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Yeah, I believe so. At least it didn’t happen the last time I checked.

So where does the free version stand? The point is to offer 14 days (premium) and then a free version? If so, what are the characteristics of this free version? I feel like us suggesting ideas without knowing the whole thing is not the way to go because we lack context.


I mean, it doesn’t look bad - it’s just that I guess quite a few pictures don’t look great when you take a small slice from the middle :grin: but yeah, it may just be a necessary sacrifice in order to help users with different devices from mine.


Remove the tabs from your screenshot. U might not want to show something that’s there.


I’m absolutely not sure yet. If anyone feels like discussing this with me, please feel free to let me/us know.

I was thinking about having a free version with limitations, and those free users being able to try out the premium version for XX days to see if they like it. But I’m really not sure yet if this is the way to go. Perhaps keeping it simple and just having the N5/N4 decks as the only “free” content is enough.

TL;DR: Don’t know yet. That’s also why I’m postponing launch until I got a solid plan for how this (and pricing in general) will work.


Crap, thank you. I removed the bottom but forgot the top.

Oh jeez, that had so much identifying information. fakes own death


I saved the screenshot for the sake of a future bribery.

I didn’t, don’t worry :rofl:


If it makes you feel better, I didn’t see it and I doubt anyone other than jp did :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for uploading the screenie! It looks like it might really be due to the ratio, I’ll look into it on Wednesday :slight_smile:



I don’t mind you seeing it, but who knows how many lurkers… :eyes:


As a user I tend to dislike time-limited free accounts, as it gives me a sense that I need to pick a good time before I start it (which might lead to me forgetting ever to sign up…). That said, if you give people a decent amount of time that mitigates the issue quite substantially.

It does mean that if they don’t like it at first, but then consider giving it another go a year or so later, they have no way to test out the latest version of the site. Again, they can always just buy one month though.


I think a free version and 14 days of “premium” makes sense. The point is to figure out what limitations would the free version have, compared to the premium one. I think future features might help make this distinction clearer.

The trick is to figure out which features make sense from a subscription point (in other words, to make people subscribe). For example, I think Spotify fails at this, because the free version isn’t thaaaaat different from the premium one. A lot of people have premium maaaaybe because of student discounts and other promotions they had access to. That’s a way to go around it, but doesn’t solve the root of the problem.

Another point is that you shouldn’t limit the free version too much, or else people will assume Kitsun isn’t good. The trick to make them subscribe is with the premium being so much better. For example, Memrise fails at this. Everyone can use it, but no one will think of subscribing. Just for stats? Meh.

That can be solved by my proposal above. The user would sign up, have access to the free version and update to the time limited premium version whenever they feel like.

I think the original price you have isn’t high, when compared to other services. I mean, HelloTalk is asking for 120 dollars or something for a freaking podcast. If we compare to other subscription services, Netflix and Spotify are more expensive. This does not mean that I don’t believe reducing prices wouldn’t be a good thing. I think it would help you expand your userbase. Kitsun is an education service, and education should be accessible to everyone.


Just to clarify, I meant an ‘always free’ version and a separate trial just to try the premium version. The free account will still be usable afterwards.

Without limits users would not feel a need to upgrade to a subscription though, so the benefit has to be clear somehow… That’s what I meant with having only N5-N4 available for free, that way they can get used to how Kitsun works and sub once they are ready to move onto other decks.


Totally random digression for a tiny thing, but in dark mode, I feel the purple of kit foxes is significantly less legible against the dark background than the other colours.


I like this idea.

Edit: a question for @neicul because I’m lazy. Is there a way for deck creators to create different styling options based on which Kitsun theme a user has selected?


Yeah, if the free version is “good enough”, most people won’t subscribe.


I think it’s a matter of reavaluting the features you were thinking of implementing in the following 3 months and adapt them into a free/premium perspective.

A good way to distinguish this effectively would be Kitsun vs other SRS tools. You would base the features you offer for free based on other already existent tools and then offer the innovation that Kitsun brings in the premium version (stats, unlimited usage of the community centre, personalized images on decks, I’ll think of more stuff later, I’m lazy now)

This would also help against “But Anki is free”.

Of course there would be some limitations, like making cards, etc. But for that, it’s a matter of you evaluating costs and seeing what you’re able to offer.


Still looking into changing the srs colors for dark modes, I think it’s a bit too bright on the cards table and stuff…

I want to include a dark class on the wrapper (just like quiz etc) but I’m not sure if I actually added it. I will double check on Wednesday :slight_smile:


Agreed, will have to think about it some more :slight_smile:


Awesome and double awesome ^^


Visual bug (I think?): notice how the line under General/Advanced/Publishing is not completely showing up in the dark themes, like in the light one.


Small thought on the dark theme - the ‘add deck or folder’ and ‘back’ buttons aren’t presented in the same way (I’m referring to the equivalent big ‘back’ button found within folders). The former has a red background, while the latter has a black background.



New features:

  • Placeholders can now be added to input fields! You can use it like this: {{type:fieldname[placeholdertexthere]}}. E.g: {{type:Meanings[English]}} will result in an input with ‘English’ as the placeholder text. Of course, every type of input supports this same syntax (such as type-ja, spellcheck etc)

  • A dark class will be added to all the card wrappers when someone is using one of the dark Kitsun themes. This means that you can change your layouts depending on the theme someone is using! You can use it like this:

   background: black;


  • Changed Kit Fox colors to be more in line with the others (in terms of brightness).

  • Icons have been added to the subcategories in the community centre sidebar, making them display better when the sidebar is collapsed.

  • Community Centre Styling for the top bar/search bar was accidentally removed. This has been reverted.

  • Decks now have a minimum height on the decks page, this should result in the deck images looking a bit better (let me know if it worked :stuck_out_tongue:)

  • Sidemenu should now look better for low resolution screens.

  • Fixed some dark theme color issues.

  • Android page height during lessons/reviews has been fixed, layouts should no longer overflow below the bottom of the screen.

  • The back button in the folder view has changed colors in the dark theme.


Hello, everyone! Again, thank you for Kitsun! I would just like to raise something I noticed when I tried KameSame as well in Safari in iOS. You see, I mostly travel outside Japan during school breaks (like during the brief winter break two weeks ago) and so I will again in the coming spring break a few weeks from now. I mostly use my phone to do the reviews when I travel, for obvious reasons. I noticed that when I use Kitsun via my iPhone’s Safari, I would have to re-login every time I accidentally moved to a new app and then had to return to Kitsun. Of course, re-logging in in itself is not that tedious (thanks to face recognition), but when we re-login, of course, we need to start a new set of 400 reviews. When I started using KameSame, I noticed that even when I also just use Safari in iOS, I only had to login once. Even if a period of time/days lapsed and I moved to several other apps, I’d go back to the last review page I had when I return to KameSame. Obviously, my question would be if something like that is possible for Kitsun. If this has already been discussed above, I’m sorry (I tried to search for iOS keyword within the thread and didn’t find any). Again, thank you very much!