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Exactly the pointless snark you would expect from reddit there :slight_smile: Always typing the first thing that comes to mind, without spending a single thought on it.


I expected quite some negativity considering it will be a paid platform and it “endangers” their current habits. But all in all it’s pretty good exposure. It’s just difficult not to react emotionally at times :wink:


I think that most don’t get that the hosting of content costs money beside your profit. Specialty applications with a small number of users will cost more than Netflix, it’s not that hard to understand.

Thinking about it, having the decks online makes a huge difference, with collaboration on the decks built in (if done right, but still someone will recommend git instead), protection from downloading, available everywhere, maybe even the store for decks.

If you think of it just as a “card player” it obviously can’t compete with Anki.

How much does this memrise cost?


Yup. What’s Wanikani after all? A deck, a very well made deck. But it has its own platform to protect and build upon its quality. Anki doesn’t guarantee that at all. Once it’s up, there’s no way of protecting the creator, so people simply don’t build. If they don’t build, there’s no innovation.

I feel like it was somehow successful though, as I did see some people giving good feedback and actually trying it out. It wasn’t just all negativity. I feel that with time, people will realize that Kitsun isn’t a product stuck in time and that it’s constantly improving with Neicudi’s updates (just look at the first screenshots on this thread and scare yourself to death).



It is really hard not to get all worked up when you receive negative feedback on something that you have worked so hard to create. As @acm2010 stated, it’s just pointless snark and you shouldn’t take any of it too seriously. However, as @jprspereira said, it is not all negative either. You should be proud of what you have created, as it is something truly remarkable! Your product will continue to grow and evolve, leaving things like Anki in the dust. Keep up the great work!


My most liked post on the WaniKani forums is a huge criticism of Bunpro from when the first pricing scheme was announced. But guess what. A few months later I bought a lifetime subscription to Bunpro. Thankfully products continue to evolve and most people allow their views of products to evolve.


The first generation of users has to like the idea and maybe pay than it is “worth” objectively, it is more an investment in the idea. @neicul is basically on fire, if this goes on like this some day even someone from reddit may want to pay for it :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, hearing that from you means a lot to me! Bunpro is definitely a role model for Kitsun in terms of how you handle feedback, rapid development and creating a solid, great product useful for learning. Again, many thanks!

@jprspereira and @seanblue thanks as well for the kind words (as usual :blush: )


Lool, I remember going hard on @pushindawood as well! :joy: hugs pushindawood.

Actually @pushindawood, let’s get that out the way. I thought the announcement was too soon. That was my main complaint. That was it. I do think you guys are building a very solid thing. I didn’t continue using your product not necessarily for what happened, but because I got comfortable with grammar :rofl: (but I’m back for good this time :sunglasses:).


:fox_face: I BELIEVE.



@neicul, in the advanced search, are the tags exclusive or inclusive? So, if I add “Tag A” and “Tag B”, will it search for Tag A + Tag B or only for those that have both?

I think it’s counting for both Tag A + Tag B. Is there any way to make it exclusive? So both tags must be met, not just 1 of them.

Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: Forget it. They’re exclusive. I was just being dumb.


Sorry, just saw your question, glad it’s already worked out!


I did find a situation:

  • I go to all cards in a deck.
  • I choose advanced search.
  • I add “Tag A” + enter + “Tag B” + enter. Until this point, everything works fine. However, if I do an extra enter at the end, “Tag A” will disappear.

Try it yourself following these steps and you’ll get what I mean.


Hey, it me. I’m back from the dead to deliver some good stuff :slight_smile:

Taking Kitsun down in about 5 min



New Features:

  • Themes: Kitsun now has two dark mode themes! Select them from the settings page!

  • {{usersynonyms}} can now be used in your layouts to show all personal synonyms. This is super useful for community decks as users will now instantly see their own synonyms without having to open the popup

  • {{usernotes}} can now be used in your layouts to show all personal notes. This works the same as above!

  • {{first:fieldname}} field has been added. This can be used to display only the first entry in a comma separated card value. This will reduce the amount of fields that you need in your templates! E.g. Normally you would need both a primary meaning and a all meanings field. The first one would be used to display on the front of the card, whereas the second one would be used to display all possible meanings. So now, if your value is hi, hello, hai, using {{first:fieldname}} will display as just hi.

  • Typing in the css and html fields of a layout will now not trigger a complete rerender of the layout until you stop typing for a bit. Meaning it will feel less laggy while editting heavy layouts.

  • Additional (svg related) html tags/attributes have been whitelisted for use in layouts.


  • Adjusted some pages to look better on lower resolution screens. Hopefully some pages should now feel less huge! Please let me know how it is :slight_smile:

  • Fixed an issue where hibernating on the my cards page would not work correctly.

I’d also like to announce that I’m recalculating and rethinking pricing for using Kitsun.

I think I might be able to lower the prices a bit, and perhaps introduce tiers based on what you would like to utilize inside Kitsun. I’ve also been thinking about making certain community decks free to use without a subscription.

Due to this I’m postponing the launch until I figure things out.

Happy belated new year!


Wow, the timeline looks so fancy now :heart_eyes:


Check how the search and back buttons are.


YAAAAAAAAAAY :star_struck: or rather :sunglasses:

I… found this kind of weird. At least, now that I see this post I assume that’s the cause. The tiles are way shorter, right? It means that the pictures for my Aria decks are now basically zoomed in on the busts of the characters :joy: I don’t want to crop the pictures though, because then they won’t work at different resolutions.

Also, the device where that happens actually has a super high resolution, though a small screen, so I’m not sure whether that’s how you’re intending it to behave :thinking:


Like the N5 and maybe N4 decks for example? I think that could be a smart move to get people to really try out Kitsun properly.

Maybe give them Aria volume 1 too. Good thing @Radish8 already has volume 1 separated out. :laughing: (Once they’re hooked on Aria they’re as good as subscribed, right? :wink:)



This is actually an excellent idea, haha :joy: got a loooot of catching up to do with the follow-on deck though…!


Oh that doesnt look good at all. Did this only start happening after the update?

@Radish8 …It’s a feature? :joy: I might have to create some more mediaqueries specifically for certain low and high resolutions… According to reports the changes I made for low resolution devices doesn’t get priority over the default styling (probably due to the build process giving a different priority), so I’m still working it out :slight_smile:

If possible, could you show me a screenshot of how it looks on your high res? I think it has more to do with ratio than resolution atm though.

Yep, this idea came from the lovely @Raionus and I think it’s a really good one ^^

Perhaps having some lite (try it out) versions of certain popular decks might be a good idea as well.