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The waiting time should be the same, I don’t have anything specific for mobile in that regard.

To be sure, you mean the (intended) delay before you can hit enter again?

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The main issue I am having is the screen moving up when the keyboard opens (during reviews and lessons). Maybe its only a problem on iOS Safari

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I’ve looked into solving this a few times before, but it seems like this is the intended behavior for browsers and messing around with it can result in unwanted behavior. So sadly, I don’t think I can do much about it right now.


Im going to say something similar about the delay (in lessons). After the correct input, it always feels like it “freezes” for a second or two before I can click the arrow.

  • to me this gives it a laggy feel

(Lightning mode mitigates this in Reviews)


Oh, what a novel technique. Did you come up with it yourself?


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Hmm, there is no delay after a correct answer. I think what you’re talking about might be something else.

Do you mean that there is a delay before being able to click the arrow to validate the answer? (so you’re still on the front side of the card and didnt press any button yet)

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After testing it again, specifically its during the Lesson Quiz
Only after Kana answers
Only after correct answers

I usually use the return/enter key to submit the answer then click the arrow. On English answers and wrong answers, there is an immediate response to go to the next one. On correct Kana answers, it doesnt respond if I press it at the regular timing and I need to press it again for it to advance.
The inconsistency definitely contributes to it feeling like something is “wrong” or “lagging”.

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Can you make this work during reviews/lessons? This way, it’s way easier to propose changes while learning Maybe add it like this and make a popup like “Quick Edit”.


It is so annoying, and as you said it’s something probably not fixable in the browser. The behaviour is the same as a progressive app or whatever it’s called?

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Bug report: changing the reading of a word isn’t working.

Basically, I’ve noticed that I had the reading しかくけい for 三角形, which is wrong. It’s さんかくけい… So I wanted to change it… but guess what: I can’t.

Open the summaries for the screenshots.

Card with the mistake

Me fixing the reading


Then, the card showed up right away (I only had 1 card in the pile left to do). This card was with the reading fixed:

Card with the reading fixed

However, if I get it wrong (I did it on purpose for testing), the previous reading しかくけい comes back, as if I had never made a change.

Wrong reading is back




Nothing different is being done in regards to kana or english answer validation, so I’m not sure where this lag might be coming from. It might be that it is busy marking the whole item (including siblings) correct and is waiting for server response.

I’ve just implemented async calls during reviews (meaning you won’t have any delays) and will take a look at lessons soon. It will go live with the next update :slight_smile:

@jprspereira for sure!

A PWA is basically a glorified browser instance specifically for your website, the default behavior wouldn’t change :\

I’ll put it on the prio list and take a look next time :slight_smile:


No update today

As stated above, I’ve just finished rewriting the review session to do all calls in the background, resulting in no delay during reviews. I want to fully test this before throwing it live.

Aside from that I also finished with Custom templates and layouts for Dictionary cards. You will be able to use your own templates/layouts to “instantly” generate cards from etc :slight_smile:

Also finished preparations for the light novel decks, first batch incoming :slight_smile:


What will this do? Make the transition between cards (in reviews?) faster? o:


Yep, 0 delay so every next card renders instantly. It does mean that if your internet is slow you will have to wait at the end of a session until all calls are done (it shows a popup with a counter of calls left).

The only drawback to this is that if you close the browser tab halfway in your session, some items may be left undone. But this would only happen to users with a slow connection that deliberately close their tabs halfway :stuck_out_tongue: .


Looking forward to testing the light novel decks


Bug report: searches are not showing all cards.

So you know how I like to separate EN => JP and JP => reading/meaning into 2 different cards. Well, I’m checking my Natsume’s book of friends’ deck and whenever I search by tag using the advanced search (ex: Chapter 1), I notice that the search catches both cards for each word, but for others it only catches 1 card. However, both cards are tagged with Chapter 1.


Proof how search shows both cards (EN => JP | JP => R/M) for some words.

Proof that this one word only displays 1 of the 2 cards.

Proof that both cards exist, when searching for the item itself.

Searching by a different tag displays both cards.

I’m sure I checked everything well. That’s just one example of the many items where only 1 card is displaying when searching “Chapter 1”.

Actually, when I was adding Parts of Speech to this deck, I’d hibernate every word after adding PoS. This way, the lessons would just show up the cards missing PoS and I’d be able to continue adding 1 by 1. However, when it came the time to awaken all the cards back, I selected “Hibernated: only”, clicked “Load More” until the very end, awoke all cards… and even still there were some cards missing from being awaken. I had to repeat this “Hibernated: Only” process 3 to 4 times until I got all cards awaken again…

In other words, the advanced search seems to not be displaying all the cards that correspond to the search… :thinking:

Let me know if this explanation was a bit confusing.


The thing I noticed is, if I use hotkeys, just flipping the card automatically marks it wrong. Right/wrong hotkeys don’t work after that. I can only ignore the answer :frowning:

edit: My logic being here was that I was trying to use it in an Anki mode-ish way.

edit2: I guess the point is, I don’t understand how to create a non-input card :sweat_smile:

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