- [RELEASE 1 DEC] Full Redesign coming soon - Open Beta - Web-based SRS Learning Platform

Same. The question was directed at Neicu. :>


The “wrap up” feature (aka the clock) isnt actually a wrap up in that sense. It’s more like a reordering feature atm :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason it doesn’t take it into account is because that’s not what I had in mind back then :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree it’s not how it’s supposed to be though.


So new feature? \o/


Guess what: I haven’t tried it with the hibernating of the cards yet, but it’s happening the same exact thing with the :arrow_up: symbol when I add cards to the lesson queue xD


But thats when you go into edit card and return to the table view right?

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Yep, exactly :open_mouth:


@neicul, how can an item with SRS level 1 have as next review the past? xD

EDIT: Ohhh got it! This item’s reviews was/is actually at 17:00, so 5pm and not 05:00 (5am).


Ow whoops, I’ll make sure to fix that as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Although it is possible to have a review in the past if you don’t do them at all :stuck_out_tongue:


Who do you think you’re talking to?

In a more serious tone, for those that are in the past, you could just change the message to “available” :smiley:


Am I the only one that feels a little bit weirded out by the fact that in the first screenshot, the button to proceed is on the left (“Quiz”), but after the quiz, the button to proceed is on the right (“Continue”)? The system automatically marks “Quiz” and “Continue” right away so that you can literally just click enter to move forward, but having those on opposite sides… idk, it’s weird. Both “Quiz” and “Continue” should be on the right imo :thinking:

Before Quiz:

After Quiz:


I once changed the order of the buttons for a request. I think I’ll change it back to be ‘Quiz’ at the right side.


Yesssss, thank youu! :grin:

Also, I’d change the text to “Batch done, time for the quiz!” in the first screenshot (before Quiz) :v: This is so that people don’t get confused to what’s the quiz and what’s reviews, I guess.

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SO following up on my workplace wierdness- (sorry, I’m distractable but I didn’t forget) It doesn’t seem to be blocking the page any longer, BUT I do get this error:


I’m not getting this at home from the same machine- the page loads much quicker at home too. It feels like it isn’t going to load and then it does. Otherwise I am not experiencing any problems ATM. Thanks for all the great work you are putting into this.

@neicul, I have the impression that you mentioned that if I push 1 card to the lesson batch, that this card will be put right at the beginning of it (in other words, if I start lessons, it will be the first card I see).

Well, I just did that, but the first card I’m seeing and the card I added to lessons aren’t the same. Just wondering if I’m mixing things up, or if something is going on :v:


Yes because I never noticed! :stuck_out_tongue:

such observant, much wow


I have this goal of finding something new to tell @neicul every day.

I promise it’s not love.

Y-You’re much wow!


I’m not much wow, but much wow is what I think every time I look at you. :kissing_heart:


What do you mean this isn’t the Flirt Thread?

Oh… whoops. :woman_shrugging:

clears throat

leaves to go do Kitsun reviews


it could be that you already added lessons to the queue previously?

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Oh yeah, :100: this. I had 62 cards added to lessons (of a total of 62 lessons). Then, I added 4 more cards (total 66 now), but the cards I’m seeing first are the last cards I added from the batch of 62 lessons.

In other words, the last card I added was showing up first, but not anymore? :man_shrugging: Or am I dreaming

Is this the real life
Is this just fantasy…

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This is what I think every time I look at y-

Damn it, I’m here again!

how does this keep happening…