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Now I have a Russian looking at me in disapproval :scream: :scream: :scream:


Wanted to give a small update as to what’s happening:

We’ve launched our first version of the Kitsun Knowledge base :smiley:

The articles were written by @TomatoSalad - one of our new team members - and they’ve done a fantastic job :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We will be expanding it with more articles, technical documentation and getting started tutorials in the upcoming weeks ^^

Another thing that is ready for deployment is the known words system, I’m running a few last checks before I release it later this week.

This new feature will let you filter cards that you already learned throughout other decks, the reading tool and the dictionary feature. When you do a lesson, it will mark that Vocabulary as known and mark duplicates in other decks.

For the reading tool you will also be able to see how many words you know in a text/book already, which could help you figure out what to read next! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It also paves the way for an official WK API integration where it will mark words as known according to your WK level.

Quite stoked to finally bring this feature to Kitsun!


This is the best function yet! Really happy to see this get implemented! Can’t wait :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


:scream: I’ve been exposed!

:heart: 頑張りました :blush:


I’ve made a deck of 1st volume of Shirokuma (it was read by the Absolute Beginner Book Club before) and published it on Kitsun. The link for the deck is here (need to be signed up to see it).

Basically, I used the list made available on Google sheets, fixed some errors (typos, wrong meanings, etc.), removed the duplicates, and gave it a decent look.

It’s following the order that appears in the manga (by page). It’s tagged by chapters and pages (from the new edition).

Hope it helps someone/motivates more people to read shirokuma :slight_smile:



Yesterday a new update went live that includes the much anticipated known words system :tada: There is a lot of new functionality attached to it, so make sure you’re sitting comfortably while reading this! :laughing:

New Features:

  • New Deck & Community Centre Categories - We’ve added a lot of new categories for your decks as it is required that you set the category correctly if you wish to make use of the known words feature (it works per category/language).

  • Kitsun Knowledge Base - The knowledge base has officially launched and replaced the outdated documentation/help section of Kitsun. Please take a look if you have any questions! Technical documentation, getting started tutorials and more FAQ articles are being added soon :slight_smile: Here’s the link!

Known words system

As mentioned before, this feature keeps track of each word you learned in Kitsun.

When you complete a lesson of a deck where the category of the deck is set correctly (e.g. Japanese) and the “Main Field” of the template is set correct (e.g. Vocabulary), the value inside the main field (say “私”) is added to your known words.

For a regular user working through a community deck, this means that you don’t have to do anything at all to make it work. Only deck authors will need to make sure that both these things are set correctly. If you are using default layouts, this is also set correctly for you already.

A few things happen when a word is marked as known. Let’s go over them one by one:

Other Decks

If you go to the card management page of a deck, you will notice that there is a new column called “known”:

As you can see, there are two cards in my deck that I’ve already learned in another deck. This means that it probably would not make sense to learn them again in this deck. Ideally you’d want to filter out any duplicate cards that you already learned previously.

This can be done by filtering on the known status in the advanced search menu:

I’d recommend also filtering on “level 0” items only, to make sure that you only hibernate the duplicate cards that you have yet to learn.

So once you have it filtered, you can just select them all through the top checkbox and hibernate them to make sure you don’t get any duplicates in your reviews.

Dictionary Tool

When you search in the vocabulary dictionary for a word you already know, it will now show you if you already learned it before by putting a “KNOWN” tag on top of it:

Reading Tool

The reading tool overview will now display the % of words in a text/book that you already know :smiley: Hopefully giving you a bit of an idea of when you’d be able to tackle those books comfortably

Inside the reading tool it also marks words as known in the definition tooltips (the “K” icon next to the frequency and jlpt level):

Previously learned Words

This next part is important for users that already learned words in Kitsun:

You can manually add words to your known words by going to the management table, selecting the cards that you already know and selecting the action “Add to known words”. A popup will open and ask you to select the field that contains the values (if the template has no main field yet, you need to select it yourself, otherwise it is pre-selected for you).

Once ready simply hit the button and the words are added to your known words list for that language in particular (the category that was set on the deck determines what list it is added to, please doublecheck your personal decks to see if the category is set correctly!).

Community Deck Authors

Please double check the category of your deck and make sure you set a main field for the templates being used in the deck, if you have custom templates. After setting these, please publish an update to the community centre. Without this the known words system will not work properly for your deck’s users.

Setting a main field can be done from the add/edit template page:

Just click on the button next to the delete button to mark that field as the main field :slight_smile:


  • Deleting a layout no longer triggers validation errors.

  • Popups no longer close when dragging or clicking outside of the popup by accident.

Please do let me know if you have any questions as a lot has changed!


So there was a Re Zero deck and I never knew about it…

Just kidding keep up the good work.


Togame from katanagatari (1st text) is clearly a better waifu choice over Emilia and Rem. fite me

Messing around :stuck_out_tongue:


I see… It’s treason then


It’s actually the LN that I threw into the reading tool so that I could hopefully more easily get into reading the re:zero LNs, but I still found it quite difficult :laughing:

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I’ve made a deck on Kitsun for ゆるキャン△ - Volume 1 with the vocabulary list from google sheets that the WK Book Club gathered. Will also make a vocabulary deck for the other volumes available in the future :v:

Link: (requires being signed in to see it)

Again, it’s tagged by chapters and by weeks (that the book club read), so you can easily follow through with the list. It’s also ordered by appearance in the manga (the index number corresponds to the page number).

Hope it’s useful to someone :slight_smile:


First deck that I used on Kitsun. Thanks a lot!


Glad to hear that :grin: Let me know if I can make the deck better for you in any way ^^

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Small update with some bugfixes. Mostly for the new known words system:


  • Known Words System - Now correctly trims whitespace when comparing your known words list with the cards in the management table.

  • Known Words System - Now correctly lowercases each word before comparing them in the management table (and before saving in the database).

  • Cards Management Table - New searches now clear the previously selected cards.

  • Known Words System - Fixed a bug where editing a card during reviews/lessons would cause the main value to be unset.

  • Dictionaries - Fixed the “taught in undefined” and similar tags when generating Kanji cards.

  • Cards Management - Moving hibernated/filtered/queued cards to another deck would not clear the status from the original deck, causing some issues with counting how many new lessons were still left to do. This has been fixed :slight_smile:


I made a Yotsuba&! deck on Kitsun! :sunflower: If anyone is interested it’s here, or you can check out the description of it here /o/ [Discussion & Feedback] よつばと! - Volume 1 - Japanese - Kitsun Community \o\


Thank you for all the hard work! I’m sure they will help other users a lot ^^ Cool to see all these decks pop up :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that we have just added 28 new community decks to Kitsun. Each language has 1 Vocabulary Deck and 1 Phrases Deck :

  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Filipino (Tagalog)
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai
  • Korean

We also have Chinese decks which will get shared as soon as we finish creating a specialized Chinese default template & layouts.

We will be adding additional information (sentences and audio) to these decks as we go forward, but we figured it would be good to already release them in their current state.

This was a combined effort of our team members and hopefully shows where we want to take Kitsun in the future. Speaking of the future, our team members are hard at work with creating decks for the Chinese (HSK), Korean (TOPIK) and Russian equivalents of the JLPT. After that we will be working on some very cool custom decks for Japanese :smiley:


So awesome! I’m loving my time on Kitsun so far :grin:


This is so awesome! Thx for everyone’s hard work as always