- Instant Kanji Flashcards Feature implemented! - Open Beta - Web-based SRS Learning Platform


Ooooh yay! I’ll try to make mine tonight.

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In case anyone is interested and wants to help decide: We’re having a discussion about the subdomain name for the Kitsun forums. Please take a look at and help us decide :smiley:


Follow up poll with the three most popular choices! (the first poll didn’t include some of the options)

Also, @madmalkav (and anyone else) hine put up his forum threads for his Community Decks. You can leave feedback there :slight_smile:


Trying to do lessons and I got kicked out ;o;

“The servers might be down or your internet connection was interrupted. Please contact us at if the problem persists.”

How will I survive?!

Edit: Ooh yay, complaining magically brings it back lol we good


Woops sorry, that was me. I was renewing the SSL certificate for the API (so it stays valid while I’m on vacation soonish :stuck_out_tongue:)

Also, just as a headsup to anyone using the new wrap up feature. I noticed a bug where it shows a card more than once and then stalls the review session because the api call fails. So I’m going to be fixing that asap tonight!


I just have the best timing, haha! Sounds good tho, hope you have an awesome vaca :smiley:


It’s in exactly a week from now so I won’t be gone just yet. But thanks! :smiley:

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Can instantly recognise being in use! I imagine you are building this with Vue.js as well? Pretty awesome stuff, I love seeing learning platforms using the best tools in the modern web stack!

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Yep, love Vue! ^^

I have some big plans about restyling the whole package in the future though :slight_smile:


Just to give an update on this, I fixed it but it won’t be live until the update tomorrow. (I didn’t hear anyone complain yet so I’m guessing it’s okay! (it only happens when you answer wrong & submit it as wrong))


I’m using the foreign to english and english to foreigncard and I was wondering, is it possible that like the japanese one, in the target language, they do not accept typo? Something I have 4 to 5 differents letters and he give it good. Should I just use the japanese ->english one?

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Do you think you could add a night mode option to Kitsun (with dark backgrounds and light colored font)? It would be awesome and easier on the eyes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey! i actually made a special fieldtype for this called ‘spellcheck’ which doesnt allow typos. I forgot to adjust the default foreign layouts to utilize this. I will change them today :slight_smile:

@kapibara I’ve secretly been working on this:

But it’s not anywhere near finished yet


I wish I could use this website, but it’s blocked :disappointed_relieved:

And everyone’s been saying it’s really good as well…

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Hah :o ? Who blocked it or what do you see when you go to the website? I’m not aware of it being blocked anywhere…


According to and, kitsun shouldn’t be blocked anywhere…

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That’s a really nifty website! The certificate is also valid until June next year, so I’m really curious about what the actual problem might be.


If I had to guess I’d say it might be the .io doman. For some reason the .io domain has been used for many games lately so if this is being accessed on a work or school network it might be blocked. That’s just my guess though, we’ll have to wait for a response to know for sure.


Ah! I didn’t think about that. It’d be really weird to blacklist all .io domains though… A lot of new (tech) companies use it as well.


Thank you, that dark mode looks perfect! Looking forward to it :blush:

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