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Hi! Are you using Kitsun as a app or from within safari itself?

I am aware of a bug in older iOS versions not saving cookies when using websites as progressive web apps.

Normally speaking the session stays active for 30 months after your latest login, so after the first time you dont need to log in at all if you frequently use it…

Any chance cookies are disabled for Kitsun? These are required to keep you logged in.

What iOS device and version number are you using?

For anyone else using iOS, does this happen to you as well?


Hello, I am using both my iPhone 7 and iPhone X Max. What do you mean if I am using Kitsun as an app? Is there a Kitsun app for iOS? I just created a shortcut for Kitsun via Safari so that I don’t have to type the address everytime I access the app so I have a Kitsun shortcut/icon on my iPhone home. Both my phones have up to date iOS 12.1.2. I wonder how my cookies for Kitsun will be disabled (and how can I check it) when, like I said, the one in KameSame is working perfectly okay and I went through a similar process of creating a shortcut via Safari (see photo below). What else can I can be doing wrong? Thank you very much!


Hi, sorry I didn’t mean to imply that you did anything wrong! I was indeed asking about whether you made a shortcut or not ^^

Adding a app as a shortcut can make it function as a Progressive Web App, which can have issues with cookies not being saved well on iOS (afaik).

Could you check if it also forgets the login when you use Safari itself (instead of the shortcut)? (So log in once and then check again after a closing and reopening the page)

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hahaha sorry, I also didn’t ask the question if I was doing something wrong because of anything you said, I just really thought I was doing something wrong haha. So I checked it with the Safari app itself, and yes, you were right, the login remains even after I visit other apps. But I still wonder why that is possible with KameSame even it I use its shortcut and not the Safari app itself. I wish I can also do that with the Kitsun shortcut so that I can freely use the Safari with regular mobile web browsing.


(At least in my resolution at 100%) the title of a deck feels a little weird because it’s not centered :thinking:


It’s lined up with the numbers


Yeah, I know. But should be? :man_shrugging: To me, it looks kinda out of place. I wonder what happens with bigger titles.

Actually, the line below is for descriptions. I just realized that xD



New update is live!


New Features:

  • {{rest:fieldname}} has been added. It basically does the opposite of the {{first:fieldname}} field type. You can use this to display all entries except the first entry in a comma separated value. In simpler terms: bla, die, bla will display as die, bla. (@hinekidori)

  • Content inside parantheses is now considered as a possible answer when it’s the value being tested on with “type” fields. So say that your value is to row (a boat), to spill, to dance (on a boat, plane or car) it will count the following answers as correct:

    • to row
    • to row a boat
    • to spill
    • to dance
    • to dance on a boat, plane or car


  • Fixed a major issue with the advanced csv import. All tags/fields/indexes should now properly get imported.

  • Entering n and hitting enter with katakana inputs will now automatically convert it to katakana instead of hiragana.

  • Rank up/down notification will now no longer appear on every item for decks with sibling filtering enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where the advanced csv import would sometimes create an extra empty card.

  • The percentages on the decks page should now be the same as the one shown on the deck dashboard.


Just ran into a prob here.

A lot of words that I had, stop working like on the picture below.
I made some test and here are my results:
-If I copy paste the answer it’s still wrong.
-Rewrite the sentence in my card but my answer still wrong.
-Change the answer for “a” enter “a” and answer is good.
-Long words are all wrong.
-To solve it I need to enter the answer in synonym then it works.
-All mistakes are on the Japanese–> English side.
-I am using a Pc.
-There is no space before the word.

I hope it’s just me that can’t copy past answers correctly.
Plz help me :sob:
Thx :grin:

Edit: It’s worst for english—>foreign
Edit 2 : Actually all words that have a space in it are wrong.


YAY :tada: I bet it’s gonna feel really weird now that they’re gone :joy:

EXCITING (update)

Edit: @neicul something has broken quite a lot? I can no longer answer my JP > EN reviews correctly. I’ve tried inputting one of the answers and the entire string of answers, but neither works. There are no parentheses so I’m not sure whether it’s to do with that change or not.


@Radish8 & @icefang97 Uh oh! That’s not good… Is it only reviews or does it also happen during lessons?

Going to fix it (or revert it) and hotfix it asap!


Haven’t try lesson yet


Wow I totally missed @icefang97’s post :joy: sorry!

Afraid I can’t say as I don’t have any lessons and I seem to have deleted my testing deck… :thinking: but I encountered it in reviews.


It’s okay… It’s not like I care if you read my post or not… bbbbbb…ba…baka :sob:


does the sacrifice for the sake of a greater good…


I’m also on it. It also happens during the quiz. Expect a hotfix in 5-10minutes!


Lessons are broken too.


Dies in vain



Got it. Hotfixed! @Radish8 and @icefang97 could you refresh and let me know if it works again?

Very sorry for the inconvenience and a massive thanks for reporting it so swiftly!

For anyone wanting the details:

My regex didnt work as expected when dealing with answers without any commas :joy: :sob:
Managed to quickly create a better one :stuck_out_tongue:


The lesson are good. I have no review to test though