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I ran out of time, and I’m not sure how I feel about manually mass adding lessons tbh


So ehm, just wanted to share because I’m hyped:
New feature that will be coming relatively soon:

Search Jisho (inside Kitsun) -> instantly add word as flashcard

This would severely decrease the time needed to create flashcards. It would basically be this:

Encounter word in the wild -> search it -> add it -> review it

I’d also like to add other dictionaries for other languages (e.g. Korean or Chinese). Please let me know if you know any good ones :slight_smile:

Thanks @jprspereira :heart_eyes:


First the Japanese language, then the world!


Anki? you mean the lesser version of kitsun? Who uses that these days :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Also, do I get a chance to tweak it before saving? Or does it just get created in the background? Does this use a specific pre-set layout in order to work? TELL ME MORE! :star_struck:



:fire: :crazy_face:


I think there might be two versions:

  • 1 with layouts set by the user, matching certain fields from jisho with your own template fields, choosing which deck you want to save it in (set it all as defaults so that you only have to specify it once).

  • 1 with predefined layouts, creating cards into a specially generated deck. This would be the basic version that wouldnt need any effort from the user :slight_smile:

Tweaking the card before hitting save would definitely be possible as well :smile:




Just to let you know that I’m still hyped.


Me, sadly. I’m so far into my decks in Anki that I do not want to start over.


You and me both.

I’ve tried to get anki progress imported into Kitsun before, but it didn’t work out back then due to the difference in data.

However, it’s something I would really like to support in the future and I have a few new ideas on how this might be achievable. It’s still on the list, meaning I’ll take a new look at it sooner or later :slight_smile:


Take your time! I really love Kitsun and I keep up with the progress constantly. My idea right now is to just finish the decks I have in Anki, then move to Kitsun for any new decks.


Gonna take it down for the update very soon!


Back up!

New features:

  • Layout/Card Filtering for Community Decks: probably the most requested feature for Shared decks. It’s finally here!

On the settings page of the deck you grabbed from the Community Centre, you will now find an extra tab:

Just untick any layouts you don’t want to show up during lessons or reviews and hit save! Kitsun will then do the following things:

  • During lessons and reviews, the inactive layouts are being filtered so they won’t show up.

  • If a card has no active layouts left, it will be marked as ‘filtered’. This means that you won’t see the card show up at all and it won’t be counted towards progress either. On the cards screen you can now see exactly which cards are filtered or not (just like the hibernated cards):

Whenever you untick or retick one of the layouts, it will recalculate for every card whether it should be filtered or not. So you don’t have to worry about cards staying filtered :slight_smile:

So in simple terms: You can now filter cards and layouts from your lessons/reviews (E.g. the sentence cards from the 10k deck, or the Eng -> JP layouts for the Aria deck)


  • Flipcards should now be marked correctly on the results screen :slight_smile:

  • Fixed a field in one of the default Kitsun layouts

Special note for people who wish to use the layout filtering feature in combination with ‘Sibling filtering’:

If you did 2 out of 3 layouts for a card, and then decide to filter out the last layout with the above feature. The next time the card shows up during reviews it will show one of the 2 done layouts. If you then mark it correct, it will automatically level up as usual and from then on work normally (so the next time it will only require 2 out of 2).

I kinda expect things to break after this update. I think this was the last super heavy change I still had to make to the system for a while. Let me know if something happens!


@TomatoSalad @Ryouki @halfriver :durtle_love:


Just a heads-up… for a newbie, this sounds too complicated. Creators should be more clear about this (EN => JP instead of Recall for example). Also, for a future feature, it would be interesting in having a “Author’s suggestion” option here as well. Let’s say that Hine will add all the layouts so that everyone can choose what they want… but what about the newbies? Won’t they be confused? The “Author’s suggestion” feature would solve this.



In 90% of cases won’t the author’s suggestion just be “all of them”?


Not really. For example, I believe Hine didn’t have a EN => JP layout at the beginning. He added because it was requested. So it’s not that he recommends it, but users desire it.

I also think Hine doesn’t have a JP => reading layout on the current Core 10k (not sure if this is the one missing). I bet a lot of people want this, but he didn’t add it in the first place for a reason.

My 2 yen :DDDD


@hinekidori is the 10% :wink:

Maybe he can offer his own views on this as well.

But for smaller decks such as the ARIA ones there are just a few layouts to choose from anyways so it’s kinda a non-issue there.

P.s. No more eng -> jp! IM FREEEEEE


I mean, just think of the concept of Wanikani. People want them to add stuff, but the team doesn’t as it doesn’t follow the same thinking they have for their product (which is completely fair). This layout thing adds crazy flexibility for the users, but for beginners this means paradox of choice. Having a rec from the author is :100: