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Am I the only one that actually got the email? :stuck_out_tongue:

(btw until I went back and read the message I totally forgot that support email was a thing)


Are you certain the emails aren’t failing to send? 100% i definitely didn’t receive my activation email, i searched everywhere including spam.


II have also never received any email and my email account is programmed to have spam sent to the inbox (it’s a bold move, I know).


Thanks. I’m in. Not sure what to do now that I am but I’ll take a look again when I have more time.


According to my mailing service, the mails have been sent and have not been bounced/rejected…

@deadhippo you can either start building your own deck and cards, or choose one of the community decks to start learning right away :slight_smile: If you need further help, there’s a (WIP) quickstart on the help page or otherwise just ask what you’d like to know in this thread or on our discord.


I registered on May 27th, 2018. Up until now my account hasn’t been activated.


A bit more than 50% of all user accounts registered are currently activated. Last week I intentionally did not activate any accounts due to some big changes I was making in the backend. Tonight I will double the activations amount (it will be 100 accs).

I’m sorry for the wait, but I really can not let everyone in right away. Perhaps once we get to some further stages of testing :slight_smile:


TL;DR -> Double amount of activations incoming, but postponing new update until tomorrow

Okay so, I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news:

Good news:

Activating 100 new accounts now! I’ll post here once done :slight_smile:

Bad news:

I managed to finish the new publishing flow (only 1 copy instead of 2) and the “push update to community deck” functionality (click update to instantly update the community deck for all users, with new cards or updated content, layouts etc). However, I did not have enough time to test the functions yet, and seeing as they can completely screw up the database if something is wrong, I’m postponing the Kitsun Update until tomorrow.


How do we pay for the subscription before in order to enjoy the discount rate please? There is no subscription button at :rofl:


You don’t have to pay anything yet :slight_smile: As long as you registered before (activated or not, doesn’t matter) the deadline, the discount will count for you once Kitsun launches.


100 Activations done!

Welcome to all new testers!


That said, please try to log in if you registered a long time ago. Apparently not everybody is getting the activation emails. The easiest way to check is by trying to log in :slight_smile:


Update Done

New features:

  • Altered publishing flow for community decks. Instead of two copies, the system now creates only one. This means that your original deck will become the reference for the community deck (the copy). Meaning that any change you make in your original deck, can be “pushed” to the community deck right straight away.

  • Which brings me to the following: You can now push updates to your community decks! Press the update button on the deck settings page next to the publish button and it will start the update process. Every user that’s using the deck at the moment, will instantly get all changes without having to do anything :smiley:

  • Store - Correctly shows “No decks founds” after searching returns an empty results

  • Store - Added a big new button that indicates that there are more decks in that category than currently shown


  • Community Deck detail page - audio now works in the card previews

  • Disallow input while flipping the cards to prevent skipping cards by accident

  • Focus should now correctly reset after hitting hibernate during reviews/lessons

  • <p> wrapper has been removed from furigana fields

  • Deck level (for folder structure) is now set to 0 when publishing

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the layout thumbnails from loading

  • Non-number index fields should not break the import anymore

There are changes incoming regarding the way decks are split across pages. So if you publish a deck now, don’t panic about it moving to a different page. I want to implement the following:

  • Have one page for all decks

  • On top have a filter (community / published / original / reviews / lessons ) which can be clicked to filter the results


@Radish8 Now you have no excuses!


@KeeperofMee :ok_hand:


It’s nearly done anyway :grin: but yes, this even means I don’t really have to worry about whether it’s, like, usable or not, haha - I can always fix it!

Now all we need is for users to be able to change the SRS settings, cos I don’t anticipate many other people liking my 6-hour interval sibling filtering :stuck_out_tongue:


What types of cards do you have anyway? I’d only want the Reading and Meaning cards like WaniKani. Would you even want to delay those siblings?


Ah, I have recall cards too (EN > JP), just because I find it helps me to remember the words even better.

If there was a way to duplicate decks I could easily create a ‘reading’ version and remove the sibling filtering though :thinking: @neicul


But that’s 50% more work than I want to do! :laughing:


Haha, yep, it’s a lot of reviews! But they fly by because I know them from context :wink:

I’ll release the deck anyway in a day or so, so you can at least have a look at it, but I guess we’ll have to see what kinds of powers are granted to users / whether neicul bestows deck duplication upon us :grin: