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This. Also gives me more confirmation :slight_smile:


For anyone hesitating on giving suggestions, don’t. Neicul is a very good listener and he truly wants to make Kitsun work for you. Plus, you’ll be surprised by how much pleasure you can get to see one suggestion of yours being implemented and used by tens of users (and counting).


He says no to me so much! :sob:


I feel curious about how the reviews are ordered. It feels like it is not very random, right? Like, you have 30 reviews but it feels more like you where doing 10 groups of 3 reviews?


Right now it takes a batch of 10 reviews, then shuffles those 10 (including siblings) and then takes the next batch.

So at the moment it kinda works like you always have the ‘wrap up’ feature turned on. Last time I talked about making this a toggle/button (probably a clock icon next to lightning mode) and having a fully random review session as the default , but I actually forgot to put it on the list. So I’m gonna put it on there right now :grin:

Non-Kanji (Kana) Resources

Any particular reason why we can’t search for SRS = 0? :thinking:

Btw, the advanced search is one of the best things you could have built :durtle_love:


Oh I forgot to reply!

There’s no reason, other than that I just forgot about implementing it. I’ll put it on the list ^^


Is the project taking new members? I registered, but can’t login.


Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I was asleep.

Thank you for your interest in Kitsun! You should be able to login. Make sure you are trying to login with your email adress and not your username.

If it still doesn’t work, please copy the error message it is giving you and let me know :slight_smile:


@neicul Hiiii! :tomato:

I was making some new cards and thought that it would help speed up the process a little if the save button can possibly be in the same area as this?

So that I don’t have to scroll back up every time I want to save a card :blush:

I was thinking that it could just follow me as I scroll down the page but I have no idea if that’s possible.


I can check if I can make it scroll down with the user, or make an extra save button over there.

What might be a good solution in the mean time is to use ‘Ctrl+S’ to save. This hotkey works on most edit/add pages :slight_smile:


Edits around 30+ cards a day…
Is the Respectul Beta User…
Didn’t know about this…



Please read the guide :wink:



thank god I posted

Woo! Thank you!! :grin:



Thanks. I just logged in. Like you said, I was trying to login with username instead of e-mail.
I’ll be testing it to see how it works :wink:


Ctrl + S opens me a save as… it doesn’t save my edit :thinking:


Not in quick edit, sorry. Just the regular edit / add pages haha.

That said, perhaps I can add it there as well.


Can you make it possible on the quick edit as well? :heart_eyes:


Just coming in to say I also did not know this :stuck_out_tongue: you know, just to show my solidarity with @jprspereira and @TomatoSalad :joy: