- Instant Kanji Flashcards Feature implemented! - Open Beta - Web-based SRS Learning Platform


Ohh, that makes sense. It would still be cool to have some sort of indication, but I can’t imagine how that would be implemented. Guess it’s not important for now \o/

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Gonna take Kitsun down for the update :slight_smile:

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New Features:

  • Feedback system part 2 - Community Deck Authors can now check out the feedback given by other users and accept or reject the changes that were suggested:

    • This button on the deck dashboard will take you to the feedback overview of that deck. It shows a count of new feedback (only visible if there are any!)

    • In the table view you will be able to click on a row and a popup will open:

    • Here you can see the comment and the proposed changes. The proposed changes are still editable. At the bottom you can choose either accept or reject. Rejecting will delete the feedback, whereas Accepting it will instantly update BOTH the original card (reference) and the community card (copy) with the new values.

  • Leeches! - Each Deck Dashboard now displays your top 10 leeches:

    • It is ranked from lowest percentage correct to highest. A card can only become a leech if it was answered incorrectly at least 4 times.
  • Flipcard Mode for Input Cards (AKA Anki mode) - This setting can be found on the Deck Settings page. Enabling it will show the “Flip”, “Next”, “Know” / “Don’t know” buttons at the bottom during Reviews and Lessons. This way you won’t need to fill in any answer even if the cards would usually require you to.

    • Note: the card might show a red input field on the backside (because nothing was entered), but as long as you use the flip buttons, this won’t matter.


  • Hibernating a card during lessons, then pressing enter should not hibernate the next card anymore.

  • Solved a problem with some super old decks not showing up anymore.

  • Quick edit field will now correctly show all fields again.

  • Hotkeys are now disabled while the propose changes popup is active.

  • Community Decks - Fixed a problem where deleting cards would cause some problems for users.

少女終末旅行 Home Thread (Beginner Book Club)

I just accepted the first suggestion.

OMG. this is so so good.


I forgot to mention:

I now log how many suggestions you’ve given and also how many of your proposed changes were accepted. I hope to do some fun stuff with it later (levels/bragging rights :wink: )

Actually showing a notification when one or more of your suggestions have been accepted is still on the list of things to do as well.


Ok… so… u know I removed the input from my core 10k deck.

While I was doing reviews on my phone, I noticed that clicking on “Don’t know” would lagg everything. So what I did was spamming the dont know option in some cards… this was the result:

I believe I only got wrong 2 or 3 from those. I guess the delay and my spam made the other ones wrong.

This seems to only happen on the phone though. This never happened to me on the computer.

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if you were spamming “don’t know” with the recent async functionality, then it marked every card at that point as wrong, so I think that’s correct?

The lag shouldn’t be there though, I’ll try to reproduce it. I think it’s lagging visually only maybe?

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Yeah, I guess this is the problem then. The cards weren’t changing at all. If I had waited, they would have probably changed… but u know me… I like to break things. The “know” button was working perfectly. The “Actions” button was lagged as well… Actually, I clicked on it and nothing happened? :man_shrugging: Not sure if that helps.


@neicul I wonder if there’ll be shortcuts feature on Kitsun? So that I don’t need to click “Show” to click “know”?

BP. Not Kitsun though

I usually just press “a” to show answer on BP, or “p” to play the audio again, etc.

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You can adjust some things at the end of the settings menu:

[Sometimes it’s Enter, sometimes it’s Space, though.]


Nice! It’s working! Thanks for guiding me!


Thanks for helping out @acm2010 :slight_smile:

@Oshin if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


I just noticed that all the decks no matter if they’re only personal decks have a feedback option. I guess it makes more sense to only have this option for community decks?.. :man_shrugging:

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Actually, it should only be visible for personal decks which have been published (so the original instead of the copy) since that is the base for all changes.

I did just confirm that it’s visible on every personal deck like you said tho, will fix it with the next update :slight_smile:


Yes, that XD brain why u ded today

\ :fox_face: /

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What happens if I send two suggestions for the same card? Sometimes I forget that I’ve already sent a suggestion for that specific card, because the changes have yet to be made (on hold). It would be cool if for your cases, we’d have a message saying “You have a suggestion on hold for this card. Do you wish to overwrite it with a new one?”

EDIT: Maybe also show us our previously suggestion once we go into “Propose changes”? :thinking:


Just here to say that I really like the top leechs board even though it’s kinda embarrasing. I will be able to know on which vocab to focus.



Nothing is overwritten, it’s just a new feedback document added for the creator :slight_smile: so they can still decide which one they want.

@icefang97 Thanks! :smiley:

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Pro tip: you can put your top leeches back to lessons by demoting them to SRS 0 :3


Pro tip #2: Self-study will be coming very soonish :blush: