- Self Study now implemented! - Open Beta - Web-based SRS Learning Platform


Also, I’ll add a small explanation on the page so people will understand what it actually does :stuck_out_tongue:


Turns off all layouts
Instantly completes Core 10k




I understand where you’re coming from, but it’s just going to be a random suggestion based on the author’s preferences, right? So hine might say “don’t bother with recall” whereas I’ll say “I recommend including recall”.

Having a recommendation from the author isn’t based on any kind of pedagogy, so simply following the defaults is just as sensible for nearly all decks - and for decks with lots of layouts the author can include their recommendation in (a) the store page and (b) the forum thread. I can’t imagine many totally new users will be messing around with filtering layouts anyway.

I do think that letting authors specify the defaults might be a good idea. Presumably at the moment all layouts are on by default, but it might work quite well if the author could publish the deck with ‘x layouts as default’. Then you could include a ‘reset to defaults’ button for users of the deck on the layouts page.


Btw, I think the wrap-up function is broken :thinking: I had it activated since review 1 and I could still go on doing the rest of reviews without any problem.

I had lightning mode activated.


Ok, better idea :+1:


except that… you can’t :smiley: If there isn’t at least one layout selected it won’t work :smiley:

The ‘wrap-up’ feature has no end, it just places all the siblings within 10 cards of eachother (so you can quickly finish some reviews). So basically it’s a reorder rather than a wrap up :stuck_out_tongue:


Mind blown

Then it would be cool to know how many incompleted cards we have left. I was just doing reviews without seeing the end in sight. I was so lonely :sob:


The end is when you’ve done all review items


I wake up with 3 digits. Unfortunately not in my bank account :sob:


The layouts not included in my decks are because of redundancy. If there was a way for me to have a E->J card never show in the same session as a Kanji -> Reading I would include both. I have never been against including them. My current setup was just the best compromise I could be happy with.


The adding synonyms’ blue button should work during lessons, right? Because I’m clicking and nothing is happening D::::


It should indeed be working. Could you open the console if it happens again? Check for any errors popping up after clicking


I’ll get back to you when I get home later :v:


Hi, is there a self-study option planned? It would be great to study the higher SRS levels and even the newly unlocked items.

Great work, by the way. I’ve been doing the N5 deck, almost at 70%. It’s a wonderful resource :wink:



It’s one of the features planned to be released after launch.

Thanks for the compliments!


Haven’t been able to replicate this. Maybe it was my browser just being funny :man_shrugging:



So, you know how I’ve been adding to lessons items I select myself from the Core 10k. The thing is, every time I would go back to see how many unlocked lessons I had already, I would get a card that I did not unlock. This card always seems to be the next lesson (as if I unlocked 1 lesson the normal way). Maybe due to me unlocking cards, the system unlocks this next lesson?

As an example, I just unlocked 24 lessons for tomorrow. However, I have 25 lessons (25th being the next card in the lessons pile, if unlocked the normal way).

This number doesn’t seem to increase though? I’ve always had 1 extra unlocked lesson so far… idk.

EDIT: Found the bug @neicul

If you try adding a card to the lesson pile that’s already there, the system will add a normal lesson in its place.


Ah yep, thats because it always does +1 to your reserve of lessons. I’ll tweak it to only do that when it actually adds a lesson to the queue.



I find adding cards a little confusing because there’s no indicator telling you that the card is already in the lesson pile. Sometimes I just forget if I added the card or not. Maybe add a message like “Card already in lesson pile” when trying to add a card already in there? :thinking: :man_shrugging:


I understand completely. I also wanted to make an indicator (like hibernated status), so expect one on Wednesday probably :smile:

Putting this + the bug on the list ^^