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Can users submit decks using the official template?

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Of course! ^^ But it’s mostly about the cards inside the deck. If we say that it’s a feature limited for the default template only, then it still wouldn’t work on cards using a different template, that might also be in the same deck.

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No worries.

I concur that the best solution would likely end up being having the user define the main field during template creation, but if the code side would take a lot of work, it’s probably not worth doing, for the moment anyway (Though there is an argument to be made that it’s better to rework the code now, as compared to when there are even more features based on the existing code later). It still might be worth it to have a sort option for the default template, with a notification on template creation that the sort function is unsupported for non-default templates.

About your first point about having all the different fields being listed causing a UI mess. Something to consider is that if you’re putting it into the advanced setting, it’s usually the case that people going to the advanced settings are going there for as much control over their search as possible. So while it may be messy, it wouldn’t be inappropriately so.

Anyways, like I said before, I’m sure you’ve already considered all this. Just putting my thoughts out there.

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The reviews’ notification is still not working o: just now at 2pm (your 3pm):

The difference from actual reviews to the notif number is actually increasing day by day. It’s now almost 300 o_o


I fully agree with your arguments. I’ll think about it some more :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll be able to have a good solution soon. Thanks for thinking with me!


I got an idea of what this might be, have you been adding cards to the lesson queue manually a lot lately?

Also, do your lessons! :open_mouth:

Edit: Checked in the database, no manual lessons. It’s something else.


Lately? :joy: Not really. I can’t afford doing so as u can see :rofl: But I’ve been napping cards a lot (the first 100 cards are full of nuances that I don’t really wanna deal with rn, so I nap them every time). Maybe that’s it? From that pile of lessons, only around 20 cards were added to lessons.

I got to 0 reviews today finally. Time to stay 1 step ahead once again :muscle::heart:


Some thoughts on the re-import tool:

1. “Export cards” shouldn’t be clickable without selecting any template beforehand.

2. When importing OR exporting, both “Export cards” and “Start import” loading symbols start rotating.


3. When the import ends, there’s no message in the top right corner saying “Import completed” or something like that.

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  1. Agreed!
  2. Kinda done on purpose to show that it’s busy and that you can’t do something else until it’s done.
  3. There is, but the import failed (and there is no message for that, you’re right about that one!)
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Just a quick one this time, but it’d probably be good for it to accept the hiragana version of katakana words.

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Oh! That one shouldn’t have a reading card actually haha. It actually shouldnt be a card to begin with I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


The layout styling looks a bit off in your screenshot. The input is too big compared to the other boxes (such as sentence, which looks very small). I’ll try to fix this while at it :slight_smile:


I wonder if adding 読み方 here instead of “Reading” would be a good idea… :thinking: Probably not for the beginners? Because every time I see the roman letters, my brain goes “meaning”.

Maybe I just need to get used to the templateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :eyes:



Sorry if this has been asked before (I have tried searching for “suspend” and “suspend all” and also looking over the community forum).
How do you suspend/hibernate all cards with the same tag (“WK” tag in 10k deck)? Doing a search on that tag gives a limited amount of results and I would like to suspend all WK vocab so a couple thousand cards at once.



This feature is still on the priority todo list so it should be coming relatively soon :slight_smile:

Right now the closest option you have is loading a lot of cards, then hibernating them all through the table view in one go.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Any chance you could put the mobile user experience on the todo list (if it isn’t already). It’s quite slow to work on mobile and I’m a big mobile user, knocking down a few reviews here and there as I go about my day.

I’m not sure it would take much. My main gripe is that the keyboard disappears after each input which means you have to go up and hit the advance button which often jumps around depending on the size of the reverse of the card. I’d probably prefer the reverse of the card not to appear if I get an answer right.

If you want an example of a good interface then I think that Tsurukame has things just about perfect. I realise this is an app rather than in browser but, It’s possible to get through a lot of reviews very quickly. Offline is a great feature as well, planes are a great place to do a lot of reviews, but offline is a much bigger task.

Happy to test the hell out of the mobile experience if you want.

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The functionality you describe (about the back not showong with a correct answer) is already implemented in Kitsun. You can toggle it on by clicking the lightning bolt (it’s called lightning mode) icon in the top right corner during reviews.

Seeing as Kitsun is a website, it is pretty difficult to design an interface that works perfectly on both mobile and desktop.

I personally do the heavy tasks (creating cards etc) on my desktop while I use my mobile just for reviewing/lessons when needed.

I would like to create native apps at some point, but doing so would require a huge effort and massovely complicate things on my end regarding programming.

E.g: Every new feature would have to be coded two or three times (Website/Android/Iphone), massively slowing down the rate at which I can implement new features. Next to that we’d probably have 3x the amount of bugs due to platform/tech quirks. And dealing with the app stores in general is very tedious haha

I would love to prioritise a public API if it meant that others might create a app for Kitsun though (much like Tsurukame or any other wk app).

That said, I’m very open to suggestions on how to improve the mobile experience right now though. Let me know if you have some ideas or problems! :smile:

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Flashcard mode can only be set by the deck creator right?

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The latest update introduced a deck setting which allows you to use flashcard mode (aka anki mode) by always displaying the flashcard buttons, so you wont have to type. Take a look at the latest patch notes for some more info ^^

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I think the biggest issues on mobile interns of lessons and reviews are probably

  • having to click to bring out the keyboard every single card
  • the text boxes for feedback are way too small and make it very hard to edit large meanings

Overall it’s been working ok, and it still feels like my best choice for general vocab study on iOS.

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This is an issue specific to iOS as it limits bringing up the keyboard to user input. Meaning they require you to tap something before bringing the keyboard up on websites. I’ve taken a look at it in the past but couldn’t really figure out a 100% working workaround. Android does not suffer from this problem.

What does it look like for you? And what type of iOS device do you use, if you don’t mind me asking? Kitsun could definitely use some improvements to styling for certain resolutions.

That’s good to hear :slight_smile:


For the feedback issue, I’m on an iPhone 6. The margins on the feedback form are really big on my screen leaving fairly narrow text boxes.

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