- Open Beta - Web-based SRS Learning Platform


Is there a way to unlock it at midnight (user’s time)? :thinking: Because that’s what the user will interpret from “daily amount of lessons”.


That’d kinda mess things up once the user starts to travel, but maybe I can make a setting where you can set/adjust the timezone or something similar.


Yeah, seems like the best solution :slight_smile:


Added it to the list :slight_smile:


Going to pull down the website for an update


Servers are back online

New features:

  • Decks are now split into two separate documents in the backend, one with specific user data and one with general deck data. This has been done in preparation for the community decks. This is a very large change and I fully expect some things to get buggy because of it. Please let me know if you are having problems!

  • Lightning mode icon now has a new position (it’s inside the counts box @ reviews)


  • Fixed pressing Enter to advance not working on the backside @ lessons

  • Error notifications should now appear only once when applying mass actions in the table view on the Cards Overview page

  • Fullwidth {} now also works correctly as a splitter for {{kanji:fieldname}} fields

  • Fixed Gravatars which would sometimes not display

  • Kana/kanji/furigana field types should now have proper text alignment for when the text has multiple lines

  • Parantheses () should now be ignored correctly while checking answers

  • Awakening a card now correctly removes the icon @ table view on the Cards Overview page

  • Demote error notification should now not say “undefined”

  • Unlimited lessons setting has been disabled until lesson batching is implemented. Someone cough @Ryouki cough managed to crash the server! The first time it happened in this beta! :smiley:

Meanwhile, I’m getting things done regarding the community decks, I think I will have the JLPT decks working as the very first community decks starting this weekend :slight_smile: no promises tho



Oh I thought you did this weeks ago. I guess you just decided to do it haha. :sweat_smile:


That was for the cards user data :stuck_out_tongue:

This was the last step to splitting all user data and the non-user data.


Ah awesome. Seems like you’re really fleshing out the design on the backend!


The incoming JLPT decks will be a proof of concept for using the community decks system. If that works well, community decks will be working on the back-end. Meaning I’ll just have to make a nice “store” and management console for deck authors ^^

Side note to testers:
I hot-fixed some stuff this morning, the update didn’t go through well yesterday, but everything should be fine now.


This looks awesome! Got linked here from a thread I made asking about Anki on Chromebooks. Only problem is actually one of your listed strengths … using a browser to do anything on, say, a Fire HD tablet sucks. You generally want a native app because it will perform a lot better, and this goes for my phone as well. I actually prefer having separate apps and syncing, especially because I do 90% of my SRS on my tablet, often in places where I have no Internet access. I’m also super invested in Anki at this point, even though it’s a bit wonky, and it’s got plugins that I use regularly (TTS, furigana, etc.). I’ll definitely keep an eye on your system and see how it fares in the coming while, but just thought I’d throw down those thoughts for you. Good luck! We could probably use something to keep Anki on its toes at this point. The PC version is still way wonkier than it should be.


Hi! Thank you for your compliments :slight_smile:

I personally think that even a native app would run pretty badly when it has all the “fluff” of the website. I do agree with your argument that having native (and perhaps less “fluffy”) apps could help with devices which are a bit lacking hardware wise though.

However, I also think that with the progression of technology, this will be a non-issue soon enough :smile:

Furigana/Kana/Kanji fields are also supported in Kitsun, I’ve tried to include the most common and handy Japanese specific field-types while creating this platform. TTS is something I’m willing to try out in the future(or perhaps can be achieved by the user in their layouts manually?)

Once again thanks for your kind remarks and offering your view on this subject. Much appreciated!


I’m 95% done with getting the JLPT decks work technically. However, this evening I found quite a big bug in something unrelated, which I want to fix before deploying the update.

Therefore, I’m postponing the update and new activations until tomorrow (at least, depending on whether I fix it).


Taking the servers down for the update!


Kitsun JLPT Decks for N5 and N4 are live!

N3 deck will follow soon (in a week probably).

With the help of @hinekidori, I’ve made the N5 and N4 decks as good as possible in this short amount of time. However, there’s bound to be missing synonyms and other problems. So please report them if you see them! :slight_smile:

These decks are a proof of concept for Community deck functionality. Once these work without problems, it would mean that the Community deck feature works in the backend and is about 50% done.

I’m going to activate new accounts now.


Activations are done

Welcome to all new testers!

By the way, I once again fully expect stuff to break, so please report it if something happens :sweat_smile:

Edit: that said, I’m off to bed. if there are any problems I will fix them asap in the morning :zzz:


I noticed that many fields are disabled when I try to edit the N5 deck. Shouldn’t each user be able to customize the SRS intervals, scatter percentage, and so on?


Just a couple of things:

  1. I started building that “Nyan, nyan reading pack” and using it, and enjoying it. For some reason I picked the grammar template, which is fine, it’s working just great, but if I decide to share it at some point in the future, people might be confused as each card has “grammar” written on it, when it’s not!

  2. But that’s all moot at the moment anyway as all I get on the site is this:

I’ve been really busy and haven’t built / used my pack as much as I want, but hope to do more in the future. If I were a paying customer though, not a tester, this inability to load would be very frustrating!


I don’t suppose there’s a way to use the N5 and N4 decks with only hiragana?
I’d like to use kitsun to learn words without kanji but I’m guessing I’d just have to make the whole deck myself?