- [ New Update: 2021-01-17 ] - SRS Study Platform

Yeah sorry, there’s something I want to double check on the backend for the deletion feature, but I’ll definitely get to it tomorrow! I’ll let you know when it has been deleted :smiley:

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Deleted! Could you confirm whether everything looks fine for you? :slight_smile:

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Looks good to me, card is gone, thx!

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Introducing the first few features focused on Korean!

New features:

  • A Korean auto-conversion input has been added. This input automatically converts your regular (English usually) input into Hangul, in the same way that an IME would (So it also combines characters into a single character like -> when typing a -> k and when you type another a after that) .

You can add it to your own layouts like this: {{type-kr:fieldname}}

  • Added a new default template for Korean. This template includes Korean -> Meanings and Meanings -> Koreanlayouts. These layouts also use the above mentioned conversion input so there is no need to switch IME/Keyboards yourself :slight_smile: Note that I’m not very well versed in Korean, so if anyone has suggestions please let me know!

  • Reviews Timeline - The Styling has been altered a bit.

  • Reviews Timeline - Current Reviews are now displayed differently.


  • Reader - Fixed an issue where the generated furigana would sometimes contain okurigana.

  • Reader - Fixed an issue where the generated furigana would sometimes be the hiragana reading of a katakana word behind a kanji.

  • Reviews - Fixed an issue where n would sometimes be converted to hiragana rather than katakana when using a katakana-only input.

  • iOS - .wav audio files should now play correctly on iOS devices.

  • Mobile - Scrolling down at the frontside of a card during the quiz portion of a lesson session will no longer mark the card as incorrect.

  • Android - Home stat bubbles no longer show lines.