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I assume that 03:00 is because that review was unlocked at 3pm. But shouldn’t you display it as 15:00 instead? :thinking: (or 3pm, idk). Just something I noticed, not a big deal :man_shrugging:



I’ll put it on the list :slight_smile:



Basically, could you add a hotkey to deactivate/activate lightning mode? That would :100: solve the problem. I wouldn’t have to stop, use the mouse to turn if off, check the back of the card… and then turn it on again.



I just finished completing the reimport feature (that allows you to mass edit cards in google sheets/excel/whatever and reimport the changed data into existing cards) but I don’t have enough time to actually go through with the update today.

Postponing the update until Wednesday

It’s going to be a big one! Look forward to this and more:

  • export feature
  • reimport feature (as described above)
  • new (much better looking) default template and layouts
  • auto hibernating words that you already learned in other decks (for cards using the new default templates)
  • dictionary (jisho) default template/layouts changed to the new ones
  • Creating instant dictionary (jisho) cards with your own templates and layouts.
  • Whole bunch of new decks that I’ve been working on!




Hi! is amazing and the features like importing decks and using to quickly make cards, but would it also be possible for you to do something similar for other languages, like mandarin of Korean? There are also plenty of online dictionaries for those. I know that is primarily aimed towards studying Japanese, so it’s fine if you don’t want to (I mean, you work really hard on this already).Thank you for making such a helpful site! :grin:


Thank you very much for your kind comment! Integrating other dictionaries/apis is at a very high priority after I finish the features mentioned above :smile:

If you happen to know any good online dictionaries for those languages please let me know :slight_smile:


Taking Kitsun down for an update very soon (~5MIN)



New Features:

  • New Default template and layouts have been added!

    • As you can see there are some variations in colors (red/blue/orange depending on the purpose of the card, e.g. readings or meanings) and also a light and dark variant for every purpose.

  • You can now propose changes to community deck cards. On the details page of a Community card you can now find the action Propose changes. Clicking this will turn the fields editable and show a comment textarea. You can then edit any value you want and then hit the send button.

    • (This part is coming this weekend!) The author will then receive your feedback/changes and be able to accept or reject it. If they accept, both the original card AND the community card will change instantly.

    • Why did I create this? To lessen the workload of the deck creators (just click to accept changes if you agree to them), and to further reinforce the idea that we as a community are able to make decks perfect by working together.

  • You should now be able to click on the audio button (to play the audio) without losing focus of the input field during lessons and reviews.

  • Exports: You can now export all cards from your own decks. This can be done on the “Edit Deck” Page. Due to the dynamic nature of templates, the export has to be done PER template.

    • How it works: Select template -> click the button and wait until it starts downloading a .csv file. The values are separated by tabs as using ; or , could result in conflicts.
  • Reimports: Now we get to the cool part. Doing an export will allow you to copy paste the resulting file into google sheets/excel or another program of your choice. You can then mass edit all values, save it/paste it back into the file and then re-import this changed data into your deck and into the existing cards without losing any progress! However, it only works when you keep the current structure and keep the IDs intact.

    • Note: If you want to make a new template field and mass edit those values, please first add this to your template inside kitsun, then hit export so it has the field ID that it needs.
    • Another important note is that this feature is VERY EXPERIMENTAL right now. My tests have worked well so far, but please be sure not to use it with important decks for now.


  • Rank up/down should now correctly show for decks with the filter siblings setting on.

  • Advanced CSV/TXT imports: Tags with spaces will now import correctly

  • Push notifications bug has been fixed (for real this time! :smiley:)


New Light Novel Decks will be added over the course of the next few days. These decks have been generated by parsing the books, matching them with dictionaries and then put into cards using the new default templates.

