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Just released another small new update for the website :smiley:

New Features:

  • Reviews - Excluded unneeded information from individual reviews so they should now load a bit faster :smiley:


  • Reviews & Lessons - Hibernating the last card should now properly end the session.

  • Firefox - Subs2Kitsun - Fixed an issue where the generate cards popup would not appear on firefox browsers.

  • Firefox - Fixed an issue where firefox would should up- and down-arrowkeys in numeric input fields, next to the actual Kitsun UI up- and down-buttons.

  • Payments - If creating a new subscription fails the first time (e.g. due to bank/card issues) it will now void the invoice and let you try again right away.

Also submitted new app versions to the app stores so will post the update notes for that when they get approved (usually takes around a day) :tada:



New version is out!

New Features

  • Launch screen is now dark by default in order to not blind you upon startup of app at night :slight_smile:

  • Reviews - Lightning mode toggle is now persisted between review sessions.


  • Lessons - Know/Don’t Know button order has been changed to match the swipe gestures and review session buttons.

  • Reviews - Changing the re-order settings will no longer batch sibling cards together unless toggled on.

  • Reviews - Fixed a few reorder settings in general.

  • Reviews/Lessons - Fixed the bug that caused the -1 reviews/lessons problem and would require two taps/swipes to end the session.

  • Timeline - The timelines (on home and deck dashboard screens) now correctly calculates the daily reviews.

  • Reviews - Hibernating the last item will now properly end the session.

  • Timeline - Fixed a few re-render and null issues with the timeline.

Hope this solves most of the issues people have been experiencing lately :smile: I have yet to reproduce the hibernate problem (where it hibernates the next card instead) though, so any additional information on how to reproduce that would be great!


It still flashes white for a second before the dark screen with the loading spinner is shown. Maybe that’s an iOS thing and unavoidable, but that’d be unfortunate if that’s the case.

Also, there’s a slight rendering issue with the undo button during reviews. After answering a review, the undo button seems to be added to the view before the back of the card is rendered. This means that the undo button is positioned briefly based on the front of the card before jumping down lower to match the layout of the back of the card. It happens pretty much every time with the default layout, so hopefully you can reproduce pretty easily. If not, let me know and I’ll try to get you more details. If possible, it’d be better to render the back of the card and then render the undo button.


You should update the Kitsun knowledge base page (you’ve got apps now!).

@Radish8, would it be ok to post the wordlist from Kiki’s Delivery Service from the reading thread? Super late of course but thought it was a solid list to find words from, maybe it could someone else in the future (didn’t know someone made an Anki deck already, oh well). But I have it tagged by chapter, page # (based on version) and if kana or kanji based.

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Ahh you’re right :sweat: I think that might be the actual launchscreen rather than my in-app loading screen. It’s on my list to add a custom one so I think that’ll fix it :slight_smile:

Will try, thanks!

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Oh yeah! I should update the knowledge base in general. We have quite a few unpublished articles. Last time I tried to update the knowledge base one of the tools used in the process was broken. Hopefully they’ve fixed the bug by now :slight_smile: Thanks for reminding me!


Just deployed a small hotfix:

  • Reviews & Lessons - Front-side audio autoplay will now work regardless of whether the parent element has a class or not. This solves issues with the genki deck not autoplaying audio for the audio reviews.

On another note:

If anyone is experiencing problems with audio the past few days, it seems that a new Chrome (Chromium to be precise) update suddenly enforced new limitations to the amount of mediaplayers a domain can create. This was done without informing developers beforehand, causing quite some apps/websites to break.

The good news is that they are reverting the change and re-introducing it in the future for video only. This means that Kitsun will be unaffected.

The new Chrome version will be released on the 3rd of August. So until then, either try not to update your browser yet or you might experience some audio problems during reviews.

If you already experience these problems, you could also consider (temporarily) using Firefox for reviews until they have reverted the change and released the new update.


In case anyone is interested (which I think many of you might be!):

We now have a Reverse WK deck on Kitsun

For those unfamiliar with “Reverse WK”, it means it is a deck which offers English to Japanese reviews. With this you can strengthen your memory of the vocabulary the other way around. Similar to what KaniWani and other tools offer.

Another cool benefit is that you can search by level tag (“Level XX”) and add those items to your known words as you level up in WK (or just mark them all as known if you are set on making it to level 60 anyways). This then makes it easy to hibernate duplicates in other decks like the 10K deck.

Link to the deck


Hey guys!

A few days ago we (finally) started posting Japanese related content on our instagram page. If you want daily Japanese proverbs and Kanji content (along with other types coming soon!) on your feed, feel free to follow us on there :grin::partying_face:

Here is the link to the account:


I would have expected instagram to exclude #1 from allowed tags. Your post now links to a whole bunch of random other posts tagged #1. :laughing:

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I think that’s only a problem with the web view. On the Android app #1 is not clickable, at least on my phone :thinking:

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Interesting. I don’t even have an Instagram account, so I just looked on mobile web to see.


Feature request: In deck settings, auto hibernate known vocab that don’t have an SRS level. This would help when deck hopping quite a bit to have this update in real time.

@Radish8, perhaps you missed this, would you mind if I published this deck? :grin:


I’m afraid this would be a bit too heavy on the system as the queries are slow due to the data being dynamic (template fields can differ). I agree it would be nice to have though, so I’m always on the lookout for other possible options to implement this!


Isn’t this a good use case for ES? :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


Hmm, I’m not very familiar with ES, but it might be!

I’m a little bit hesitant to add a whole new database + document sync just for this feature though…

Perhaps it has some additional uses that Kitsun could benefit from… Will check!



New Features:

  • Cards Management - Index-based decks now sort by index by default.

  • Subs2Kitsun - Added custom “buffer” options. You can now add a buffer (in milliseconds) to the front and back of the recording of the audio. This lets you add a bit of space to make sure that the sentence does not cut off if the timing of the subs is just a little bit off from the actual audio.


  • Reviews & Lessons - Trial Expired overlay should now show correctly when entering a session without being subscribed after your trial runs out.

  • Default Kanji Cards - These now correctly show up as known in cards management where applicable.

  • Tag input (Add Layouts, tags, synonyms etc) - No longer loses focus upon selecting a tag. Also no longer closes the dropdown so you can select multiple tags at once :slight_smile:

  • MacOS - Pressing Enter while selecting a form in the IME will no longer submit the answer.

  • Fixed an issue where entering Japanese text directly (without using the auto-conversion input) would incorrectly be marked as wrong.


Legend says that people following this IG acc are all very cool people.


I think the legends might be correct on that one! Wonder who makes those interesting posts :grin: