- Self Study now implemented! - Open Beta - Web-based SRS Learning Platform


Not a big deal, but I’m trying to do a advanced import and it’s only giving me the options for existent decks. So basically, I need to create a deck first. It would be cool if we could just create a new one from this page (no name no nothing, we would do that later). This way, I don’t need to “go back” to do it. It would insert the import into a new deck with a random name that could be edited later on :slight_smile:



It’d be nice to have but for now it would be really low priority. I’ll make a new list for ‘quality of life’ (quick) tasks and add it there :slight_smile:

I’m taking Kitsun down for the update in about 15minutes!


Ikr, decided to post just in case I end up forgetting about it :v:


It’s back online

New features:

  • You can now add unlearned cards to the lesson queue manually (AKA Study Now). This can be done by through the actions button on the card edit page. Adding a lesson will put it before all other lessons and will increase your daily limit by 1 (so that you can study the item right away).

  • You can now add User notes and Synonyms during lessons! Works the same as it did during reviews. Click the Blue Edit button (which is draggable btw!) and it will allow you to enter a (shared) note or synonym (for that specific layout).

  • The Synonym field will now show you exactly which layout it is for.

  • The Synonym field has been changed to work in the same way as a tag field.

  • The Blue Edit button for user notes and synonyms will now change to a green colour if there are user synonyms or notes already entered for that item.


  • Synonyms should not disappear anymore… If this still happens to you, please let me know asap!

  • Hibernation status has been rewritten as a separate property rather than a datetime based value, meaning it will act more consistent regardless of timezones etc.

  • Results page for filtered siblings should be fixed… AGAIN

  • Review count down for filtered siblings should be fixed… AGAIN

Implementing the ‘study now’ and ‘user synonyms & notes during lessons’ features was a really, really heavy change. Hopefully nothing broke too hard! Let me know if you experience any issues!

Wednesday’s update will include community deck layout filtering (aka card filtering) as all the base work for it is now done :smiley:










I’m going for it soon, just wait :heart:



Why do I always get that extra notification? :thinking: I also get it on desktop. To be honest, it’s a little 面倒 xD


Good question, I sometimes have it as well but figured it was because I’m the developer an I screwed something up in my acc :smiley:

I do know that it’s a generic message that pops up when the website does something on the background that isn’t being displayed to the user (so it seems like the code thinks there’s two events happening, 1 for the notif, the other for ??)

I’ll put it on the list, I wasn’t aware that anyone else still had the problem.


I seem to be having a bug where, regardless of right or wrong, my entire sessions have their items placed in the “Wrong” section once completed.


You mean the results page has all items as wrong, always?


Seems like it. Can’t remember when it started, I think yesterday? I don’t get reviews often though, so I can’t check again for a bit.


Do you ignore wrong answers maybe?


Don’t think I am. I’m using the hot keys 1 & 2 to mark things correct or incorrect.


Ah, flipcards (instead of input cards)?


Those ones for sure, I can’t remember if the input cards did or not. We’ll have to wait a few hours for me to test that one x’D


Okay, got some reviews :slight_smile:

For flipcards: confirmed marked wrong in the results despite me hitting 1 for correct. It was a new card learned today, first review for it, SRS level is 2. So that’s good at least xD

Input cards: Seem to be functioning properly. So yay :smiley:


Just a personal update about Kitsun:

I currently have 2596 words learned on Kitsun. @neicul has been fantastic when it comes to improving Kitsun and fulfilling the users’ needs. I’m excited for the things I’m able to do today, and I cannot wait for what’s coming in the next few months.

Nowadays, I even forget that Anki is a thing.



:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Is there any particular reason why you chose not to add the “Add to lessons” option to the “actions” during search? Because now I’m like this:

Is it for the sake of not adding a bunch of actions there?