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It is, thanks! I’ll go check it out :smile:

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Sorry in advance if it was just me hallucinating :smile:

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After looking in the logs, I can confirm that you did not answer it incorrectly and no “wrong” calls were received. So it’s weird that it displayed a rank down notification, it should only do this if the card has been answered wrong… Did it also show as incorrect on the results screen? And did it only happen with this particular card?

Luckily it’s only a visual bug, but still… that definitely shouldn’t be happening :open_mouth: I’ll try to debug the quick edit -> submit correct process that you did. Perhaps it has something to do with filtering siblings as well…

I’ll let you know if I find something, please let me know as well if it happens again :slight_smile:

Edit: Oohh I think I know what might’ve happened. Did you answer it wrong before clicking quick edit? I think it might not have cleared “wrong count” of the card correctly before going back to the front of the card.


I forgot to check the end results screen, sorry D: I only noticed it with this card; I haven’t quick edited anything in a good while.

No, I don’t think I did answer it wrong. That would have made sense, but I’m pretty sure that as soon as I saw the card I edited it (and I knew the answer).

I was probably just sleepy :sweat_smile: I’ll let you know if it happens again though.

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In case you haven’t found the cause yet, I was able to repeat this, with any card I tried it with. Shows red “Rank down”, but shows it as correct on the result screen and even progresses automatically in lightning mode. No errors in console either.


This happens with the above mentioned process only? (quick edit -> answer -> rank down notification shows)

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Yes, and only with the last sibling, when the “Rank up” should show up


Alright, thank you! I’ll try to deploy a fix tonight :slight_smile:


I wasn’t just crazy?!


No, you definitely were and still are, it’s just the bug was also real :stuck_out_tongue:




  • One of the most annoying and old bugs has finally been fixed! The page no longer resizes when the soft keyboard pops up during reviews/lessons/selfstudy! This means that your card will remain the same on the screen instead of sometimes pushing the text off the screen.

    • Note for users/creators with custom layouts: Please remove “vh” from the styling (if you use it) and just replace it with “%” as the card wrapping div element now has the height in absolute pixel values. I’m currently removing it from all default layouts as well. If you need any help, let me know!
  • Fixed a bug where entering quick edit without getting anything wrong could result in a “rank down” visual notification.

I’m currently still creating the native apps (with offline functionality), but I’m starting to make some real progress on it :smiley:




If this means what I think it means

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Does it? :joy:


As some might have noticed, the icons don’t load anymore due to a server outage (not Kitsun’s).

If they don’t fix the server soon, I will put the file locally and deploy a hotfix when I get home in a few hours.


I’ve no idea if this is a good suggestion but whatever. I just thought that maybe adding the “Add Deck or Folder” button to the red box could be a smarter way to display the button. Maybe make it customizable to how it is now and to a smaller button like I have in the screenshot. This way, users would have more decks in the first row. I only have 2 at 90% resolution for example. It would also be cool for mobile users.


it would work well I guess, except for mobile users since there’s already not enough space at the top row…

Another thing I kinda like is that it’s very clear and obvious to new users that you can create a deck by clicking on the button, although I can see how this button is too big for low resolution screens.

I think by further optimizing the decks page (by making everything smaller) for lower resolutions it should be okay?

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Yeah… :man_shrugging:

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I know, I know… :sweat:

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Just a thought: maybe once you start working on the process of certain cards unlocking other cards, my suggestions can be possible to turn into reality? I guess my suggestions fit the same level as “only if x card reaches y srs interval, z card unlocks” in terms of confusing the average user, as it’s a pretty advanced thing to create. Idk how you intend to display this on Kitsun, but my suggestions seem pretty similar in terms of how advanced they are? :man_shrugging: So they could be implemented in a similar way once the time comes.

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