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I have a possible feature request. When you search a deck ([deck name] -> All Cards), I believe it would be best if it prioritized cards with the searched value within the main value of the card. As it is, it appears to search all values, and then gives anything which contained what you searched as a value in index order. For example, I was searching the 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 deck to see whether 「宇宙人」 was already in the deck or not, but ended up having to search for 宇宙, loading all the cards, and then using ctrl+f for 「宇宙人」 in order to check manually.


As always, thanks :slight_smile:

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Like you said, the first step is getting all the text somehow. After that the parser will disect anything you give to it (for more info check as I use a js variant of this). Then only the relevant parts of speech (verbs, nouns, adverbs etc) are matched with my jmdict database to generate a csv file. After which it can be imported into a deck in Kitsun.

Right now you’d still have to search for Frequency 4, Frequency 5 and so on.

Having better search tools is still high on my priority list and should be coming soonish.

@sloa123 I agree with what you are saying, but seeing as Kitsun templates are dynamic, I would not know which field to give priority. This is actually the main problem I am currently struggling with as I also want to make it so that vocab between decks is shared and will be hibernated based on your progress in another deck.

Now it would be easy to do this for the official template only, as I made it and know whether a card is using it, but for templates made by users this would be a bigger problem.

I’m constantly thinking and brainstorming with others about this issue though, so hopefully I will have a decent solution for this soon :slight_smile:

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I’m sure you’ve already thought about it, but wouldn’t it be possible to set one as the default, and then be able to switch how it prioritizes within the “advanced search” section?

edit: I haven’t really messed around with making a new template, so I’m not sure, but for example, I would think you could have the additional sections added from the user created templates be automatically added as another section within the search priority list.

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The thing is that a deck can contain multiple templates, because each card can have a different template. Meaning you’d have to get a list of all templates in the deck and then let the user decide which fields to search in. UI/UX-wise this would be quite the horror I think.

So in order to do this well, I’m thinking about letting the user decide during template creation, what the main field is (this is mainly for auto-hibernating cards after lessons. E.g. when learning a word in Deck A -> auto hibernate the card with the same main value in all other decks). However, this would require a huge overhaul in the code, so I’m still trying to think of other solutions (e.g. syncing Deck A with Deck B after letting the user decide the main fields to match with).

Sorry for going all technical, I figured maybe someone would have a fresh new idea on how to do this :slight_smile:


@neicul Will there be something (Kitsun extension) like @seanblue 's WK Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown and @seanblue 's WK Show Specific SRS Levels in Review on Kitsun?



New Features:

  • Feedback system: Changes proposed by the user are now highlighted when it differs from the original values

  • Deck Overview - You can now check how many cards you have in each SRS level specifically. Hover over (or tap on mobile) the fennec or kit counts to see the specific levels. @Ryouki @Oshin


  • New Layout Field: {{enteredanswer}} has been added. This field will display the answer that was entered on the front, or the ID of the element that was clicked (for multiple choice cards). You can use this field only on the backside. Usecase: Showing something like You entered XXX. The answer was ZZZ on the back.

  • Multiple Choice Functionality improvements:

    • When Kitsun detects the multiple choice fields, it will remove the default flip buttons at the front during quiz and reviews. This way the user is forced to click one of the options.
    • It will add a next button on the backside, so the user can advance to the next quiz item/review.
    • Clicking one of the options will flip the card and set it as correct or wrong (based on what was clicked). If lightning mode is on and the answer was correct, it will go to the next card right away.
    • the clickedanswer class will be added to the clicked id at the backside of the card. This can be used to give a style to the selected answer.


  • {{addclass:ids}} and {{click:ids}} layout types should now properly work on both the back and front side of a card.

Edit2: Done deploying, refresh the page if you don’t see the changes yet :slight_smile:


Showing the SRS numbers during reviews is on the list for the next update.

I’m not sure about showing the leech counts per rank yet, I’ll think about it.


Wow, I feel loved right now! :blush:


Forgot to mention something, updated the post a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can users submit decks using the official template?

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Of course! ^^ But it’s mostly about the cards inside the deck. If we say that it’s a feature limited for the default template only, then it still wouldn’t work on cards using a different template, that might also be in the same deck.

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No worries.

I concur that the best solution would likely end up being having the user define the main field during template creation, but if the code side would take a lot of work, it’s probably not worth doing, for the moment anyway (Though there is an argument to be made that it’s better to rework the code now, as compared to when there are even more features based on the existing code later). It still might be worth it to have a sort option for the default template, with a notification on template creation that the sort function is unsupported for non-default templates.

About your first point about having all the different fields being listed causing a UI mess. Something to consider is that if you’re putting it into the advanced setting, it’s usually the case that people going to the advanced settings are going there for as much control over their search as possible. So while it may be messy, it wouldn’t be inappropriately so.

Anyways, like I said before, I’m sure you’ve already considered all this. Just putting my thoughts out there.

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The reviews’ notification is still not working o: just now at 2pm (your 3pm):

The difference from actual reviews to the notif number is actually increasing day by day. It’s now almost 300 o_o

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I fully agree with your arguments. I’ll think about it some more :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll be able to have a good solution soon. Thanks for thinking with me!


I got an idea of what this might be, have you been adding cards to the lesson queue manually a lot lately?

Also, do your lessons! :open_mouth:

Edit: Checked in the database, no manual lessons. It’s something else.


Lately? :joy: Not really. I can’t afford doing so as u can see :rofl: But I’ve been napping cards a lot (the first 100 cards are full of nuances that I don’t really wanna deal with rn, so I nap them every time). Maybe that’s it? From that pile of lessons, only around 20 cards were added to lessons.

I got to 0 reviews today finally. Time to stay 1 step ahead once again :muscle::heart:


Some thoughts on the re-import tool:

1. “Export cards” shouldn’t be clickable without selecting any template beforehand.

2. When importing OR exporting, both “Export cards” and “Start import” loading symbols start rotating.


3. When the import ends, there’s no message in the top right corner saying “Import completed” or something like that.

  1. Agreed!
  2. Kinda done on purpose to show that it’s busy and that you can’t do something else until it’s done.
  3. There is, but the import failed (and there is no message for that, you’re right about that one!)
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Just a quick one this time, but it’d probably be good for it to accept the hiragana version of katakana words.

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Oh! That one shouldn’t have a reading card actually haha. It actually shouldnt be a card to begin with I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


The layout styling looks a bit off in your screenshot. The input is too big compared to the other boxes (such as sentence, which looks very small). I’ll try to fix this while at it :slight_smile: