzzytipsy & @elynchbell are reporting about it! Otherwise I probably wouldn’t know.

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Thanks for the lightning mode suggestion, this does indeed stop the back of the card from being revealed and keeps the keyboard up so that is a big improvement.

The remaining issue is that after the keyboard appears the screen is pushed up and half of the card is obscured.

Safari on IPhone X, although the problem is also there on Chrome as well, not so bad as the push up doesn’t obscure the text.

Great work though and I totally appreciate the difficulties of trying to get this working across multiple browsers, devices and platforms.


I had the keyboard problem thing like 1 month ago or so?


Out of curiosity, does it also do this for you with the new default layouts? (you could check in one of the parsed decks on the centre or by creating a dictionary card if you haven’t used the layout before).

I’m mainly asking because the card in your screenshots is using a very old version of the old default layouts, and I’m not sure if this problem is better with the new ones :stuck_out_tongue: For me it still pushes the content up, but doesnt push the text offscreen.

@jprspereira :open_mouth: Welp, I’m glad it’s fixed then. I personally havent had the issue but it might have something to do with the speed of rendering the new card -> focusing on the input (which might not be rendered yet, so it doesnt do it)

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No idea. But now the experience is just as if I was using the computer. I never have to “leave” the keyboard to move to the next card. The keyboard is also always open. I just need to enter my answer and it goes to the next item right away.

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It’s just a tiny feedback.


Under Review / Lesson Functionality > Quick Edit

“lesson lession” should be “lesson session”. Right? cc @Radish8 senpai I mean I googled for lession but there’s no lession.

Hidden emo



Unless it’s supposed to be a lesson lesion, but that sounds painful :thinking:


Lessons are painful though :sob:


I’m not sure, but it seems Kitsun doesn’t like commas embedded in parentheses. (But can we talk about how this definition manages to have two sets of embedded parentheses, both with commas inside of them XD)

Also, when the answer’s box gets too big, it pushes down the example sentence box behind the… I have no idea what that box is for… notes?

Anways, here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about (parentheses problem in green, example sentence problem in red):

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@Oshin Ha! Well spotted, will change it tomorrow ^^

@sloa123 Yeah I thought I solved this problem in one of the last updates, but I guess something went wrong. On tomorrows list :slight_smile:

The input box is too big compared to other boxes, still gotta fix that one!

That box is indeed used for notes (which dont exist in parsed decks) and usernotes (which you can fill in yourself with the pencil button floating around your screen)

Also LOL at the down there (i.e. one's genitals) meaning in there :laughing: silly parser


Yes, it’s the same. I created a new deck with a new dictionary card, went through learning, the leardnign review and the first review.

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Thanks! I’m really unsure what I can do about it in that case… I’ve tried fixing it a few times before, to no avail… Browser default makes it fit the amount of space left when the keyboard pops up.

I’ll try again, but my hopes aren’t high :\

It’s update time!

Taking Kitsun down briefly in about 5-10 minutes :slight_smile:

Edit: Back online - Patch notes incoming



New Features

  • Self Study - You can now study any cards you want, at any time without interrupting your SRS progress. Just select the cards you want to study from the All Cards table view (of that specific deck), choose the Self Study option from the actions dropdown and fill in the number of times you want each card to repeat.

    • Since most people want to use this to squash leeches, I’ve added a “book” button to the leeches table which allows you to instantly train all leeches:
    • Small note: The review count is per sibling card instead of per “main” card.
  • Dictionary searches can now be done automatically through the URL. E.g. “儂” will now instantly search for 儂 in jisho (in kitsun).

    • I made this because I use an ebook reader (Moon+ Reader) to read LNs and it allows me to fill in a custom dictionary url like the picture below. When I fill in the URL like this, long tapping a word will take me to the dictionary page of kitsun, automatically show the entry and let me click the “generate flashcard” button to generate a card for studying right away!

  • Deck Dashboard - Added a cookie for the showing/hiding of the leeches block content. It will now remember your preference :slight_smile:


  • Review notifications now longer count firefoxes (burned cards)

  • Fixed an issue where certain answers weren’t being accepted.


@Oshin this will almost definitely solve your problem with the いずれ card :grin:

Oh man, this is as smooth as doing normal reviews. Nothing better than having these features native to the platform.



Thanks! Time to awaken some cards :heart:

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