- Instant Kanji Flashcards Feature implemented! - Open Beta - Web-based SRS Learning Platform


Yep! @Oshin mentioned it as well a few comments above you :joy:

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Oshin is that good

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Yes please. iOS would be greatly appreciated. I’m willing to donate $5.00 USD to the cause. :slight_smile:

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Kitsun will be going down for a small update soon :slight_smile:

Life has been a bit hectic lately, hope to get back into my usual schedule again soon.

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New Features:

  • Advanced searching through cards should be a lot faster than before. Especially searching by SRSLevels as those could take 20s + and now take ~0.2s (for me at least) :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Success/Error Notifications can now removed by clicking on them (no need to click the X specifically anymore) - @onimitch


  • Fixed an issue where answers starting with an “S” would not be accepted.

One of data series is higher than the gridline.

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Somehow this isn’t completely fixed… :frowning:



Hi, just posting to say that I totally love Kitsun.
I never really enjoyed Anki and found the interface kinda boring and found it wasn’t very user friendly and never really wanted to come back and do it.
But Kitsun is absolutely incredible.

It’s also super helpful for the WK bookclubs I’m in. :slight_smile:

I’ll be signing on for a lifetime membership when it launches, I just wish I joined before the cut off for the discount.


Thanks for reporting! It’s a known bug with the graph tech Kitsun is using. Basically what happens is that the timeline doesnt recalculate well when srs ranks are stacking.

:frowning_face: I’ll take a look asap! Thanks for reporting!

@Airdramon Thank you for your kind comments, very much appreciated! Glad you enjoy using Kitsun!


So… As you know, I’ve been pondering on the most effective method of learning vocab. I’m a big supporter of doing EN => JP as well. In other languages, SRSing is quite easier since you mostly only need to go 2 ways: foundation language <=> target language, and the process of recall isn’t ignored.

SO! For Japanese, this implies that I need 3 layouts per card.

I’m a big fan of filtering siblings as well. I have it spread layouts for 23h each. It so much more resembles the act of exposing oneself to a word. This doesn’t increase the actual number of reviews I have to do (since I’m simply dividing the cards into parts), and it gives me 2 to 3 times more exposure to the same card.

So I have 2 questions:

  • Would it be possible to make it so that not all layouts under the same template get filtered together? For example, I wish to make JP => meaning and JP => reading (recognition) always come together, but not EN => JP. This would mean that the filtering siblings tool would separate recall from recognition by intervals of 23h, which I believe will be more effective. This also helps me not having to make the separation of 2 cards per word (which users find it confusing, server would also probably be happier), while still being able to use tools such as filtering siblings.

  • Would it be possible that the Delay Between Siblings only affected certain SRS levels (selected by the user)? For Fennec Foxes (assuming I follow WK’s SRS intervals), it’s kinda of a mess… mainly if I’m doing 3 filtered layouts (23h):

Fennec Fox 1 (4h)
Fennec Fox 1 (23h)
Fennec Fox 1 (23h)
Fennec Fox 2 (8h)
Fennec Fox 2 (23h)
Fennec Fox 2 (23h)
Fennec Fox 3 (23h)
Fennec Fox 3 (23h)
Fennec Fox 3 (23h)
Fennec Fox 4 (1d23h)
Fennec Fox 4 (23h)
Fennec Fox 4 (23h)
Kit Fox… yay?.. xD

Correct me if I’m wrong… but doesn’t this imply that it would take me 11 days to get a word to Kit Fox? xD I think this might be wrong in some way, since I have 11 kit foxes on one deck using this method.

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This card used to work before last night’s update, and I didn’t change anything :thinking:


Only “father’s side of family” works. “father’s side of family, paternal (grandfather, uncle, etc)”, “paternal” and “paternal (grandfather, uncle, etc)” don’t.

Happening the same thing in this card:


Isn’t that the point of filtering siblings though? You basically want a delay of XX hours between every sibling to prevent spoiling yourself.

That said, I do think it messes with your SRS in the early stages if you have a 23h delay (normally its 4h -> 8h -> 23h -> etc. Now it’s 4h -> 23h -> 8h (in the case of two siblings) )

I kinda want to prevent over complicating things with these kind of features, not just for the user but also for the system as it means additional settings will have to be checked while marking the lesson as done.

With that in mind, I’d vastly prefer going for the second “solution”, but communicating to the user what this new setting would do, in a clear way would be challenging…

D: Gonna take a look now, I’m finally home.

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Deployed a hotfix, it should work now.

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I signed up (as “wolfprincess” because I deserve it as a very good dog)! I’m excited to try it out!


Welcome! Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thanks for trying out Kitsun!

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Not sure if anyone has asked this yet, but is there any way to do all reviews from all decks at once? Like without having to start review session separately for each deck, and just have all cards shuffled together.

Loving Kitsun so far btw!



No worries, it’s been asked, but there currently isn’t a way to do so.

It’s on the list of features to be implemented in the future. I’ll put down another vote for it :wink:

Glad to hear you enjoy using Kitsun!


Hmm, possible small bug?

I just had a card come up for review. Before answering it I noticed a typo, so did a quick edit to fix it. I then answered the card correctly (the answer bar turned green!), yet got the red level down notification. I have drunk a few glasses of wine, but I’m pretty sure that’s what happened :stuck_out_tongue: and I definitely didn’t answer it wrong at any point.



Hmmm :stuck_out_tongue: Could you give me the card ID if you remember which one it was? (Or the main value of the card)

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I had to think for a minute there :stuck_out_tongue:

It was this guy: 5c6c1ec268c24b0416fdebd3 (assuming the ID is the bit at the end of the URL in the edit screen)