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Thanks for all the fixes, it’s lightening fast now and the touch commands are SO much better :slight_smile:

I did notice that for reviews buttons, ‘wrong’ on the left and ‘correct’ is on the right which is opposite of lessons (and the website). This seems to make sense for both hand ergonomics (correct/right and assuming most are right handed) and for the swipe feature…could the lessons align with this? Probably most use shortcut keys on website and though opposite to PWA, I probably will use this sparing now that the app is running so nicely.

Perhaps this was a aesthetic choice but if you have room to put the percentage in the decks, I enjoy looking at this number…but if it doesn’t fit the look then I get it.

This bug was a nice motivator to extract the 50+ level, haha…oh well.

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This just happened:

Also, I often seem to have to hit “confirm” for the final card twice and end up with - 1 reviews.

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Its happening on the web version as well:

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Good catch, I switched them for reviews to match the swipe directions but then forgot to change them for the lessons quiz. Will get it fixed with the next release!

Do you mean showing the actual percentage in numbers as opposed to only the progress bar?

I do have plans to eventually add more levels or add a prestige kinda mode :laughing:

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That’s a layout problem. I believe hinekidori published a new update this morning (NL time), with changed layouts that seem to be referencing fields that do not exist on the templates. They did message me about the layouts this morning too, but I think they are sleeping right now.

Not much I can do there sadly, you might have to wait until hine wakes up and fixes it :sweat_smile:

This however, is something I can do something about! It might be that it’s already trying to sync the last few reviews and is already in a loading kinda state. If it happens again, could you try to wait with pressing the button again to see if it moves on automatically after a little bit? It would help me narrow down on what’s causing the issue :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Okay, will do.

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Both if possible, but if just one then bars like now is best IMO

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@hinekidori :eyes:

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@MegaZeroX @neicul @VegasVed - Should be fixed now. Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:


Gotcha! :smiley: will check how it looks!

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The GOO/jisho links on the flashcards don’t appear to be working on the app

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I remembered to wait 10 seconds before each input and it still went to -1.

I waited 10 seconds to press to go on, then got this:

Followed by waiting 10 seconds then pressing to go again to get this:


Will look into that, it’s supposed to open a browser tab on top of the app.

Thanks, that’s very helpful! I’m putting it on the buglist for the next release :slight_smile:

Edit: So far I’ve been unable to reproduce the links issue. Does anyone else also experience it?

Edit 2: Guess not :laughing:

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Sorry to say this, but I just tried it with the 10k deck on the Android app and all of the the links seem to do nothing for me. I had no issue doing this in the web app. Anything I could do to help with debugging it?

I don’t actually use that deck, but I think @VegasVed does. Maybe he has the problem as well?


Can confirm links do nothing.


I just checked and yeah, I also have -1 review on 10k! I flip my cards there, so I had to do that twice with the last one


Can we make it so tags can be suggested also when we Propose Changes?

Could be useful for the 10k deck in particular given the advanced filtering options that make using this deck such a joy.

Edit: and maybe letting creators declare editors so they don’t have to deal with processing proposed changes on their own?


I’ll have to do some additional testing then, thanks for letting me know everyone :blush:

Yep! Hine also asked me a few times before so consider it as coming soon :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Deck collaboration such as that has been on the todo list for a while now but I haven’t come around to doing it just yet. It’s quite complicated to implement in terms of rights and such.


That would be so helpful for the Learn Russian deck too :heart_eyes:



Small new update with some bugfixes:


  • Dictionary Cards - changed their api results to include more verbose descriptions for the part of speech categories of vocabulary. This caused generated dictionary cards to differ from how they used to be and in some cases break a part of speech category into multiple tags. This has been mapped back to the original values (thanks @seanblue !)

  • Publishing Decks - Fixed an issue where pushing an update of the deck to the community centre would not update the template fields correctly.

  • Edit Layouts - Fixed an issue where saving a new layout under one of the default templates would return an error while it actually saved correctly.

The mobile apps have some much needed bugfixes coming up soon, so keep an eye out for that too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: