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maybe @jprspereira has :smirk: (he usually does)


Reviews and lessons use the same code, so if one works, so should the other (in theory… )


76 lessons done today and counting… :joy: :sob:


So far so good.


Do you always do that many per day?


It’s a New Year’s Resolution thing. I’m trying to go with at least 40 new words/day for 3 months. Wanna give a big boost on vocab (3600 new words), see where I stand, and then decide what to do next. Those 76 lessons aren’t actual words, since I have 1 card for EN => JP and another for JP => meaning | JP => reading. But yeah, that implies 3 directions for each learned word.


I’m struggling with 10 new words per day ha ha. How can you even remember them all.

Btw Neicul-senpai i’m still waiting for the Kitsun ultimate leaderboard that you mentioned. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, that’s the thing… I didn’t start with 40 words a day for long periods of time xD

Since August, I’ve been slowly increasing the number of words a day. Did 20 for a while, then 25, then 30… and now I made the jump to 40 :slight_smile: That’s the key to avoid burning out really. Gradually increasing intensity.

Also, a lot of what I recommend for WK, I also do so for Kitsun. I use the same SRS intervals, the same routine, I leave the lessons’ page open for reviewing after 10/20 mins, etc. If not it would be chaos. I also have 3h/day to burn on SRS xD


I don’t think that ultimate leaderboard is coming hahahah :joy:

@jprspereira let me know if you still have the “the website has been updated in the background” notifications. I think it should be fixed but ehhh





Okay im out of ideas as to why this happens.

Does it only happen when you have the tab open, or when the tab is still open but you are not looking at it? Any pattern at all? :’)


I’m always with Kitsun open


I’ll try to find a pattern then and let you know :v:


But in the background or focused on the tab?




Same here. Never close SRS tabs.

Btw I know it’s random but I finaly decided to build a grammar deck and then found out that there is a grammar layout for grammar flashcard. The fact that Kitsun is always ahead of me is impressive.


I have plans to revamp the default layouts soon :slight_smile:


I will be waiting for it :smile:


Just realised that the grammar layout change my answer in japanese when I want them in German ha ha


You could duplicate the layout and replace {{type-ja:fieldname}} with just {{type:fieldname}}, save it and use that layout :slight_smile:

If you need more help let me know here, add me on Discord, join the Kitsun discord or something similar if you want ^^


Thx for the help. There is so much i’m not using. Now I just gotta figure why only 1 of 3 say that the correct answer is correct, ha ha. That brings me back to when I was programming too.

Edit: Welp looks like he doesn’t like coma. Anyway prob solved !!!


What doesnt like commas? :o