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If you wish to use cards without input, you will need to create/use a layout which doesnt have a {{type:fieldname}} or similar fieldtype syntax in it.

This reminds me that I have to make some non-input default layouts available for everyone to use.

Were you trying to create your own cards or use an existing deck?

@jprspereira thanks for reporting, I’ll take a good look soon!


Have you thought about making this an actual feature? So same cards, same decks… same thing… but you can change between input and non-input in the deck settings. WK people will crave input. Reddit people will crave non-input. Grab both.

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  • The keyboard now stays in place between items and the text loads out of sight. (I know you mentioned that its part of browsrr behaviour, but figure I might as well let you know what Im seeing)

For the LN decks, how does one recognize a parsing error?

Edit2 : LN suggestion SAO progressive volume

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Actually, the update with the zero delay isn’t live yet :laughing: (should be coming with the update on Wednesday)

I’m glad the keyboard issue seems to be gone, although as I didnt change anything yet, this might be because you are using a different layout for cards? (Different deck or something?)

As for parsing errors, the meaning might not actually match the Japanese vocab, or the vocab got broken into two words where it should be one. Stuff like that ^^

@jprspereira I have, as I used to use anki mode for WK for the last 30 levels orso, but haven’t come around to developing it yet


:sweat_smile: yeah I realize that now once I did the lessons, I confused myself and thought the delay was happening with reviews for some reason.

Would it be easy for someone that doesnt know the vocab to spot?

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Aside from common words, I think it would be easy to spot if:

A) You are reading the book while learning

B) The context sentence provided makes you think the meaning is incorrect or the vocab got split or similar

C) You already know the vocabulary and are fairly sure the vocab was parsed wrongly

That said, I think most words are parsed correctly, but some kana-only words might not be.

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Thank you for your reply! Also, that would be great :heart_eyes: I try to keep using my arms/keyboard as little as possible (injury) and making layouts myself would require that, so defaults would be super super exciting! (edit: also, I’m not used to webcoding)

I was trying to create my own cards :slight_smile:


Ah I see, that sounds tough!

Of course! No problem at all, thanks for trying out Kitsun!
I’ll try to add them tomorrow or the day after :slight_smile:

With the new custom template feature for instant dictionary cards you will be able to generate cards from using the non-input layouts. That way you won’t have to type in all the values for the cards either! This will be included in the update on Wednesday so keep an eye out for that :smiley:


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Too bad I want them to be Japanese-Finnish cards :stuck_out_tongue: Still, a great feature!

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Are the JP to EN and EN to JP treated as the same card? Or can I hibernate one of them while keeping the other?

Edit: Also, not sure if intended behaviour but after hibernating cards during lessons, pressing “enter” to flip the next card hibernates the card instead of flipping it.
Current workaround: pressing the arrow to flip the next card instead of using the enter key returns it to normal.

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That depends on the deck you’re using and how the author created the cards. In the case of the 10k and katakana deck I believe they are sibling cards (so 2+ layouts under 1 card).

In that case you might want to look into layout filtering in the deck settings. With that you can filter out certain layouts (e.g. EN->JP) from all cards of that deck.

That’s not intended, I’ll put it on the list :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting!

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Another thing: I just realized that if I search for “Frequency 10+” + “Hibernated: only” on the deck I Want To Eat Your Pancreas, the search shows no cards. However, if I search for “Frequency 10” + “Hibernated: only” instead, it actually displays hibernated cards that fit the searching requirements.


Thanks, will note down all your newly found bugs tomorrow :smiley:

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Bug report: Reviews’ notification giving the wrong number xD

The screenshot above says I have 169 reviews, but I only have these two decks with reviews:

Which is a total of 113 reviews. I do have have the shigatsu deck on Vacation Mode. However, it has like 100+ reviews available to do… so it’s bigger than the difference you’re seeing here between 113 and 169… :thinking: This bug started yesterday. I think I noticed around afternoon.


:open_mouth: You’re on a roll! I’ll check it out in the database.

By the way… Did you hibernate over 3k cards in the pancreas deck? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes. Mass hibernating a frequency might have a higher priority than we initially thought… hibernating freq 1 is overkill.


Tbh, Frequency 1 words are most likely the words I don’t know, and the ones that I need to learn to easily read through the book considering there’s so many of them :laughing:

I agree that the search & management actions need a bit of an upgrade asap

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I completely agree. It’s just that rn Pancreas has 1900 words freq 3 up. Since there’s no quick way of getting the words I already know out of the way, I need to be more selective :grin:


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It’s update time!

Kitsun will be going down very soon :slight_smile: