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Bug: the button “more time” still isn’t working as it should xD Going to give a description of what happened.

  • I do batches of 4 items as you know (lessons).
  • Those items were 遠足 (EN=> JP), 遠足 (JP => K/M), 待ち合わせ (EN => JP) and 待ち合わせ (JP => K/M).
  • I did these 4 cards, but forget to quick edit the last one, so I went for “More time”.
  • Me being stupid, I moved forward to the Quiz again without editing. So I had to click “More time” one more time.
  • Edited 待ち合わせ (JP => K/M) and moved on to the Quiz.
  • This is the bug: I only got 遠足 (EN=> JP) and 遠足 (JP => K/M) to review.
  • I did the Quiz and moved on to the lessons.
  • I was expecting to see 待ち合わせ (EN => JP) as the first card to show up, but it wasn’t. It was 待ち合わせ (JP => K/M). There’s no EN => JP in this new pile of 4 cards, so the system totally skipped it.

待ち合わせ (EN => JP) wasn’t considered done in the Quiz either:


Went back to lessons, and it’s there now :wink:

What triggered this? I have no idea. Maybe the fact that I went to “More time” twice, so it removed the last 2 items from the Quiz?.. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: well, u guess it.


I just read this ngayon! (hahaha I just had to say a word beginning with nga–)

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Hmm… That might be it. I’ll have to take a look once I’m back from vacation as I don’t want to screw around with the lesson/review mechanics too much right before I leave :stuck_out_tongue: (I remember the France hotfix and how bad it turned out hahaha)

Anyways, I’m currently still working on the last update for a while, expect it to go live in a few hours ^^

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Going to take Kitsun down for a new update in a few minutes!


Been using kitsun for little bit, hasn’t made it here to comment:

Primarily playing with the jlpt 5 deck for review. It’s been great, I love it. There’s a lot of cards I know so I’ve been using hibernate alot. I’m doing so from within the lessons screen. I’m fine hibernating them one at a time because I know some of the words and not the kanji. BUT, if I hibernate a card it doesn’t automatically add another card to learn. I do batches of 5 and I inevitably end up with one card to learn and have to go through the lessons page a few times to get a card I want to add. I know I could manually hiberate from the list of cards, but I’d prefer it just keep asking until I had 5 items to quiz.

I have had it appear to skip words (a word appears on the quiz I didn’t see in learning mode) I’m not sure what’s happening there - if I’m clicking to fast or something else. (Crome lastest stable update, both mobile and a windows surface 10 notebook).

Think I’ll pay once the beta is up, it is a nice product, great work.



New Features:

  • Notifications will now display right after flipping the card (not upon the next card!) @Naphthalene and basically everyone else :wink:

  • There is now an interactive tour which guides you through the deck and card creation process while explaining how the Kitsun works. These tours are for new users only, but if you wish to test them out, please let me know as I could definitely use some testing for this! Also, I want to make them accessable from help icons on each page asap but didn’t have enough time to do so.

  • You can now style your cards based on the current state and current session of the card.
    Accessable through these classes:

    • .front <-- front of the card
    • .back <-- Back of the card
    • .quiz <-- quiz section during lessons
    • .lessons <-- non-quiz section during lessons
    • .reviews <-- reviews
    • .correct_card <-- card was answered as correct!
    • .wrong_card <-- card was answered as wrong!

An example:

.reviews.wrong_card .yourclassnamehere{
   color: red;
  • SVG support has been added to layouts.

  • Multiple choice / click functionality has been added. In your layouts you can now add {{click:fieldname}}, where the values of fieldname would be HTML IDs. During lessons and reviews, Kitsun will bind a click event to any elements with the class kitsun-click on it. Once clicked, it will cycle through the list of IDs (from the above mentioned field) and if it matches, it will mark the card correct.

Quick example:

field value = 1,2

layout contains four buttons with corresponding IDs. Clicking the buttons with 1 or 2 will mark the card as correct. Clicking 3 or 4 will mark it as incorrect.

The card then flips and the user will still have to determine if they were right or not.

To make it easier to show the user what the correct choices were, each ‘correct’ element will also get the correctclick class added to them.

(@acm2010 and @hinekidori)

  • Notifications will now ignore inactive decks


  • Folders will not show inside other folders anymore.

  • Very very old cards should work again during lessons

  • Badges on the forums should now be working :slight_smile:

  • Getting an item wrong in the first session and getting it correct in a second session should now properly display as a rank down on the resultspage.

  • N4 Deck now has correct values for kana-only vocabulary.

  • Searching for non-hibernated items should now also show unlearned items.

  • % bar on the decks page has been changed to show % learned instead of % Fire foxes.

