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You mean you will check it after your vacation right? Not in your vacation free time. :rage: I don’t want to see update while you’re on vacation.





I was too late :sob: Then from now on no more update only fun allowed during your vacation.

These people that work even during breaks. We don’t deserve you :sob:

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Hahahah aww :smiley: I had nothing to do while in the shinkansen :stuck_out_tongue:


So, we can shrink the sidebar, correct? What if we had our browser save the way we left the sidebar (much like it saves All/Personal/etc)? Because I can navigate just fine with the bar this way and it gives me extra space.


Good idea :slight_smile: easy to implement as well ^^

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I imported a anki deck
It has the traditional anki style being you just flip the card and judge how well you did.
How can I change it to a wanikani style here you have to type in the answer?

Does anyone happen to know? Thank you :slight_smile:

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You will have to change the layouts that are being used by the deck (I assume they are linked to the last template in your list).

So on the layouts page (under advanced tools in the sidebar), select the template, then select the layout and edit the HTML for both the back and the front of the card:

With flip cards the fields in there will look like {{fieldname}}. What you want to do is change the primary field (so the one you want to be tested on, e.g: english) from {{fieldname}} to {{type:fieldname}} for a normal input field, and {{type-ja:fieldname}} for a japanese input field.

Be sure to do this for both front and back and for all layouts where needed :slight_smile:

Another option you might want to consider is overwriting them by copy pasting the default layouts. You would then have to change the {{fieldname}} tags to match your template fields though.

Let me know if you need more help ^^

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So, the reviews number is still stuck until the end of the session, BUT the enter key now works! Hurray, I’m out of lightning mode :slight_smile: Hope Japan is treating you well :slight_smile:

EDIT: oops, spoke too soon, it’s broken again… I guess it will remain a mystery!

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Hahah I didnt deploy any changes yet, would be great if the enter thingy solved itself :grin:

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How is your trip going?

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It’s fantastic :heart_eyes: , went from Tokyo -> Kyoto -> Osaka and tomorrow we will go to Koyasan. After that its back to Tokyo and from there on out we will travel north towards Nikko, Sendai and Yamagata etc ^^

Loving it so far, got to see things I didnt see on my previous trip to Japan as well :smile:


No luck yet, but here’s to hoping :slight_smile:

So glad you’re enjoying your trip!!! I’m hoping to go back in not too long too…

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So I went to see some real キツネ today :slight_smile:


This one needs to become an emoji for the discord server!!! :fox_face::heart_eyes:


They are sooo cute





Small shameless bump to let you all know that I’m back home and development on Kitsun will finally resume this weekend (already back at my dayjob today :’) )

Expect a new update on Sunday!


How was your trip?


It was fantastic :smiley: and I got “study” material for the next 3 years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for asking ^^