The books are mostly added out of personal interest, but I’m open for suggestions. Here’s a list:

  • Bakemonogatari Vol 1 & 2
  • Kizumonogatari Vol 1
  • Nisemonogatari Vol 1 & 2
  • Haruhi Vol 1 & 2
  • Katanagatari Vol 1 & 2
  • Kimi no na ha
  • Kino’s Journey Vol 1-4
  • Konosuba Vol 1 & 2
  • I Want To Eat Your Pancreas
  • Re:Zero Vol 1 & 2
  • Rokka No Yuusha Vol 1 & 2
  • Sword Art Online Vol 1 & 2
  • Spice and Wolf Vol 1 & 2
  • Toradora Vol 1 & 2
  • Zero no Tsukaima Vol 1-3


  • Persona 5 (the game) (14k-20k unique vocab omg)

As these books are parsed, there’s sure to be misparses in them. That’s exactly why I created the new feedback system (mentioned above). Together we can easily fix these decks without having to wait on one person (the creator).


Yay! I just ordered this a couple days ago. Maybe by the time I want to read it (or it’s picked in book club) I’ll be ready to use a new SRS system. I’ve realized that I can’t really handle more than one SRS at a time, but once I hit 60 on WaniKani and things settle down there, I’ll be in the market for a good way to acquire vocab.

Can feedback be “delete this card”? :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course! You can put whatever you like in the comment area after all :stuck_out_tongue: that said, if you don’t like the card, you could just hibernate it for you personally ^^


But then it can’t just be accepted. It might be good to allow the actual edit to be to delete a card. It would probably only be useful for auto-generated decks, but it could be worth it just for those. Along the same lines, a way to propose new cards would be good. The main use case being a word was misparsed as two. You want to delete those two cards and propose a replacement one.


I don’t want to add deletion as an automatic option. I think deletion is something that has to be manually done by the creator as they might accidentally accept and POOF goes everyone’s progress.

As for suggesting two cards to merge into one, you could just mention it in the comment. Sure it might need a bit more work from the creator, but essentially it’s pressing “accept” to instantly change the first (current) card, and manually deleting the second one afterwards.


Can’t seem to be able to find the tutorial or does that not exist anymore?
Also, is there a way to jump back to myDecks from the Den or are they meant to be separate?

P.S. Adopted the fox, please let me know if there are any issues with that.


I’ve disabled the tutorials for now as I was in the middle of redoing them :slight_smile: You can take a look at the Guide (found in the sidemenu) for now or feel free to ask me of course!

It’s not intended, just haven’t gotten around to actually adding the links yet (and I keep forgetting!). I’ll try to add them tomorrow :smiley:

No issues at all, glad you like it!


Is there a way to merge cards between decks? Or send/copy cards from one deck to another. Like for example you make a custom deck but want to send a few hundred cards from a handful of premade decks. How about an easy way to remove cards that are in another deck. Like the 10k deck, what is the easiest way to remove all WK, Genki, etc. words from them. I saw some things have tags and the ability to hibernate but, you have to keep clicking load more. Maybe I’m just missing something? Is there a way to scroll all the cards without having to click load more every 2 seconds? I’m not trying to be a pain I swear :laughing:. Just looking to do something specific.


There’s no easy way to transfer cards at the moment. However, if you personally own the deck you could do an export, take the values of those cards from the exported file and import them into another deck with the advanced csv import.

That said, I’m working on a feature which lets you match Deck A with Deck B and automatically hibernate cards based on the matches (e.g. you learned Card A in Deck A with main value こんにちは, then if Deck B has a card with the same value, it will automatically hibernate it for you).

Hibernating/Awakening by search query (without having to select) is something I’m still in the middle of creating :slight_smile:


Mobile experience is so-so :sweat_smile: (usable though)

Is that on the short list or something further down?


I personally think the mobile experience is fine, but if you have some feedback about it or ideas for improvements then I’d love to hear it :smiley:


Whenever we get a wrong answer, do you by chance have the time to move to the next card set the same for both desktop and smartphones? Because even though reviews on the phone are slower, the time waiting after a wrong review feels longer there. Waiting time shouldn’t affect me as much on the phone, because I should be used to a slower pace there :thinking: But funny enough, I feel like the waiting time on the desktop is lower than on the phone.

Maybe I’m just crazy I wouldn’t be surprised.