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Make sure you are saving the CSV as a UTF-8. That could be causing the loss in information


This is how I have it on excel:


Hum… is it any of these options? I saved it as CSV (Comma Delimited).

I do get this error message while doing so:



Interesting. Your excel is giving you different options than mine.

This is what I see. UTF-8 is needed to convert Japanese characters. They may have placed the selection in a different place in your version of excel. Are you doing a “Save as” or an export?


@neicul just gave me this link. Will try in a sec and give an update here.


The info in the link above didn’t work, but copying the info to the notepad and then saving it shows me the UTF-8 option \o/ Already imported to Kitsun and it’s solved :grin:


The lightning mode situation:

I love lightning mode. It makes it so much quicker to go through the reviews that it’s insane. If I turn it off, I feel like a snail.

But it has one problem: what if I want to still check the back of the card I just reviewed? I can’t. And this is quite annoying because it happens to me so often.

I want the best of both worls: the speed of the lightning mode and to be able to check the back of a card whenever I need to.

So today I thought of a solution.

What if you would create a hotkey that allowed us to go back to the back of the last card we reviewed? This way, we could still use lightning mode without any hesitation, but also be able to go back if we wished to. We wouldn’t have to choose one thing over the other anymore.

Pretty pretty please? :roll_eyes:


Sorry, but I’m noting this as something I’m not going to implement due to the technical difficulty compared to what you gain from it. The whole review system was built around removing the current card from the review stack and showing the next in line, leaving no reference to the card you just did. Your request would kinda throw that system out of the window :stuck_out_tongue:

You could untoggle lightning mode for that card if you know you want to see the back though.



Good idea o:

This might actually somehow fix part of the problem lol


Site has been updated with some bugfixes while I continue working on the export -> reimport feature

I’ll list them “officially” with the next update, but the tags in csv imports, notifications and rank up/down for filtered sibling decks have been fixed.




Click the eye icon :smiley:


I’m sorry if this has been asked before:

I’m using the 10k deck, but out of order, activating vocab as I come across them in various situations.

I activated a couple cards I didn’t mean to activate by putting them into my lesson queue. (they are sentence cards which are nice, but I’m just not ready for them). I don’t want them hibernated because I want to get to them eventually and I’m hibernating cards I already know and I don’t want them in that pile. Is there a way to do that? It isn’t intuitive (I set the SRS level to 0, that didn’t do it. Napping leaves them in my reviews and I just want them to be like a card I’ve never looked at).

Is there a way to do this?

I also haven’t figured out if you can add cards/modify community decks or not? I don’t think you can at this point, but I’ve wanted to add synonyms and stuff. I’m either missing the feature or it doesn’t exist.



Hmm, no it currently is not possible to unqueue them. I actually didn’t think about it yet. I will put it on my list of things to do. In the mean time I can manually do it for you if you’re able to give me the IDs of the cards (the last hash in the url when looking at the card edit page) :slight_smile:

As for modifying community decks:

You can add personal notes and synonyms to the card by clicking on the blue pencil button on the backside of the card, during either lessons or reviews. Synonyms will be counted as correct and are layout specific (e.g. only for the JP -> ENG sibling).

The author can choose to display these personal values on their cards by adding {{usernotes}} {{usersynonyms}} in their layouts (you can ask them to do so)

Actually editing the community deck cards isn’t possible for anyone except for the author.


After almost 48h from the last update, I can say with certainty that…

IT IS SOLVEDDDD!!! :fox_face: :tada::fox_face: :tada:


Doubted but yaaaay :smiley:


I didn’t catch this update. Very cool!


Let’s imagine that I have a deck ordered by Index and I want to add vocab to the middle of it. I have 500 cards in the deck. I want to add a new card to Index 240. Would changing the index to 240 of that card make all the 241-500 index cards go up 1 number?

What I want to understand is if Kitsun is ready for me to add new cards and put them somewhere in the middle of it. Natsume’s book of friends might be lacking vocab and I want to add it in the order that it shows up in the book.


It does not plus the index of other cards. Although that might be possible, it might also lead to unwanted behavior? I’m not completely sure, gotta think about it ^^

That said, with the export -> reimport you will be able to easily add cards in between.


楽しみ :heart_eyes:


This is such an underrated feature. I guess it’s because most of us are assuming that it’s like the “wrap-up” feature on WK, but that never ends and we don’t know why. That’s what I assumed and because of that I never used it. The thing is… in the middle of 100 reviews, having Kitsun select 10 cards to focus on is so much more productive in terms of doing reviews. I’m using it all the time now.


One thing I noticed is that having it activated doesn’t get saved between review sessions like the lightning tool. Is this on purpose or? :thinking:


Personally I also always toggled it on, but lately I find it somehow more fun to leave it off (aka super randomized). Not entirely sure why ^^

Not on purpose, just delayed making it then forgot about it :smiley: