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I have a dream.

I have a dream that one day, Kitsun will allow users to choose which layouts to have in their community decks and creators will share the updates they did. I have a dream that people will be working together to build the best decks ever seen by allowing them to be managed by more than 1 person.

I have a dream that Kitsun will have all the statistics, both for users and creators. From leeches, days in a row, accuracy, wherever the beauty of imagination takes us. I have a dream.

Ladies and gentlemen, today I have a dream, and it is beautiful.



Dream cancelled due to programming difficulties



You should know by now that I don’t allow anyone to give up.




Oh no…

At least filtering layouts will be possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Already in there? :stuck_out_tongue:

Coming for sure, like @seanblue suggested ^^

Also coming for sure :smiley:

Beautiful dream jp, Beautiful.



Yeah, that’s what I meant xD

Yeah, you can do it on the forums. I was thinking of something inside the actual website. But tbh, I think forums are 200% fine xD I just wanted to add something extra to my dream :eyes:

Thank you. If this dream ever becomes true, I might dream of you next.

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Welcome back! So glad your trip was great :slight_smile:

I also have a dream that one day we will be able to merge decks into one :slight_smile: (I’m separating my vocab decks into chapters because it’s easier for me to keep track of as I read, but once I’ve learnt all the words I’d love to be able to merge them into one “book” deck… :slight_smile: )
On another note, am I the only one for whom the “reviews left” number doesn’t budge even as I’m doing them?
Still so in love with this platform though! :):heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You could use a folder to at least visually keep those decks from clogging your decks overview?

Otherwise, a combined deck dashboard with a combined review session (for all your decks at once) is probably coming soon as well ^^

The review counter not working (and the results page not always working correctly) fix is ready, just needs to be tested. Should be fixed with Sunday’s update :smile:

I will probably post a general plan for the next few weeks / months, this weekend, so everyone will know what’s going to be the focus of the project in the near future :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:



Welcome back! :smile: just want to know if other people are having trouble with some cards with katakana responses such as this one––or am I doing something wrong here? Thank you!

Anyway, I tried it in hiragana and it worked.

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I have updated the deck so it will accept katakana for that card. Let me know if you find any others and I will update those as well.

Thank you for the feedback!


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New update is live!

New Features:

  • {{addclass:fieldname}} field type has been added. This field can be used in your layouts to give the customstyle class to all html IDs specified in the value of that field (for that card). This can be useful when you want certain styling to happen to specific elements based on your cards.

  • Touch controls: You can now swipe left and right to cycle back and forth through lessons.

  • Clicking elements with the correctclick class (gained from the {{click:fieldname}} field) will now auto-advance to the next card.

  • A small timer (1sec) will now prevent input after clicking the next button or pressing enter. This should make sure you don’t accidentally hit enter twice and skip a card :slight_smile:


  • It should now be impossible to skip cards during reviews by spamming the next button or ‘enter’ key.

  • The review counter has been fixed!

  • The results screen has been fixed!

  • Searching by tags will now work as ‘AND’ rather than ‘OR’, meaning that if you search for two tags, it will no longer show results matching only one of those tags.

  • Fixed an issue where the hibernated status would not display correctly on the all cards page.

  • correctclick class is now being added to both the front and the back of cards.

I’ve also made some progress with being able to filter certain layouts (read: certain cards) from community decks. If all goes well, it should come with Wednesday’s update :slight_smile: Next to that I’ve been working on finishing the Dark theme so expect that one to go live in the near future as well :slight_smile:

I’ll post a general plan for the next few weeks soon-ish :slight_smile:

EDIT: changing the timer to 0.5s.



Pulling it down for a small update soon :slight_smile:



Aaaand we’re back up

New features:

  • Input gets blocked for 1s after submitting a wrong answer (to prevent accidentally advancing to the next card)


  • General input block has been set to 0.2s now to make sure you can’t skip cards.

  • Touch controls now only get triggered on mobile (yay you can select text again @jprspereira)

  • Reviews should now always count down again.

  • The results page should now display all reviews correctly again.

  • Fixed a bug in the interactive tutorial (will enable this again soon-ish :slight_smile: )

  • Deactivating and later on reactivating a deck should now correctly round the new review times in hours.

The priority buglist now only has one item in it (regarding usersynonyms). So it looks like I’ll be able to completely focus on new features this weekend :smiley:

As for a general planning, here are the things I wish to add in the near future:

Before launch:

  • Stripe integration (Payment system)
  • Finish the landing page (the main page you will see before registering/logging in)
  • Complete the guide/manual, format it and add images where needed.
  • Terms of agreement / Legal stuff
  • Implement Trial accounts & limitations
  • Layout filtering for community decks (so filtering certain card types, e.g. sentence or audio cards)
  • Implement a Dark Theme
  • Implement interactive tutorials (nearly done)
  • Set up the feature voting section on the Kitsun forums
  • Some more minor points (take a look at the priority and backlog trello lists)

Either before or after launch:

  • Deck level system
  • Card unlock system (based on the deck levels)
  • Export -> Reimport functionality for data management (export into google sheets/excel -> adjust data -> reimport -> update all cards with the changed data
  • More gamification / artwork
  • Collaboration on deck creation (create a deck with the whole bookclub!)
  • Statistic Page!

After launch:

  • Combined Deck Dashboard / Reviews / Lessons (All your decks combined into one central place)
  • ‘Do all reviews in X hours now’ feature
  • Moreee (will start going through user requested features)


It doesn’t :sob: I almost had a heart attack when I saw that 68%… but then I noticed the number of reviews and there’s still this bug around. I just did 80 reviews. This is on the katakana deck.

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Oof, gonna put it back on the list… againnn…

Thanks for reporting ^^

Btw, did the reviews count down well though?



hum… I guess so? :thinking: That image only shows the ones that actually went up or down. The others are only half done since the siblings are filtered :man_shrugging:

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That shouldve been fixed. But if that’s the case then the counter in the top right during the reviews also shouldnt have worked is what I mean

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Ohh, I see. Then I guess it’s a new bug. Actually, the Core 10k is working fine now, so I guess this is exclusive to something that the katakana one has :thinking: Either filtering, community decks (my core 10k is personal)…

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probably filtering, but I’ll take a look soon ^^

Just a heads up for anyone encountering issues with hibernating/awakening cards. There might be a bug regarding that functionality. Putting it on the list to fix asap :slight_smile:



Do you know what would be cool? To add the number of results in the search page :eyes:

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Noted :smiley:

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