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I did end up buying it afterall, before the price increased with the added lifetime bundle. My issue with was how unintuitive it was for me, but I’m horrible with computers for someone my age.

This made the bundle worth it so I could take an entire lifetime to study.

Features got added to faster than I thought they’d be and I was certainly looking forward to a number of those features, but I figured they’d be further down on the road map.

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In case you haven’t figured it out by now:
The arrow hints are for that spot in particular. So す being at the first spot, having the up and down arrows means it wants one of さしそせ in that column, on that particular spot of the word you’re guessing (in this case, the first character). You can see せ being green later on, meaning it was せ for the first character!

Horizontal is exactly the same, but in a horizontal manner, like: くふ etc. You can see all possible options at the hints section below the input.

We’ll be adding a small tutorial with hint images and descriptions soon, it’s already in the making! :smile:

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Thank you so much for the support! Really appreciate it! :tada: Hope both websites serve you well in your studies!

If you have any remarks in particular as to why you find Kitsun confusing (I’m assuming you actually meant Kitsun, and not say, Anki) or where you “stranded” after registering, please let me know!

New MaruMori Update! A big overhaul of the main study list unlocks (pt. 1)

Yesterday a new update landed! Aside from the usual new content for Lower Intermediate, it’s mainly part one of our big overhaul of the main study list unlocks. We’ve removed, added and changed a lot of content. For the exact details read more below. Warning that it’s a long list!


Posting this here since some WK user’s may be using the The Lost WK Levels: 61-70 deck. Had a couple requests regarding the kanji/vocab being hard to distinguish from the general Kitsun templates while doing reviews. I modified a few templates to accommodate but it’s a community deck so wanted to get the opinion of any deck users before making a format change.

Example Kanji

Example Vocab


New MaruMori Update!

SRS Reviews Reordering, removing Study Lists, additional information for SRS items, and much more! We’ve really tried to focus on implementing as many priority features and bugfixes as possible, next to working on bigger new features! (Example Sentences DB, Grammar DB, and Grammar SRS anyone? :smiley: )

As usual, you can read all about it in its corresponding changelog entry:

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I like the idea! Personally, I do think the colors (or maybe just the background) are a bit explosive though!

Perhaps distracting from the actual focus of the card (the content). I wonder if it might look easier on the eyes if you gave the background images an opacity of say, 10-30%? No clue what that’d look like though!

If you’d like to look into good matching colors, I’d recommend taking a look at sites like to see if anything there strikes your fancy :smile:

In the end, it’s all personal preference though, so I could definitely be an outlier in this regard :smile:

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I see what you are saying, kinda went extreme contrast :sweat_smile: I like the link, they have some nice ideas.

See if anyone thinks this looks a bit better color scheme-wise. It’s hard to have two different templates in the same deck to both compliment and contrast as well. Also want to keep readability a priority, agreed the background was a bit busy



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Looks a lot easier on the eyes to me! Though I do find the primary (top) colors a bit heavy still, but as mentioned that could be a matter of taste ^^

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A small but fun little update today!

We’ve added some new artwork today!

A nice new arrow for the overworld!

A few new pointers:

In other news, there’s only one day left to get Lifetime before the next price increase, so if you’re still on the fence, now would be the best time!

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Polls, Polls, Polls and… More Polls!

We’re having polls for our region names over on the MM Discord. If you want to be a part of MaruMori history and influence it for generations to come, come vote on whichever you think is the best! :grin:

New MM update!

SRS Hotkeys, audio autoplay in lightning mode, global audio during SRS, loading screens and moreee:

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Quick update, the new lower intermediate (or should I say Apprentice?) levels are live :grin:

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Another update just went live!

This time bringing Push Notifications, (special MM) Emoji, and more:

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Kitsun: Japanese Surnames: 500 Most Common is now updated to include 500 of the most frequent. Index is now based frequency number as well along with included frequency map and link to entry.

Card Sample


Awesome! As always, thanks so much for sharing and all the hard work you put into the decks you make :blush:

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Omg, this is awesome. Thank you so much! Need to brush up on my names. :smiley: