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Considering this is a paid for service are the decks properly curated?
I use WK over Anki primarily because it’s a professionally curated collection of kanji.
Biggest problem with Anki is anyone can create a deck so it’s hard to put trust that the deck you’re using is actually useful.

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nganga nga ng nganga ngayon si jpr
puro na lang nganga ng nganga

nga nga


pangarap niya siguro laging nakanganga

ngarap ng ngarap, yan tuloy, nganga lang

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I swear… one day I’ll learn how to pronounce that with the nativest accent ever and then you’ll have to admit defeat.


I bet I do the /r/ sound better than you :3

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I died
I’ll just nganga now :rofl:


Hindi ako isang tulala! Daddy mo bakla!

Sorry Neicul. We’ll stop :3

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Right now Kitsun is still in open beta so you can check it out for free.

Anyone can publish their decks to the community centre. However, every user can review and rate decks, so you will at least see which decks are deemed good or not.

Right now I’d say that most of the decks on there are really good and are curated very carefully by people who listen to feedback.

Every ‘major’ deck has it’s own forum thread on the kitsun forums where you can provide feedback or report bugs to the author. The author can then fix it and instantly push an update so your cards will automatically be updated as well :slight_smile:


What happened in this thread while I was gone :open_mouth:


Just signed up and tried out a deck, loving it so far, the whole fox theme had me from the get go haha. Really like the UI/UX, a lot of SPAs I’ve used are slow and feel ‘clumsy’ to me. I’m work as a web developer so I can be a little picky about things like that lol. But so far it’s great. I’m excited to get some decks created and peek at your code a bit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

P.S. Are you using React/Redux?


Kitsun is made with Vue


Thanks for your compliments! Hope you will continue to enjoy it :grin:

Like rysing said, Kitsun is made with Vue :slight_smile:

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I will be taking kitsun down for a hotfix soon-ish :slight_smile:

It’s been back up for a while now ^^


I noticed that if I remove a certain SRS category from the timeline and then select a specific interval, it won’t show me the total number of items correctly.

So, compare the normal:

With the one not working:

The number only displays correctly when I have all the SRS categories activated:

That 1027 there is total number of reviews in the following 7 days (without any selection).


You found a bug! :wink: Gonna put it on the list :slight_smile:

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Goals: get 0,5 or 1,5 reviews to do. :grin:


Good luck with that! :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a bug, isn’t it? xD Or can’t you do anything about it? o:

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I’m gonna aim for 0.2 :wink:

It’s a small ‘bug’ so atm I’m not too bothered by it :stuck_out_tongue: