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I have not-so-good news for you @neicul :stuck_out_tongue:

See the screenshot below. During reviews, the phone/connection lagged and I ended up spamming the arrow to proceed to the next review. Guess what, 1 review was skipped and considered finished and correct. From the items below, I never did グルメ, so that’s the one that I was able to skip.


Yep! that one is still on the ‘must fix asap but it’s difficult’ list ^^ It only occurs on mobile, somehow the touch event can go through while keyboard events are blocked (like they should). I’ll take another look asap.


Ohh, somehow I thought it was “fixed” and that this was something else causing it :joy: Got it :+1:

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It was fixed… for desktop only! :’))

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Taking Kitsun down for an update :slight_smile:



New Features:

  • Officially launching the Kitsun forums, come take a look! (You can find it from the side menu or by going to )

  • You can now vote on features in the ‘Feature Voting’ category of the forums. The features with the most votes will get the most priority. You only have FOUR votes so make them count. (Currently there are four test topics, but I will start adding previously requested features slowly)

  • Added Trial / Paid / Lifetime badges to forum users. You might have to log out and log back in for this to take effect.

  • Fixed the login to forums redirect if trying to login on the forums while not logged in on kitsun itself.

  • You can now log in with your username as well! ( @seanblue ^^ )

  • You can now search cards by hibernation status (Both / Only hibernated / No hibernated ) in the advanced search.

  • The back buttons have gained some intelligence! They will now take you back to the /decks or /store page if there was no previous navigation (e.g. if you open the page in a new tab)

  • Added user synonyms and Notes are now updated for the current card. Meaning that if you add a synonym to a word you got wrong and then hit ignore, it will now also use the new synonyms.

  • Spellcheck field has been added to the default English -> Foreign layout. ( @icefang97 )


  • Wrap up bug has been fixed.

My school policy categorises websites, this one’s ‘uncategorised’ so I can’t access it.

Thank the school system :sob:

Edit: It’s been categorised now! I can access it!


Hello, I don’t know if these are bugs or what but I tried to restart my MacBook Pro and all but this audio problem still persists in the 10K-Kitsun Optimized community deck:

  1. The audio does not play in this review type of question:

  2. The audio does not automatically play in this reveal type of card (I set the audio to automatically play on all cards and the audio automatically plays in other types of reveal cards, even in reveal cards of the question card in number 1 above but not on this one):

Thank you! And this is a very wonderful resource! I actually put my WaniKani on vacation mode in order to focus on this.

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I think it happened when I cleared my Google Chrome cache. Now, is there a way to reclaim the audio of those earlier lessons? :frowning:

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thanks neicul-senpai

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Great to hear that you are enjoying it :smile:

I’m not sure what is causing the issue, but I did encounter it before with another user. It has something to do with the cache for that file becoming corrupted somehow. So then it thinks it exists on your computer but it actually does not.

Could you try clearing the cache again and see if it is back to normal?


I tried clearing the cache again and it worked! Thank you very much! I really appreciate Kitsun!

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I think the notification system is still counting reviews from deactivated decks :slight_smile:

The extra review is coming from my tagalog deck.


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starts packing hearts to send to JP

starts unpacking the hearts



\ :sob: /

No seriously, I just can’t do everything at the same time xD I’m actually thinking of stopping with Japanese for 2 to 4 weeks just to get my other stuff organized :3

But I’ll get to that deck eventually, 約束だ pangako sa’yo :heart:


I know, was just messing with you :grin:
You go do what you need to do! :heart:

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“We’re all travelling through time together every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.” :heart:


It’s still on the prio bugfix list:

Probably fixing it this weekend… (probably…)

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I love it that you’re learning my native language (Tagalog)! Galingan mo! :heart_eyes:


Haha, don’t get your hopes that high please :sweat_smile: The most I know is some set expressions and pronunciation (damn you words that start with nga :rage:) :stuck_out_tongue:

Salamat :grin::heart:

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