- Self Study now implemented! - Open Beta - Web-based SRS Learning Platform


Whaaat, it’s been in there since like… two weeks after closed-beta launch? :stuck_out_tongue: @RysingDragon requested it back then haha

Nobody reads my patch notes :sob:


I do, but there’s just so much excellent content in each patch that it’s hard to take everything in :wink:


Yeah, I just like them and add weird emojis.


I thought it would be a smaller number, I always get the impression I get all the reviews for the same card almost together.


Every time I look at my %, I feel that it doesn’t mean too much to me, since I’m hibernating cards. But what if the % also included hibernated cards? Or at least, I feel like it would be fun to know the process with and without hibernated cards. Maybe something for the stats page in the future? :man_shrugging: This is definitely not important though.


It doesn’t count the hibernated cards (for the total 100%), so it should kinda be an accurate indicator of how far you are right now? :stuck_out_tongue:

So say you have 100 cards of which you’ve done 10 and hibernated 10. Normally your progress would be at 10% (10/100). But nowadays (thanks to @Radish8) it counts as 10/90 so its ~11%


Oh really? :thinking: I did not know that! That’s nice to know then ^^ Thanks :ok_hand:


lowkey disappointed that you’re not at 20% yet? :grin:


Idk, I can’t do math right now :grimacing: But I’m around the index 2700 so idk :man_shrugging:


Gonna pull it down for an update in about 5 minutes :slight_smile:


…And I love it. I don’t know why, but I really like it. Or maybe I do.
Less is more. And here, the clean and simple layout works really great. I added a couple decks to start studying and I’ll definitely be a daily user.

Keep up the great work :wink:


Aaand it’s back up

New features:

  • Default review sorting has been changed to be completely random.

  • Changed the look of decks on the overview page a bit

  • Clock toggle @ Reviews: It is now possible to control the sorting in your review session. You can click the clock icon next to the lightning mode toggle (top right) to change your review sorting. When toggled on, the reviews will be randomized per batches of 10, meaning that you will first have to finish all 10 cards (and their siblings) before it will show you the next batch. Whereas normally, it will be completely random. This can be handy when you want to wrap up your current review session.

  • I’ve launched a very early version of the Kitsun Community Forums. There’s still A LOT missing and still a lot that needs to be done in general, but for the curious few, you can take a look here!

  • The ‘done popup’ during lessons and reviews will now instantly redirect you to the dashboard if the total amount of lessons or reviews is 0.

  • The Community Centre styling has been overhauled and optimized for mobile devices (yay!)


  • Setting a deck to inactive while it’s inside a folder will not make it (visually) disappear anymore.

  • Hotkeys for non-input cards should now work again :slight_smile:

So yeah, I’ve mostly been busy with styling things this weekend. I’ve made an initial setup for a landing page (scrapped the previous one), played around with creating a dark theme, light theme, updated the general look of decks and overhauled/improved much of the community centre.


Thank you very much for your compliments, it’s really great to hear that you are enjoying it so far!


I’m talking to discobot as we speak!


@TomatoSalad kapatid, mite mite


I was about to do my chores when I saw the forums have gone up and now I feel like an excited little kid running around a new playground \ :sob: /


When I’m looking through the cards in a deck, is it possible to filter and/or search by hibernation status?


Ah, no that’s not yet possible. I’ll put it on the list for Wednesday along with searching for SRS level 0 cards.


Are you creating a section for discusing existing decks, or shall I use the Study Subjects section for that?


I’m creating a separate section for that soon (read: today) :slight_smile:

Added the categories, I’d like to ask all deck creators to create a general feedback thread for their published decks. So please wait until hine creates his threads :smiley: (I’m assuming you have feedback for him)