  • Fixed styling @ store



I understand your problem and in general I agree, but currently it is working like this because it only fetches lessons from the server once. I will add it to the list of things to take a look at :slight_smile:

There is currently still a bug where you can skip words by spamming the next button, but as far as I know that can only happen on mobile at the moment. It’s currently the top priority bug.

I’m glad to hear that you enjoy using Kitsun! Please let me know if you have any more suggestions or reports! :slight_smile:

@ everyone
Above will be my last update to Kitsun for a while

As I will be going on vacation to Japan for 3 weeks on Wednesday. During this period I can not really work on it, but I wil still be available for discussions, suggestions, bug reports or in case something happens to the servers.


misses u already

No, seriously: enjoy it mate <3


Weird bug:

  • Had 7 reviews to do on my katakana deck.
  • While I was doing them, Kitsun was lagging a little. I assumed it was my internet connection.
  • But then this happened:

No reviews done? I went back to my deck and now I have 0 reviews, so I assume they were done. Nevertheless, something happened :thinking:


… I did change the way they are added to the results page… Looks like a bug! :stuck_out_tongue:


I just did 33 reviews for the Core 10k and everything in the results page was fine. The lag during reviews is still there though. I don’t think it’s from my side… but it’s a matter of seeing if someone else is having this problem as well :thinking:


I’ll try to do the calculation stuff async in the background. That should help. Expect a hotfix tonight or tomorrow.

Temporarily disabled the tours due to a bug. Gonna fix this asap as well…


Update to this thing: I actually did more reviews but the results’ page only showed me the items I got wrong :joy: Again, in my katakana vocab deck. I also think I had 7 reviews total.


I’m going to do a last update with quite some bugfixes in about 30min-1hour. Expect some downtime as I will also need to set up some stuff for when I’m gone (leaving tomorrow morning! HYPE :smiley:)


Update is live :slight_smile:


  • Tutorial CSS has been fixed (although I’m leaving the tutorials disabled for now)

  • Some more svg whitelisting

  • The lag upon flipping the card should now be gone, and I also optimized the speed of going to the next review a bit

  • rank up / down notifications should now only play when needed

  • review results page should display all items again

  • synonyms button drag threshold has been increased a bit

  • correctclick class is now correctly added to all matching ids for {{click:fieldname}} cards.

  • Saving synonyms for a card with multiple siblings should not override previous synonyms (of another sibling) anymore.

Apparantly there is a bug where user synonyms sometimes seem to vanish, I’m not 100% sure if it was related to the bug above. So please let me know if it happens to you!

Alright, so this really was my final update before my vacation :slight_smile:


I hope you have a fabulous vacation and forget about Kistun while you’re there for a while! That being said, here’s a bug for when you come back :slight_smile:
When I’m doing reviews, the number in the upper right corner doesn’t change anymore. So if I have 22 reviews at the beginning, it stays at 22 throughout the whole reviews, whether I complete cards or not. It’s super minor, as it just keeps me from seeing how many cards I have left to the end of the session, but not from completing the session itself.

I’m really enjoying usin Kitsun to learn vocab for the book club right now, so you have the eternal gratitude of this Anki averse girl :wink:


Thanks! :grin:

I’m probably going to do an update to fix it as it’s one of the first things people notice and it becomes very confusing haha ^^

I’ll be in the shinkansen to kyoto today so I got a bit of spare time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report!

How is the issue you had before by the way?


Bug report:

  • I made a stupid mistake on a review.
  • Used the override to cancel that mistake.
  • Did rq cuz I can barely keep my eyes open rn (didn’t answer the card that I used override on).
  • That same item was considered wrong in the results’ page.
  • Tested again, made a mistake, used the override and then left the review session: it got considered wrong again. That’s the pattern.

Ok, enjoy Japan. Don’t make too many cache problems. jya mata.


Lol lighting mode works, but the entry key still doesn’t get me to the next card if it’s off… It is a bit of a pain as I would love to be able to see the card even if I answer right, to read all the other meanings I didn’t put in… But oh well. It’s also super minor! :blush:

PS: my advice on Kyoto: do Fushimi Inari at dusk, climb to the to and come down the other side by the light of the lanterns and nobody around. Go to Arashiyama at day break, walk to Onagi shrine for opening time (8h30), then see all the other temples on your way back to Arashiyama with no tourist in sight… Just my two cents! Enjoy!

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Still have to look into it then ^^ as far as I know you are the only one experiencing this issue :confused:

Thanks for the tips! I’ve been to fushimi inari last time. Was thinking about going to arashiyama this time ^^

@jprspereira thats a result of the notification after flip rather than after next card. Actually all these review/lesson bugs are :joy: will check it out when I have time

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