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Do you have examples of words? All words in the JMDict (which is used by most online Japanese dictionaries) should get recognized unless the reader has trouble splitting the words correctly. Names and such will not be recognized however.

Regarding JLPT levels, these are actually show on both the vocab and the kanji popups:

It also shows the frequency of a word in the full text, so in the above screenshot the vocabulary appears 14 times (in any inflected form).

Kanji cards do have the JLPT Information included upon generating, but I just noticed that the vocabulary cards do not (as you mentioned). I’ll change it so it adds that to the notes field :slight_smile:

This is something that has come up a few times before, but would need a serious rewrite of the internal system and would break the current UI regarding srs ranks/intervals. So in that regard it’s been fairly low priority for me as I think the current amount of intervals suit most people’s needs.

Good question! I think it’s more about what your pc can handle as it transfers all card data to your browser when opening the cards management page. If it’s too many it can cause your computer to run out of memory and freeze the browser.

There are decks with over 20-30k cards in them that seem to work fine, but in general I’d advise you to keep it to less than 10k cards in a deck, if only because it keeps the card management page loading as fast as possible.

You could also just consider splitting a deck into multiple or starting a new deck after a certain date (like 2022 / 2023 etc).

Sure :slight_smile:

To make it easier to explain I will use a screenshot from kitsun.

Okay in the first line kitsune recognizes 星 but the word is ζ˜Ÿγ€…. It not always recognizes the word but only a part of the word or just a kanji. Third line kitsun doesn’t recognize θ­˜γ‚‹ just the kanji.


Okay it’s not that important I can change the intervals that’s good enough for me.

So kitsun can’t read a whole sentence that’s pretty inconvenient I wanted to do a grammar deck where I memorize one example sentence for every grammar point. I mean I can get the audio from somewhere else it’s just that creating cards takes much longer that way.

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Okay it actually does when I input a text under audio specify reading and generate audio.

It seems there is no warning if I have duplicate cards in my deck.

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@neicul, I was responding on the Kitsun community den thread but looks like it is suddenly down, anyone else?

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Yeah seems to be down.


@s1212z it’s back up, did a quick reboot. Thanks for letting me know!

@Natsuha I’ll reply to your posts a little bit later, I’m currently on mobile and not at home, thanks for your patience!


Don’t worry about answer whenever you have time. I already figured out most things and can easily create my cards now. I copied all my vocabulary cards from anki just not my sentence cards yet but I will have to put them in a new deck anyway I prefer sentence cards to be non input.

Well I still need to test the kitsun app and the sub feature and will probably find some things which could be improved. I may post here again soon.